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  1. she gets a bit shy sometimes............ will check out my profile.
  2. http://www3.gtbicycles.com/int/GTFiles/ProductImages/2611_573_large.jpg
  3. i have noticed that the mechanics of many full suspension mtb's is quite different. particularly with how the rear shock is positioned. trek & merida have placed the rear shock vertically while the likes of giant (anthem) and gary fisher (hi-fi) have placed the shock in a more horizontal position. intuitively, i would say it would be better to have it horizontally place. anyone have any thoughts?cheveley2007-07-27 02:30:35
  4. cheveley

    mt bikes

    i have heard many rave reviews about the geometry of the gt frame.......
  5. i hear what you are saying, but he will always have my respect for coming clean. bottom line. i am tired of the way landis and tyler have kept up the charade.
  6. talking about names earlier on in the post, i loved cyclingnews headline after stage 8 to Tignes when Rasmussen won and was followed home by Iban Mayo - Chicken & Mayo
  7. From Chris Carmichael: Interestingly, if he's guilty, Vinokourov will be one of the first riders who signed the UCI's "Riders' Commitment to a New Cycling" to test positive for doping. As a result, on top of the normal 2-year suspension, Vino would have to pay the UCI his entire 2007 salary. It's the first time the UCI has added a huge financial penalty to the fight against doping, and as a threat it may not have deterred Vino, but let's see what happens when riders start having to write big checks.<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> cheveley2007-07-25 00:58:58
  8. very impressive looking bike. style man would be pleased. we know now that MTN will continue to sponsor the pro-team because those are MTN's corporate colours. i wonder if MTN are jealous of the coverage Barloworld have being getting at TDF? i love the colour yellow!cheveley2007-07-19 07:24:58
  9. interesting review on the Anthem - i am one of those nervous downhill riders unfortunately. Part 1: 2006 Giant Anthem Giant throws their Maestro multi-link suspension technology at the short-travel cross-country set for 2006. http://www.cyclingnews.com/photos/2005/tech/shows/interbike05/interbike051/craig_prototype_anthemtnl.jpg Last year saw the introduction of Maestro, Giant's take on virtual-pivot rear suspension technology. They applied the new system to the trailbike/enduro crowd last year but have finally replaced their ubiquitous NRS rear suspension system with Maestro technology - the introduction of their Anthem line of short-travel cross-country specific mountain bikes is the result. Cyclingnews' James Huang took a look at what Giant's done for dualies in '06. http://www.cyclingnews.com/photos/2005/tech/shows/interbike05/interbike051/anthem_front_endtn.jpg http://www.cyclingnews.com/photos/2005/tech/shows/interbike05/interbike051/anthem_lower_linktn.jpg http://www.cyclingnews.com/photos/2005/tech/shows/interbike05/interbike051/prototype_rearlinkagetn.jpg Like other Maestro platforms, Anthem uses a pair of short links to connect the rear subframe to the main frame in an effort to create a lightweight, efficient, and fully active rear suspension design that still pedals and brakes well. Rear wheel travel is limited to just 85mm and production bikes are fitted with XC-specific 80mm travel forks. Manitou suspension with SPV stable platform technology is featured heavily on the Anthem line at both front and rear ends for a balanced feel. Giant officials, however, are quick to report that the rear suspension design is allegedly good enough on its own that little to no platform pressure is required out back for good pedaling performance. Pro racers Adam Craig and Rune Hoydahl were instrumental in Anthem's development as a "short, steep, fast race bike." Frame geometry is XC racing all the way. Super short chainstays maximise climbing traction while a long top tube stretches the cockpit out for better breathing and power transfer. A steep head tube angle offsets the stabilising effects of the long top tube somewhat to speed up the handling. If this all sounds a little XC-nervous to you, then you're right on the money. If you're seeking a bike that's a little more stable and forgiving on nasty descents, Giant isn't afraid of telling you to look elsewhere. Anthem was designed as a race bike, pure and simple. In addition to being short, steep, and fast, Giant also sought ultralight weight using radically hydroformed aluminum tubes, carefully engineered links and fittings, and a smattering of titanium and aluminum hardware. Anthem frame weights are reported to be comparable to last year's NRS Composite frames with complete Anthem bikes weighing well under 25lbs complete with dual hydraulic disc brakes. A hearty test ride on a few select trails out at Bootleg Canyon (with Adam Craig serving as our guide) largely backed up Giant's claims. Climbing was remarkably efficient with little to no perceptible energy loss and no noticeable bobbing. Rear suspension performance was admirable in the rocky terrain, particularly given the relatively small amount of wheel travel. The steep and fast geometry, coupled with the low centre of gravity, made for an agile bike but also a somewhat expectedly nervous-handling bike. Half-asleep racers need not apply here but alert ones will clearly be rewarded with razor-sharp, point-and-shoot handling characteristics. All in all, it seems that Giant satisfied its design goals with the Anthem. A long-travel trail bike it ain't, but it'll likely be one heck of a cross-country race rig. Watch for a more in-depth review in the coming months here on Cyclingnews. cheveley2007-03-28 04:36:04
  10. why did you fit the o/s riser bar and stem?
  11. i like the spaz a helluva lot, but the components are not as good as the giants, including no disc brakes......
  12. looking to buy a full susser under 20k and the candidates so far are: trek fuel 6 giant anthem 1 merida am 3000 specialised epic fsr i would appreciate any comments / suggestions / feedback. thanks
  13. had the same problem with a raleigh rm7 seat post which kept on dropping. caused me a serious knee injury as i did not notice it slip 10cm during a race (sabi - to exhausted to realise). i took all the lubricant off the seat post and roughed up with sandpaper but no matter how tight i made it, it would always slip after long rides. not a problem any more cos i dont have the bike cheveley2007-02-27 09:48:24
  14. does any body have the details of supersport coverage of the classics and grand tours this year? sorry - argus coverage does not count
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