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  1. Do you transport your bike behind your vehicle? Check that it is not your exhaust heating and warping your tyre... Ive been riding Maxxis Tyres the last 5 years. Never had a puncture or any trouble whatsoever...
  2. Extreme Lights already kicked off their BFCM deals as well. Excellent deals on the Endurance+ Cycle Light...
  3. Hi All, can't seem to find the route yet, but this looks great! Can't wait to go and ride it, or parts of it at least.... NATIONAL NEWS - The Cross Cape cycle route, which travels through some of the most scenic small towns across the Western Cape, is expected to deliver a significant economic impact to the province’s rural economy. Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, is this week leading the inaugural ride of the Cross Cape route – from Plettenberg Bay to Stellenbosch. Minister Winde outlined the province’s cycling initiatives at a media event in Stellenbosch today (11 May 2
  4. Hi All, I've heard that some people struggle with pinch flats when using tubes in the American Classic Victory 30 tubeless wheels. Do any of you use them with tubes? Can you confirm the reliability of using them with tubes?
  5. I used clip on tri bars on an entry level road bike during the 70.3. Changing my body position made a massive difference! Even at slower speeds... Won't mind an aero bike though, as they look cool
  6. The best aero advice, is find the biggest guy with the biggest calves you can spot. One that doesn't sweat too much. Ride as close to has rear wheel as possible. You'll experience no drag whatsoever!
  7. We want to be exposed as little as possible - ie the least amount of tarred roads, especially if no yellow shoulder...
  8. Thanks guys, we're doing our homework now and will keep you posted. The whole idea of training is that we do not need support vehicles to transport all the bikes. Last year we were 10 people who made a 5 day trip to the Transbaviaans. This year we want to be 15, but with only one support vehicle able to transport only 3 bikes... Unless we get the wives to drop us off in Laingsburg to carry on down the seweweekspoort.... We're keen to spend a night at the Lord Milner though. After all, it's not only about the cycling...
  9. Hi all, we're thinking of training up to Matjiesfontein and then cycling back to Stellenbosch over 3/4 days, staying in B&Bs or similar along the way. Any suggestions for mostly off road? Would like to do 75 - 135 km per day...
  10. haha, Its all about the budget though... That is probably option 4.... sell all and get a better bike
  11. I agree, but unfortunately not in my budget.
  12. Hi guys, Advise please. I recently bought my wife a secondhand road bike, that fit our budget. The bike was fitted with an old set of carbon Bontrager wheels with gatorskin tubbies on. A cycle shop in Stellenbosch gave them a decent service, replaced two bearings, and noted that they're 100% apart from that. The tubbies are at the end of their life. Off course I took the wheels and put them on my road bike. Not knowing tubbies for road (I'm more of a mountain biker, recently venturing into triathlons) I'm a bit sceptical to use them, seeing as you cannot quickly fix a tire, should th
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