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  1. I went between red and green. Climbs are very tough!! So should i go on green route for whole way and the on Red route??? How long is the green route??
  2. I went past two signs and never got to them again....
  3. I went there yesterday and had a ball. It's awesome!!!! Just wanted to know from the people who know. What does the red and green arrows mean?? They are all over the place and its difficult to decide which one to take??? Please help
  4. OOOOOOOooooooo dit lyk leke!! Great pics Ronelle
  5. I'm happy with baby sitting... you guys will have to wait for me...
  6. Ok, I'm flying with my bike for the first time and is SUPER nervous!!! Just want to know what you guys think is the best way of getting my bike safely in Joburg. All tips/comments/advise would be appreciated
  7. En wa di foto's van Marius???????????????? Very cool Ronelle!!!
  8. What a bloody ripp off!!!! We're still waiting on our pump from CWC :-/
  9. Whoop Whoop!! Thanks to Chris and his whole team!!! ps. that's the only pump i can work... marius gets very upset with me if he has to pump my wheels....
  10. I liked the beatboxer!! I voted for him . Kalon will be performing on Wednesday. He will be the last act. U can join his facebook page Kalon's got talent on facebook for all the updates
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