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Found 22 results

  1. Ever since I had a battery failure on the 2017 Trans Baviaans the topic of bicycle lights started to interest me. An electrical engineer by trade - I figured that this cannot be as complicated and expensive as the market seems to suggest. Over the last 4 years (on and off) I have tested the good, the cheap and the ugly when it comes to batteries for endurance riding. My findings have led me to build my own prototype and yesterday I finally came to testing it with known parameters. For the first test, I have used the Extreme Lights Endurance light which seems to be most used light for the rides that I have mentioned above. My test setup includes a GoPro with sequence shooting at 60 second intervals within clear view of my G-Shock which was used for timing. Extreme Lights claim 40+ hours' run time at the 200 Lumen setting when used with their 5200mAh battery - I am using the same Lumen setting but my battery is designed to produce 6800mAh at the same voltage. My test is 24 hours in and things are looking good thus far - I will keep posting on this thread for anyone that is interested. After the test is completed I will share some findings which may or may not be informative/trivial.
  2. I was recently in the market for a budget front light for my MTB. I stumbled across the Surge Firefly 1200 online. It arrived promptly from Takealot. And at R550 for a rechargeable light it certainly met the (budget) criteria. Given the price and manufactured origin of the light I wasn't expecting much. However I must say it had surprised me and turned out to be quite a Lekka little light. The beam on bright is in fact very bright! It does have a slightly hot spot in the middle of the beam but it does still cast enough light around the edges that I can easily see a low branch or obstruction to the side. On maximum brightness it seems to last about four hours, this is not as much as they claim but that's normal manufacturer optimism I reckon. Overall I'm very happy with it so far. And hell, for the price you can't really go wrong. Cheers
  3. I'm a new cyclist, does anyone have suggestions on lights for my mountain bike. I want to do the Trans Baviaans.
  4. wernerhp

