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  1. From my experience Scott Sports Africa are pretty good with warranty claims. They stand by their brand.
  2. The view(s) of that mountain doesn't seem to get old.👌
  3. I was thinking along yhe same line as Hairy regarding a cup of coffee, but I'm guessing you take the N2 and not coming through Worcester.
  4. This too shall pass. Keep this ride in the bucket for future reference.
  5. You can make a trip of this. You can ride there on day one via N2 and camp at Bennie's place, day two explore Hoekwil/Wilderness/Knysna area and visit Spokey, day three return via Outeniqua Pass to Oudshoorn and back via Route 62. Can stop off at either Ronnie's Sex Shop or Diesel & Cream in Barrydale for lunch on the return.
  6. My son has his Birthday on Tuesday so yesterday we held a small party for him at an old disused bmx track outside town. I had to take the smaller kids around the track.
  7. That is such a beautiful area! I'd love to come though there on the bike again and someday take my family through there aswell. 👌
  8. It's been a while since I've been able to go for a ride so yesterday morning when I woke up and everyone was still asleep I quickly made a flask of coffee and snuck out for a quick ride. It's only about 3km from home, but great for the peace and quiet with a view.
  9. Flipped my gat jeuk vir n lekker trippie soos die!🤙
  10. Thanks. Fortunately this wasn't an enclosed space and I could move stuff out of harms way quickly enough. Like you mentioned with a collection like yours I'd take extra safety precautions.
  11. Yeah that's something I learnt the hard way now, will be outfitting the house with fire extinguishers pretty soon.
  12. It was a bit of a project to get it to where it was. Had already made peace with having to sell it to fund some other important things that are happening soon. The buyer was going to collect on the day of the incident. After some renegotiation he still took the bike as is as a project for himself. When the time and finances allow it again I'll get something again.
  13. Not sure, will check with the insurance company. The assessor was already here and it looks like they are out to coveronly the bear minimum they have to. I think it's time to get a insurance broker instead of dealing directly with these companies.
  14. Thanks guys, a few scortched arm hairs but nothing serious. Had to act quickly to get the BMW and some other stuff (19kg gas bottle) out the way and managed to contain the fire mainly to the bike. Some damage to paint on house, roof sheets and garagemotor but insurance has that covered. Unfortunately this bike was the only thing I own that wasn't insured.
  15. On the subject of letting go, my SRAD was supposed to go on the 4th. The money was in my pocket and the buyer was about to head off when I noticed some white smoke coming from the exhaust. Parked the bike, gave him his money back and gave him a lift home with the car. Was advised to sort out the small stuff before looking at stuff like piston & rings, so removed and had the carbs cleaned. Took the feul pump out the tank and realized it was extremely rusty inside and the feul pump was worse for wear, fortunatelyI have a whole second spares bike so took alook at the other tank and feul pump and they were in much better condition. New oil and oil filter aswell. Upon reassembling everything I realized that I'd previously mixed up two breather pipes that were connected between the motor, carbs and airbox and that was probably the cause for the white oil smoke as I know my motor is supposed to be mint. Started the bike up on Saturday 12th with the buyer present and had it Idle till warm enough to ride. First the buyer went for a ride and returned saying the bike ran like a dream now, I took it out next and bike pulled like a rocket again with the clean carbs, but as I neared my house started stuttering again. We checked and saw that one cylinder was cooler than the others so took out the spark plug and saw that it was fowled. The buyers said he'd get 4 new plugs at Autozone on Sunday morning after his round of golf and he'll come to collect the bike. Come Sunday morning I notice some petrol undreneath the bike and realized that the carbs were getting stuck and flooding the piston chamber. Swung the motor and petrol came squirting out the sparkplug hole. On second swing of the starter realized some of the other piston chambers were also flooded so took out all the plugs to swing the motor and get rid of the petrol inside. Once again petrol squinting out everywhere. And then the sh@t hit the fan in one of the worst ways motorcycling imaginable. And my heart was broken.
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