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  1. The bit that I have been in SSW is way better than Brackenfell. Up to now, best decision for us.
  2. Hi Hairy, nice to read into you here!! Did you move or do you just know everyone?? 😆🤣
  3. I saw pedalworx over the weekend in passing. will have a look at the others. @Grease_Monkey I guess the Hanger Bike Co is yours/you work there?
  4. Hi Guys So after a couple of years of the bike, I took my bike of the wall and went for a spin. Bike is in need of a service, fork service (I guess as it is as floppy as a floppy) and the freebody also needs a service. Recently moved to somerset so not sure where the "locals" go. And then also looking for a xs road bike for wifey that wants to get back on the bike as well.
  5. Check the weight and your license. My in laws has a 160 and it is to heavy for a regular B license, also if it has the run in brakes, you will need an EB. I have an echo 3 and ticks all of your boxes. .
  6. What if the racist is black and need a pint of blood? or south american? or indian? or chinese? Edited to ad more choices. Every one can be racist, not just white people.
  7. Hi all My Versys 650 is up for grabs. Please see the ad on gumtree or marketplace. https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-motorcycles-scooters/brackenfell/2008-kawasaki-kle-versys/1008251091100910194893909
  8. Yes indeed. Between COVID and brexit we are properly screwed. I saw last night that i can apply for a green card if i go back to teaching.
  9. Please tell me more? How what where based on? All those things.
  10. Based on several other forums, on the hub, I though I USA specific on would be handy. For the guys on that side, please post about your experiences, getting ready and living there. And then for the actual reason, some of us might need information and or guidance.
  11. My brother still has his VTR. Has been on gumtree for a while now. Nobody seems to interested.
  12. Screw the family. Your child- your responsibility. Electronics are the future. And a 10 year old does not want to look out the window at nature the whole day.
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