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  1. I'm in Amsterdam, but don't group rides. I do group drinking though.... ☺
  2. We are starting a 10 day tour on Thursday. Basel to Dusselldorf via the Rhine. Will be mostly tar, but awesome scenery... ☺
  3. How easy/difficult is it to get to your place? What are the closest transportation points? I.e. airport, train station etc?
  4. Living in The Netherlands or planning to move there? We have been here for 7 months now...
  5. 100% correct. I live in Amsterdam. The mentality of drivers unbelievable. Every day i would see kids, as young as 6 or 7 cycle on their own to school in the road, perfectly safe. Busses, cars, trucks will sit patiently behind them until it is safe to pass.
  6. Good luck with the next week. We had the same juggling act with the clothing. To make things worse, we also decided to take a bike each with us on our flight. In the end it worked out well for us. We packed our clothes into our cycling panniers and when we arrived in Amsterdam we simply put our bikes together at the airport and cycled off to our new life. Liberating to say the least....I hope all goes well with the packing.
  7. One of the best you will find http://www.rammount.com/part/RAP-274-1-UN7U
  8. Long Mountain Brewery from Robertson does some excellent beers. Really enjoy the wheat and pale ale.
  9. I know of a place where you can rent Giant Revel 0 bikes from. Very reasonable prices and definitely have the sizing you are looking for. Send me a pm.
  10. We've had to get back into normal 3 times after trips of 2 years, 12 and 3 months. It is really hard, especially having 'normal' conversations with people. It changes you and most people don't get it because they haven't had the chance to experience it. To keep us going, we move to different countries and keep life excited. At the moment living in Amsterdam...
  11. Moving along nicely. Let the removal firm pack everything though. It saves sooooooooooo much time and effort. We used Britannia, and the packers were excellent and certainly didn't skimp on the packing material Our 2 touring bikes (fully kitted Surly LHT) were bubble wrapped with about 10 layers before boxed in another 2 custom boxes they made on the spot. What would've taken us about 5 or 6 days took them just under one day.
  12. I think it should be compulsory, especially for those who ride with white kit.......some things are best not seen!! ☺☺
  13. My home town ☺☺☺☺ Such an awesome place to live and cycle.
  14. Poor spoke tension, ask the wheel builder to use the correct tension tools to build the wheel and not just try to get it to run true. Individually check tensions on all spokes.
  15. Generally very good. They gave us an idea of costs for individual items if we had to leave it behind. Was useful to work out what would be best left behind.
  16. Shipping is expensive! We decided on Britannia. On average, about 7% cheaper than the others we had. The fx rate will hammer you. Door to door including packing from cpt to amsterdam for about half a container is R60k. White goods are generally more pricey here in Europe than SA. Funnily enough, I find tye UK to have very competitive prices on household goods compared to the Netherlands. Not sure what it will be like with your destination.
  17. We've always like the Netherlands whenever we travelled through Europe. Having lived in London for many years and having had enough of the crowds made us decide to try it out here. We've tried a couple of times to settle back in SA, but there are unfortunately just to many things for us to ignore. It certainly isn't because we don't love SA, it is more about the mindset of the general public and goverment. That off course is a whole different debate. Just a quick example, the whole train debacle and PRASA compared to an article i just read about the train services here where the aim is to have all trains running on wind generated power by 2018. That sort of stuff and much more.... Anyway, dont want to hijack the thread
  18. That is great news, you must be super excited. I hope for your sake that you sorted finances out before the Rand went for a ball of ****. Luckily we have a small amount in the UK, but most of our money is still tied up in SA. On a side note, we just arrived in Amsterdam on Friday. Not as organised as you, but rather took a leap into the unknown and certainly the deepend. Testing times on our side....we will certainly come and visit when you are ready.
  19. I'm in Cape town, is there a central place to drop off goodies? Left it a bit late, so really pushed for time...
  20. I've got a few small things to donate, saddles, pedals, cantilever breaks etc. All brand new. I'm in Cape Town, but leaving the country next week, so not a lot of time to sort things out. Can you use this?
  21. Any improvements on the parking offenders since the few R1000 fines a few weeks ago?
  22. Watching live as I type this
  23. Watching LIVE and TdF Highlights!! There is an app called FilmOnTV. I use a Samsung tablet and it works very well on there (I actually hook it up through the TV). You can stream live tv including UK tv and French tv. I watch live TdF on the UK channel ITV4 and also the highlights in the evening on ITV4 or ITV4+1. There are a few French channels and I'm sure there will be something on there too.
  24. Excellent news. Hopefully not too many hidden surprises with the purchase and hard work to come.
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