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    Ryan Cox

    With shock i heard about Ryan. May God be with you in this difficult time... " Your talent was Gods's gift to you. What u did with it was your gift to God" ~ unknown
  2. faThe Kid2007-06-19 07:44:41
  3. Wow, weren?t we blessed with the most fantastic weather last Saturday! Our trip to Riebeeck Kasteel was really great, although coming back with the temp hovering @ 35C, the 150kms almost felt like the Double Century! Between 30 ? 40 riders set off, of whom about half turned back at Malmesbury. When we got to Riebeeck Kasteel, the little town was already buzzing with activity and most of us were sorry that we weren?t also sleeping over. Well, next year ?.<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the weekend, George, Lynette, Johan (en jou beterhelfte), Riaan to name but a few. I would like to touch on the most important aspect of cycling ? ROAD SAFETY! We all know that every time you go on a ride, your life is at risk. Please, don?t mess with it. Don?t be stupid! Do not do things that you wouldn?t have done as a motorist. Normal obvious things like ? stopping at the traffic lights etc etc? All of us know the do?s and don?ts. Stick to it. You might not get a second chance. Think! We will be leaving at 07h00 from the parking area at the Renault showroom in Durban Road (past Reeds) Saturday Franschhoek via Polka hoogte, Stellenbosch ? 130kms (Shorter/slower group turn at Stellenbosch) Sunday Llundudno via N1 City and Millnerton ? 80kms
  4. CARNAC what happend? fill us in....
  5. Wind,..... what wind........?
  6. What the !^#!^#@!!~ do cats and dogs have anything to do with this...............? This is a !$^@@ survey!
  7. I understand the internet is a bit slow in Nigeria.... I saw my mistake and did do a apology. Sorry for offending anybody....
  8. Do you like boogers? !^$!$#2@^! Velouria sharp very sharp.....
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