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  1. Great news, never ran the CPT marathon but might when I am in my prime. Heard there is a part of the route which is slow can't remember if it is cobbels but if they can change the route to become ultra fast like Berlin, London it will definitely feature in the Top 5 globally
  2. This is very tempting as I am in Cape Town that weekend.. My only concern is normally with 12 000 people collecting your race number is a massive process now that want to add testing to the mix
  3. Is the de Bod pic legit, can't seem to find it on twitter or instagram. Any idea what time difference the suit really makes ? Know its massive in swimming just curious if there is such a big difference in TT
  4. The Aftershokz Aeropex bone has great reviews just not sure how it will work for running, looking for a good all rounder as I also listen to podcast but for this I can always use standard headphones.
  5. Thanks was looking at the Elite 85t they were on sale on Amazon day but missed it might have to wait for Black Friday
  6. Hey Guys Looking for a pair of new wireless headphones for running and cycling. I currently have Jaybird Vista which is great but doesn't work properly with my Garmin Forerunner 945. I usually use just one headphone so i can hear traffic but I think some of the new headphones have a feature where you can hear traffic. Any recommendations ?
  7. Hey Guys, has anyone tried the asics gel-cumulus 23 ? I have always run with the asics gel nimbus and inners but I see the cumulus is on sale at Sportsmans Warehouse and it appears to be the same shoe just slightly cheaper and a bit softer ?
  8. Zama7

    Flat pedals

    Thanks will look at these.. Didn't want to start a new thread didn't know pedals was such a big discussion point
  9. Zama7

    Flat pedals

    Looking for pedals like the link above that you can clip in both sides but has a larger flat portion so you can ride semi comfortably using a normal shoe like for a short commute. I have used these ryders below but not great for a race when mud gets in you shoe you can only cleat in one side which sucks. https://solomonscycles.co.za/products/ryder-mtb-dual-2-0/?dTribesID=1gpkaHc5hCxGz1dYzluHVQl3ywMDJrXp|adtribes|39899&utm_source=Google Shopping&utm_campaign=Google Merch &utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=39899
  10. Zama7

    Flat pedals

    These were the ones I was referring to, or something similar https://www.bikeradar.com/reviews/components/pedals/shimano-xt-m8120-trail-pedal-review/
  11. Zama7

    Flat pedals

    Hey guys I am looking flat pedals but one's that can clip in both sides for a mountain bike. I know Shimano had trail pedals like this a couple of years ago but can't seem to find them... Reason is commuting to work once or twice a week (5km) and then riding on weekends where I need normal pedals. Thank s
  12. Hey guys recently book some look x track pedals but the seem to get stuck on my specialized shoes and I can't cleat out. The sides seem very deep on the shoes... Has anyone else had this issue? Should I buy spacers so the spd cleat sticks out more?
  13. Zama7

    Shorts or Bib ?

    Anyone in PTA looking for bibs ? Want to buy one of these but if you add more to the order it becomes cheaper https://www.cyclelab.com/product/ciovita-mens-black-supremo-bib-shorts
  14. Zama7

    Sani2C May 2021

    Hey guys probably left the training a bot late, with regards to tapering how long before the race should you avoid a long hard ride ? 1. Rest required for legs ? 2. Rest required for bum ? Thanks
  15. Thant sucks cycle there a lot and you generally feel safe in that area. Moved my cycling to wattbike and the occasional cycle in boomed off areas but you can't cycle solo these days
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