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  1. I have been riding tubeless on the road for about 4 years now... tried Continental GP5000, Hutchinson and Pirelli Centurato! The Pirelli is the best of all the tyres I fitted by far! Good resistance to punctures and max pressure is 6 bar... gives a comfortable ride! Will never use Continental again, almost impossible to insert a tube on the road if the tyre gets shredded by glass... the bead is too tight!!! Centurato not cheap at R1,000 but the best available in my experience! I use the 26mm ...
  2. IM have bought from them before... but they are more expensive than Cyclelab... I avoid them!
  3. And I thank Mitch of Cycle Tibe in Mbombella for being prepared to rescue in case of an emergency!
  4. I did the ride, from White River to Sabie and back to White River, turned off after Brondal... 109km with a total ascent of 2015m... its a monster ride... two major climbs, first one 24.5 km into the ride about 7km @ > 6%... the second on out of Sabie at 47km ... about 8km at 6-7% ... the downhill section towards Brondal turn off is fast and shaky... left lane and yellow shoulder trampled any timber trucks. Traffic mostly good.. always a few motorists that scream past you at neck break speed close to the yellow line ... do this ride if you want a real challenge!
  5. You aware of good bike shop(s) in Sabie, should you need to get something sorted on the bike...?
  6. Any recommendations / advice for riding your road bike from town to town / loops in this area? I notice 3 nice routes on Bikemap but without any comments... Anyone have experience on these routes... and anyone interested do some of these rides .. I would prefer not to do it solo....
  7. Beautiful bike.... I may have to reconsider ny views on E-Bikes... 😀
  8. Keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer for her!!!
  9. I agree.... that will shut me up completely!
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