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  1. How difficult is the Magalies Monster? Keen on the 65km with my mate. We normally ride around Bealieu/Riversands/Northern Farms so haven't done anything really technical so wondering if 65km will be too much to bite off. Climbing 6km will be ok but slow as we not planning to win Thanks!
  2. Can you not pop in a sealant tube and still save the tire??
  3. Manuel Gonsalves +27825545869 He's out in Germiston making all these Nestle ice cream tricycles. I have done my good deed for the day. Good luck.
  4. You so lucky. Let me find the number for you to contact. This guy makes all the Nestle bicycles locally...
  5. Which classes in the morning? Beginner or intermediate?
  6. Thanks for the looooooong description which made no sense to me till I saw the pic. So its not just a bottle opener!
  7. Noob here so what is the derailleur hanger used for?? Googled pics of it and the only use I see is a beer opener?? Hehe
  8. Hi Chris Whens your next scheduled training classes?
  9. Would be interested in a noob class. Pleaase let me know
  10. did go to get my shoes fitted so cleat position should be ok. Will loosen up abit and see how it goes on the next ride.
  11. Hi all. I'm Dennis from Midrand. Have temporarily given up social golf for social mb. The more I read about riding, the more I'm dreading the wife will find out I will be spending even more time away from kiddie duty then golf has! Wish me luck....or till I find my wife a bike to join me! LOL!!!
  12. Got a new pair of shoes and it's numbing my left middle toe. I'm a newbie so first time with cleat shoes and went out riding for 19km. Is my shoes too tight or shoes just needs to wear in?
  13. I was looking at the Vipa AC and Epic Comp for my 1st bike too. Went with Epic and quite happy with it. Just got fitted at CycleLabs and had to drop a new longer stem! Gotta say the Epic bikes just looks sleek
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