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  1. Unfortunately the only safe option that comes to my mind is to cycle to town and then ride table mountain/glen/lion’s head. If you are willing to drive just a little bit you can ride in the tygerberg network but being non member you won’t be allowed to connect the farms so it’s a little bit limited in terms of options… You can ride to the trails but avoid sandown/malinbongwe and contermanskloof road (pretty much the access to most of the best trails of the network has to offer. As a non member I think hoogekraal is a good option since they have quite a bit of distance available if you do all of the trails (but nowhere near 80km, probably more like 35 give or take). Then contermanskloof I’m not too sure how far you are allowed to go without a board doubt you are allowed to go over to bloemendaaler as there is a gate to come back to conties through hillcrest 😕
  2. Misread your post I thought he said he thought he could be top step period, not in category. But still, considering Craig Boyes is only 7 mins up from the top masters teams, I highly doubt your "very motivated master" would be top spot ?
  3. OMG 🤣 I'm not sure if its a bald statement or just a stupid one
  4. yass these products are so ****... My replacement unit works fine but takes forever to sync, so annoying... Seems having one product that works flawlessly has become a 1/10 chance, at that price it is really annoying
  5. Oh I was wondering if they were having a rest day seing the distance and elevation for the day on everyone's strava ride
  6. yoh the faces on the podium, you can tell they are digging deeeeeep
  7. Jbr

    Boland 100 Miler

    The whole group definitely won't stop if you feel you're going to run out, just spot at each stops how many guys stop and how fit they look to try and stop with guys that can help you for the rest of the ride you don't want to finish alone. I have a 1l bottle + a 750ml, both with electrolites, should do the job
  8. I don’t see the point of having a support team if you can’t
  9. Jbr

    Boland 100 Miler

    no old helshoogte but the new one instead from what I understood
  10. They're looking so ****** ! and there's still so much work to do, these guys are masochists 🤣
  11. Matt beers is probably using a 50T chainring
  12. Jbr

    Boland 100 Miler

    by sunday there will be no Dutoitskloof pass and it's going to be 4 loops of the paarderberg circuit 🤣
  13. Jbr

    Boland 100 Miler

    Then you probably haven't been looking properly, firstly you can select a specific age/gender/start group when you query the results And if you don't you get the overall classification BUT you have you position by gender, start group, age group Where they screw it up is for team events, you can't really find a team classification and everyone is thrown in the same classification (like for the DC or the Val de vie expedition), so you kind of have to manually count how many teams are ahead of yours..
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