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  1. My disco 3 is still running great. After having a VW kombi, amarok, X3, dodge caliber, and a few extras, this is by far the best vehicle ever. I want an old defender really badly, but space and the prices on those keeps it a pipe dream.
  2. I am 1,78. if always had large frames but think a medium would actually fit better. Do you want to sell your FARR frame and fork?
  3. Nice, The long of the rapide is a bit of a concern as i am planning a monster build. The curly bars makes the bike very long..... thinking of nice chunky tyres and rigid fork. Long gravel roads and helderberg trails is where ill be. and some rides with roadies, showing that nobblys can be more fun on tar than 30mm slick tyres BUT after looking at Mercer's website i am wondering if i should just get a steel MTB..... price dependent of course.
  4. How do you find your rapide? I had a contraband. the only bike is miss even it was a size to big for me
  5. Thanks Ill have a look. Just threw one together on rapides website and looks like a 25k exercise, excluding brakes and pedals. How does this compare to a mecer?
  6. so rather spend the 4 grand extra and get the rapide? That makes things easy just buy everything there, haha Wonder what my alu trek is worth these days.......
  7. Would you say they are better than the momsens or just more options?
  8. I made a big mistake when i sold my previous steel bike, and have been eyeing the classifieds and gumtree the last couple of weeks to a frame again. looked at niner, cotic, kona etc, but seems flippen expensive to get a frame here, and the guys who has them dont sell them. So i am thinking, nice momsen monstercross build.... But like stated earlier, not to much feedback on these, but i like the price.
  9. I liked the 650B looks more. But very nice build. How tall is your wife?
  10. The bit that I have been in SSW is way better than Brackenfell. Up to now, best decision for us.
  11. Hi Hairy, nice to read into you here!! Did you move or do you just know everyone?? ????????
  12. I saw pedalworx over the weekend in passing. will have a look at the others. @Grease_Monkey I guess the Hanger Bike Co is yours/you work there?
  13. Hi Guys So after a couple of years of the bike, I took my bike of the wall and went for a spin. Bike is in need of a service, fork service (I guess as it is as floppy as a floppy) and the freebody also needs a service. Recently moved to somerset so not sure where the "locals" go. And then also looking for a xs road bike for wifey that wants to get back on the bike as well.
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