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  1. Well I had 2 out 3, not sure where that spanish guy came from, would have loved to see Koretsky on the 3rd step !
  2. thanks tiz cycling... nevermind, thanks GCN !
  3. FFS I'm watching two dudes playings swords... why do the french have to be so good at this sport...
  4. Yes man living the dream when I can. I wanted to at least do Alpe d’Huez and another iconic pass in the alps + Ventoux so it’s already a success I have very limited time and access to bikes so when I have a day off (from work and from the wife and kid) I make the most of it, even if I’m recovering from a 3 days diarea 😂 Now I doubt I’ll have a chance to do another decent ride before I come back home, maybe wednesday in Marseille surroundings if I find a shop to rent from and a way to drive there 😅
  5. Ouhhhh one of my toughest days on a bicycle to date. had a bit of a stomach bug since Wednesday, not a lot of sleep and it was super hot. But glad I did it. I’m definitely more keen on the alps though !
  6. No-one is rooting for the frenchies ? 😆 If not Korestky or Sarrou then Alan or VdP are the ones I'd like to see win. But logically I unfortunately think it's going to be between Pidcock and Fluckiger. For the girls well who can beat Loana?
  7. Yes the last climb was tough especially since there was nothing open to buy proper snacks. Ended up eating fruit purées, a sneakers and haribots up Galibier and then a tiny panini on the way back before tackling Alpe d’huez. I was really not expecting this heat at the end though. It was tough but I expected tough
  8. I spent my life savings to buy these photos, I might as well share them 🤣 This was the end of Alpe d'Huez, I was dying even though it looks like I'm smiling !
  9. The dream https://www.strava.com/activities/5641534632 This piece of road was only for cyclists Col du lautaret, from la grave to the bottom of col du galibier The infamous 21 turns of alpe d'huez. Alpe du zwift is a walk in the park compared to this... especially when you do it with 4 hours / 107km / 2000+m in your legs, and that the temperatures go up to 30°
  10. Where is my bike taking me in the next few days ?
  11. I received this photo earlier from our nanny that comes check on the cat while her favourite little girl is away with us Looks like it rains a lot in cape town, but unfortunately we also have a lot of rain, especially for july, so I have to make the most of every sunny day !
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