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  1. Sunday saw me on the bike for the second time this year, first time was the 9th of Jan. Note to self: should probably start with something smaller than a 60km after a 8 month absence.
  2. I think I should do the CTCT route with the bike some time. 👌
  3. This past Sunday we did a ride to and through the Tankwa. Entered through the Koue Bokkeveld (vkn koud) over Katbakkies where we also stopped for a braai. From there we headed to the Tankwa Padstal for a ice cold homemade gingerbeer before taking the R355 back to Ceres, with a detour over Bo-Swaermoed past the Matroosberg and Klondike cherry farm.
  4. My learners expires early next year so I still have all the time in the world to make a license appointment, or just rewrite the learners.... Procrastination is a thing.😁
  5. Yeah, you just nead to get through your Harley phase then there's a whole new world waiting out there for you to be explored on a adventure bike.😁
  6. Swartberg Pass is an awesome ride. Would also like to go down into Die Hel next time I ride there.
  7. It looks like these come in pairs now....😜
  8. Kyk hier né... ,I tried reloading that pic a few times, I even flippen it over in my phone gallery and then uploaded, but it keeps coming out upside down on here.🤦‍♂️
  9. It's been some time since I've come to visit Hub-land. 2021 has been a sh!t show of note at work and since purchasing a new home in December with loads of renovation jobbies my time in the bike has been cut very short and my time on a bicycle is basically non existent at this stage. We're planning a group ride for this coming Sunday though, will be our first in over 2 months, will post some pictures. But in the meantime here is some pics from my last propper ride/trip when me and my boy joined a group of friends on a farm in the Tankwa Karoo for Easter weekend. 🤙
  10. Happy birthday Dale, hope you had a great day!🥳
  11. We have a local scrap metal dealer who also takes in oil to recycle. Alternatively check your nearest car dealership/workshop and see if they'll take it of your hands to dispose of or recycle.
  12. Thought I'd pop in on Tapatalk to say hi and found you guy's (and the entire Bikehub for that matter) moved. Jumped on the www and after a quick search ended up here. If it is the new mobile version I'm working on now it really aint so bad (compared to the old one anyways). The only drawback/inconvenience will be not having Bikehub in the same "basket" (the Tapatalk app) as all your other frequented forum's. Still the same people and same banter as always though.
  13. As mentioned above sealed bearing hubs tend to outlast and outperform cup-and-cone, but the cost more to maintain. Also with OEM branded parts such as hubs there are many instances where parts become unavailable after a period of time. For instance with the first 29er Giants you had OEM sealed bearing hubs in the higher spec models. Every so often you would have a freebody fail and there were no replacement parts available. You would then have to replace the entire hub. With Shimano cup-and-cone hubs you will rarely struggle to find parts and they tend yo last forever when maintained properly. If you do want to upgrade to sealed bearing hubs I'd recommend something aftermarket rather than OEM, and do enough research on parts availability for whatever brand you decide on.
  14. Duisende dankies weer BSG! [emoji120]You truly run a top class facility, I will definitely come visit again in thd future. [emoji106]
  15. You see now how much joy that "careless decision-making" can bring.[emoji12]
  16. What an amazing day on the motorcycle. Today is day one of a four day moto-camping trip with my son. And the first nights stop over point is at the Pine Creek Caravan Park.......the home of the man! The myth! The legend!.....none other than mr BSG. [emoji1690]
  17. Good to see we have such well organized folks here, makes up for my lack thereof.[emoji41]
  18. Praat jy nog steeds.......wanneer doen jy nou n slag......[emoji12]
  19. If I'm reading correctly, sorry to hear about the reason for your trip.
  20. Look for Ridersports on FB or Gumtree, Dominic is based in Blouberg and has a wide range of second hand kit.
  21. Spent the afternoon yesterday fabricating pannier racks for my F800GS. I'm quite satisfied with my progress so far, will post again some time when I'm finished. This is also the reason for my arc eyes.[emoji2357]
  22. So on this cold wet "winter's day" in the Western Cape I'm stuck inside partially on account of the weather and partially due to arc eyes.[emoji43] In light of that, I thought I'd share a couple of pics from last Sundays bike ride. A friend of mine recently got into motorcycling again by means of a Triumph Tiger 800. We met each other halfway between Worcester and Oudshoorn at Ronnie's Sex Shop where they let us use the braai facilities for the day.
  23. I migh have my Hubbers confused, but I think you've posted before that you have a custom set of ear plugs. I think that post was one of the first things that got me thinking about ear protection. Also there was a interview on the Gravel Travel Podcast with a lady who gave a little insight into why ear protection is actually a necessity.
  24. I got an orange foam pair a while ago at a local agri/ammo supplier, think they were something like R10. I had read somewhere about the benefits of ear plugs and when I saw them for that price I decided to see what the hype is about. Having seen/felt the benefit of using them now I will look for something proper. These foam ones dont fit so nice in my ear, they pop out easily. I want to see if I can find something more rubbery and similar in shape to my Samsung earphones.
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