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  1. That is why I only ride my MTB when I have to 🤣
  2. I tested my new light again this morning, definitely an upgrade from last year when I couldn’t see passed my front wheel, especially when my light died after 40mins 🤣🤣
  3. Jbr

    Dopers suck

    I don't understand how this works, if your medical condition requires you to take banned substances, and you know that they are banned, can't you file a case beforehand stating that you will be taking said substance for medical reasons and get a free pass ? Seems that would make sense rather than having to hide it and hope not to get caught and only then having to justify yourself
  4. All the parts I've ever bought through bikeinn were delivered in a nice SRAM box, I doubt they do that kind of trick (that seem a bit questionnable). I think they just move a lot of volume so they get good deals
  5. Their model ? not sure I understand what you mean, they sell goods for profit. if you think it's too good to be true, it's only because most cycling related products are way more expensive here than they are in europe. In the end with shipping cost, VAT and import duties, it's still in most cases cheaper to import from bikeinn than to buy local, but I only order there when there's no stock locally, because in most cases it's just safer to just buy local (in case you end up wanting to return the item for one, or if you need warranty...)
  6. i was surprised that bikeinn allowed me to import an Apex lever&caliper recently
  7. On any surface, there is no ABS today that will stop you better than someone who knows what he's doing. Maybe one day... Can't say for sure on cars as I have no clue.
  8. That is absolutely not true. ESP does allow you to accelerate faster, ABS does not allow you to brake faster, it allows you to brake more safely if you have no idea what you're doing. Most race cars and race motorbikes can't be competitive with ABS on, but are faster with a proper traction control on though
  9. i ride through cipla all the way accross the n7 to visserhoek, or to old malmesbury, from there your can enjoy the peace and safety of nearly empty roads and gravel paths
  10. Yeah.. I have high end MTB, Gravel and road, and I end up only riding my Gravel bike. MTB is too expensive to ride (Lefty needs a service every 90hours...) and the road bike is less comfortable, and like Lurker says, Gravel bike is a bit safer with better braking power, plus you have more freedom to connect different roads and go accross some places that aren't rideable on the road bike to access quieter areas. Every time I go to classic suikers/chapies ride I get so many close calls, whereas when I go Durbies side on the gravel bike, connecting as many gravel roads as I can it's so peaceful and safe. It's a no brainer. In the end I almost only ride my road bike when there's a race.
  11. Renting in europe is so expensive, and sometimes tricky. It depends where you're going and how many days you're planning to ride, if you just want to ride for a couple of days at Alpe d'Huez, rent, if you want to be riding for two weeks in various places, byob
  12. Do they make one without the lefty ? 😜
  13. yeah I've had a chain skip on a fresh chainring at just about .25 so I don't wait further to change chains those KMC's aren't that expensive and well rated in the friction tests so worth it imo
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