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  1. I just can't understand the rsa market, according to a quick search the spez range here down under will retail as follows (keep in mind the exchange rate is 10:1) LEVO SL S Works - $19000 LEVO SL Expert Carbon - $13200 LEVO SL Comp Carbon - $11200 LEVO SL Comp - $9800 ???
  2. Keep in mind gravity riding in South Africa isn't as advanced as it is in the rest of the world so we cant go start regrading all the trails from black to red or blue because if there is the slightest chance that Jannie Koekemoer on his trail/xc bike rides down on a now blue rated trail and rides over a gap covered by a pallet that is 1.2m wide and falls off the edge of the pallet or on some rocks, firstly he'll complain that why is this a blue and not black? It's way to "tech!" Simply put it's about indemnity. Trail builders/custodians you will never win as long as everyone has opinions.
  3. Well put! The builder is Rene Damseaux and the trails are gnarly. You'll learn alot about how far you and your bike can be pushed as well as lots of hike-a-bike. But it's as you say us baggy wearing dudes are cheap while the chaps in lycra are happy to shell out wheelbarrows of cash to race down district roads. Unfortunately I'll be missing 2020 but 2021 it's on!
  4. No... Just no... Looks like that coil would pinch your legs if you had beefy calves... I would not have that issue as my legs are "aerodynamic"
  5. Can't think of why Stoke would steer people away from mrp? The only issue they had was a csu problem but that's been sorted out as that was with the first batch and they've warrantied those even if they were out of the warranty period and that IMO is some serious after sale service. Side note MRP are not mass produced, they have the longest service intervals, each fork is dyno tested not batch tested like other brands, cheaper to service and its the best fork I've had to date. I've had the fox34, pike, as well as an mrp stage which was super plush and now I have the ribbon coil. Coil is the best thing since sliced bread. Never have to check pressures and do setups just get on and blast away! (I would love a CC HELM COIL but it's 3 or 4k more than mrp but still cheaper than fox or RS)
  6. The Hanger has the crank bros comp flats for just under 800bucks I think... Anyways I like how big the platform is, I think it's slightly bigger than the oneups
  7. Most important question.... Where did you get those socks??? ????
  8. Hmm I see what you mean... Although they have different shock arrangements, surely that makes some sort of difference in terms of performance? I would like to see one of those moving diagrams that show the rear wheel path of both setups... I'd be interested to see how different they are or whether it's pretty much same same but different
  9. Can you elaborate? Not really sure how they are similar...
  10. More travel is betterer... Let's leave it there, no need to be PC about it or make excuses for it. Having loads of travel or being "Enduro" is like going to the dark side for some people... They have no idea what they're missing! ???? #coilsforlife #Myles-way-or-the-highway
  11. Best bang for your buck IMO. They can take a beating and they run smooth. Also easy to service no special tools required. Simply put they're brilliant and after sales service is tops from Dayle.
  12. Loving it! Shorter chainstay and wheelbase makes it alot more responsive and playful. And the Lyne high engagement hub makes me feel like a kid again!
  13. This thread has been to quiete for waaay to long. So I thought I'd post my new steed, some may recognise this Warden as it was previously Iwan Kemp's bike. Spec is... Knolly warden carbon frame Fork: Mrp ribbon coil Shock: cane creek IL coil Cranks: Xx1 carbon Pedals: oneup comp flats Drivetrain: box one 11 speed Handlebar: nukeproof horizon carbon Dropper: Lyne 150 xl Wheels:Lyne amp 30 with high engagement hub (loving them) Brakes:rsc ultimate guides ????
  14. http://theloamwolf.com/2018/10/25/__trashed-2/
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