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  1. see what I mean I state the obvious and now im a "bigger tjop" which I assume is an insult what a bunch of classy people own spaz equipment thanks fellow cyclist ill remember to only have an opinion that agrees with yours from now on ever wondered why spaz has its "haters"....maybe you just showed why ..
  2. see attack any other brand /business every hubber packs on them alsoand thrashes them them with you attack spazalised and everyone attacks YOU - its a lemming reaction hahahaha they must put something in those spaz waterbottles other than water
  3. GASP surely not a spaz concept store but, but ,but spaz are perfect it cant be true ....... sorry couldn't find the sarcasm font bikehubbers are like a pack of dogs when it comes to trashing some poor business who slights one of us but watch how quickly this will turn into a "well its a one store problem not a brand issue blah blah "thread op go where you get what you want in customer service ignore the A holes they exist everywhere
  4. as someone who worked in law enforcement etc my whole career and have heard it thousands of times , you might keep in mind that the " I bought it from someone else already "is the standard excuse for every single idiot thief who gets nicked on the planet with stolen goods in his hands and while there are exceptions as you pointed out its still a pretty good point /argument actually
  5. The Tracetec device is a radio frequency transmitter. The Tracetec recovery device is not a GPS / GSM location device. Tracetec works via a transmitter that continually emits its own unique identity signal that is picked up by our beacons (when one is close enough ) situated countrywide and transmitted to our control centre and database that contains the details of the asset and owner -------- from tracetecs website picture this : two blokes with a metal hoop stuck out the window of a bakkie driving around mamelodi saying im sure its around here somewhere punchline : Tracetec also offers a fleet management system that supplies live GPS locations of your vehicle. For more information contact us or go to our TracetecFleet website (from a slightly larger more expensive and more conventional gps car tracker device) these things only work if the unit is in range of a receiver and the object is to big to hide under a bush (like a truck) its the same technology as triangulation radio collars on rhinos etc which work well to find things as big and obvious as trucks and rhinos but I think ill wait a while
  6. snap I keep mine in house and if I was crooked minded id have a bunch of nice bikes and stuff off my neighbours who just leave their garage open and wander away
  7. you need to appreciate that to you every bit has unique value because YOU paid for each bit to a thief none has value cause he paid nothing if he just sells your brakeset or just your rims or bar or seatpost its all maximum profit for him so if most of your bike (incl frames ) gets dumped none of its a loss to a thief however its also possible that your bikes alive and well and peddling up a rural mountainside with two live trussed goats slung over the bars as we speak
  8. I really don't think our population figures correlate to the UK in the slightest....they are a wealthy first world socialist state with almost zero unemployment we..........................aren't (not going there) short version I think almost all the swanky bikes that get pinched here come from like ten percent of our population don't you so the theft figures mean nothing comparing us to the UK and the imbalance in the western cape of bike theft is because western cape folk still thinks its 1975 and they aren't security conscious like our smarter brothers in Gauteng people here think its a status symbol to drag your mtb about day and night on your cars bike rack - hence disproportionate amounts of bikes go walk about here
  9. that's really bad karma man and unfortunately way too few people believe lying to their insurance is bad karma but in fairness guys and gals this thread is going sideways and the poor OP lost his bike totally due to bloody thieves (and a slightly untheftproof bike carrier ) and for no other reason maybe all this belongs on a thread about bike insurance
  10. I suppose the real moral of all this is ... leave your bike at home unless you are actually going out to ride on it and don't leave it on your bike rack if you have to stop somewhere other than to take it off to ride on it especially in the western cape
  11. yeah take a chance and split your carbon whatever or.... buy one of these from shamus best bike gadget you will ever own for a carbon anything period >! https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/157467-ritchey-torque-keys/
  12. plus the import tax on clothing at 46 % plus vat thats going to have to be quite nice kit for that money as its not exactly eye-catchingly cool looking kit
  13. maybe you should just ask him if he needs help.... possibly its broken ...otherwise why is he always pushing it up the hill
  14. its a MTB thing I assume like wearing a large water bladder on your back
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