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  1. Check out Salice helmets as they are really great helmets and half the price of the "top end" helmets. All their helmets are R2400 so go check them out www.salice.co.za if you PM me then I can even hook you up with a slightly better price.
  2. The race was cancelled last Friday already - https://www.facebook.com/winelandscyclerace Postponed to January 2022
  3. https://tiz-cycling-live.io/stream.php
  4. Van der Poel will not be doing Omloop tomorrow he pulled out because he came down with the flu in the week
  5. Durbie Dash 2019, 1 Tonner and Sportive 7 have all given me a sub 10 index but that was of course starting from A or $ and finishing in the winning bunch. I suppose starting in B and then getting a sub 15 index to get into A shouldn't be that hard either since PPA changed the index for A to 0-15 instead of the previous 0-10 rule. Remember a few years back PPA used to do the avg of your 3 lowest index scores before you could improve your seeding. These days they only use your best 1 result so it should be a lot easier these days.
  6. I must admit I think that the index/winners time adjustment is pretty fair. This race was way to easy and that was clear as 50 plus riders all finished on the same time. It would be unrealistic to bump all 50 riders seeding to below an index of 10. This coming weekend will be your best chance to bump up your seeding at the 99er.
  7. If I can get some solid ideas into how we can incorporate WP league races with 1 or 2 fun ride categories then I will def look at making this happen. The only problem with WP league races are they dont use racetec(moer expensive) so non seeding events which is what the majority of the fun riders are looking for. Somehow we need to get WPCA and PPA to share events where we start the league categories 1, 2 & 3 before the PPA batches start. But then we run into a profit sharing issue in terms of who pays for what and who gets x % profit. So like I said if we can come up with some proper ideas into how the 2 cycling bodies can work together around events then I can def look at making it happen.
  8. And dont forget about the best 4 Day road stage race that forms part of the WP league and its absolutely dog cheap to enter compared to MTB and other stage races. Cyclopaths Heritage Cycle Tour - over September 24th period.
  9. There was 2 Sportif's in December and both were pretty well supported and with the busy race schedule over Jan/Feb/March i dont see any point in them putting on a Sportif for the next 2 - 3 months. I am pretty sure that they will start with Sportif's again from April when fun rides season comes to an abrupt end after Fun ride World Champs aka the Argus.
  10. Pfff that 4 passes and Ceres trips with us will start paying off on Sunday dont worry
  11. We have extended entries to 2pm Friday 20 September. So if you have been 2nd guessing yourself, now is the chance to fix it and enter to have 4 days of great “FUN” on your bike. To enter visit www.wpcycling.com
  12. We are delighted to announce that one of the club’s longest standing sponsors, 7 Sirs Group have once again come on board to partner with us in hosting this coming weekends Tüv Nord Heritage Cycle Tour 2019. Please visit their website to see what they do as this is essentially what sponsors are always looking for. If not for continued support from businesses like these then hosting cycling events become impossible and in turn cycling suffers in the long run. http://www.sevensirs.co.za/
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