    Lumos Ultra

    I've been using a Lumos Helmetfor the over 4 years and can really recommend it. It's a innovative helmet with built in LED lighting including indicators! Check out their latest helmet, the Lumos Ultra, on Kickstarter.
  5. Hey Guys So ill be looking at starting a commute from next week and im looking for a basic light setup, one that will make me slightly more visible to people in vehicles and can be removed from the bike when locked up. I'm looking for self contained units that could be charged via usb (If no usb its not the end of the world) The front does not need to be a million lumens as i wont be riding in the dead of darkness. The rear needs to be able to flash (As i think most of them do) and needs a sturdy mount. As for locks im looking for a U-type lock combined with a cable to link the wheels whilst its locked up, i have seen some on takealot etc but would prefer to walk into a shop and walk out with kit as apposed to ordering online. Any recommendations?
  6. Sign up to our Newsletter & you can stand a chance to win a 24 Hour Cycle Race Combo valued at R 3495. Follow this link and subscribe to our Newsletter by Entering your email address in the subscription section. https://www.extremelights.co.za/blogs/news/sign-up-to-our-newsletter-win-a-24-hour-cycle-race-combo Stand A Chance To Win The Following: https://www.extremelights.co.za/collections/cycle-lights/products/24-hour-cycle-race-combo We don't want to spam you, so here's what you can expect from an Extreme Lights Newsletter: News about new Deals and Special Offers New products launches and development Relevant business information, blogs, and updates Fun competitions and giveaways Mountain biking event guides T's & C's Apply 1 Competition Entry = 1 New Subscription to our regular newsletter.Competition duration = 1 January 2018 - 28 February 2018.Winners are chosen at random and will be announced by 7 March 2018.Winners will be contacted via email they used to subscribe with.Prize includes FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in South Africa.Competition applies to RSA residents only.The prize has a 12 Month Warranty.Participants have to be 18 years or older.If the Winner does not claim their prize within two days, the prize will be forfeited and another winner chosen.Prizes are not exchangeable or transferable.
  7. Hi Guys Can anyone recommend a good USB powered light? Will mostly be used as a helmet light in addition to handlebar. Beam pattern therefore needs to be quite focused - with less flood. Currently have a magic light option, but the battery and cable is a bit of a pain at times. Minimum lumens - 600. Ideally locally available as well. Price range -no more than a R1000 if possible.
  8. Hi guys My family and I do a bit of night riding. Our lights of choice are the Magic Shine. I keep all the lights and battery packs in one bag and before we go out I take all the battery packs out and charge them. I also has a small plastic bag in which i kept the rubber ring thingies that held the light to the handle bar. The problem is after our last ride it seems someone (must be Casper) cause no one knows anything, it just happened, threw away the plastic bag with the rubbers in. i have been to 3 LBS have looked on CWC website and cant seem to source replacements. I have been to Builders Warehouse to look at O-rings but none are long enough or thick enough. The only place I can find that stocks them are Chain Reaction but the price is a bit steep at 7 pounds odd. Does anyone have a clue where I can find these things. Or a suggestion of how to fix the lights without the rubbers. I have tried cable ties but they slip around. Thanks hubbers.
  9. Good evening all Hubbers!! As I won't be going anywhere this festive season, I have decided to spend my last energy of 2016 on my bike, getting the "base" in for 2017. On these early morning rides I have spotted many commuters, those folk who cannot afford vehicles or a taxi fare to get to work. What worries me most about these commuters, other than the state of their bicycles, is the lack of protective head gear or any lights, and I cannot sit here and preach to my peers about them having to buy expensive gear and not do something about getting these commuters some affordable helmets and front and back lights. For those who are more experienced in the donations and collection area, how do I go about starting this initiative? I know some people might be skeptical to help, but let's think about it this way - you perhaps cannot relate to him in a social way, but he is using the only tool he knows and can afford, a bicycle, to get to his place of honest work. Why potentially lose a hard working South African in an accident that could possibly have been avoided with some lights, or prevent horrible injury with a reliable helmet? Thanks all, looking forward to hear from you all!!
  10. For the past few mornings I've spotted quite a number of cyclists who are almost impossible to spot on the M19, heading from Melkbosstrand to the N7. They have no rear lights and are almost always wearing black. Then again at about 7:20 in the mornings at this time of year, everything looks black, because, as a driver, you're looking directly into the sun. We, as cyclists are always moaning about road safety, but it is also our responsibility to be seen. There were even a couple of "ninjas" who were riding 2 abreast in these gd awful visibility. Be safe out there!
  11. So winter is here and I'm needing a new light. I'm looking at some of the ones for sale on the hub and I know other shops are selling / have specials on as well. Anyone got any advice / recommendations on who to buy from and what to go for? There is a world of options, lumens, prices etc so any advice would be good. Don't need something that is like dawn coming but will be using for road, off road and camping / bush so if works as a head lamp that would be killer. Anyone got / used the L1 From K-Man on the hub?
  12. It's been a dry winter in the Cape, making it all that much easier to leave the house to stretch the legs in the dark. This winter I've had the XP3 and XP7 to keep me company. Click here to view the article
  13. Introduction I’ve done my fair share of night rides, including 24h races and 7 Trans Baviaans’. I did my first Baviaans the first year they held it about 12 years ago or so. That was back when guys rocked up with MagLites strapped to their bars, or even just tiny headlights with 3 of those small dome shaped LED’s that you get in keyrings these days. A week before my first Trans I went for a proper night ride to see if my chosen lights (basically 3 “keyring” LED’s) would work. It didn’t. I ended up buying one of those old school Sigma Sport headlights, with the battery weighing over a kilo and taking up your entire bottlecage. Those ones that gave you about 30 minutes usage on high beam. Years passed. Technology advanced greatly. Enter the “Magiclight” era a few years ago. Everyone was on the MJ808 headlight, and they were selling like hotcakes. I bought two, for me and the wife. Those lights saw me through many Baviaans races. But you’ll still have to swop out your battery at the top of Never Ender or run the risk of it running out before the end, if you hoped to use your “high” beam often. I even upgraded the LED chip in the one light, purchased from ExtremeLights when they were still wearing shorts in their young days. LED upgrade gave more light, with less power consumption. This year I wanted to upgrade again, probably for the last time. So… I wanted an “end-all” light that would see me into at least the next couple of years. Now folks, I am a huge supporter of Chinese good, quality is good (read: decent) any price is right. I ride a Chinese “blank” frame. I’ve ordered many, many things from AliBaba. There is however one purchase that left me a little disappointed. I purchased a big flashlight for my dad for his birthday, one of those 3 LED monsters. The actual flashlight is very nice, I have to say. The batteries SUCK. From the 6 that came with the flash light, 2 were dead on arrival. I complained to the seller who sent me replacement batteries. Half those were dead on arrival as well. With technology goods you take a gamble when buying from China, at least that’s how I’ve experienced it. Even purchased a cellphone from China a while back. Worked for a month, and then died. Not worth it guys. Enter ExtremeLights. These guys have been around a long time now. They have DONE the research, they have received their fair share of dead batteries as well. Trial and error is done and dusted. They have forged the relationships, done the site visits, and in doing so secured good product. Very good product. Yeah, their lights come with a higher pricetag compared to others. But, in the same way you pay a consultant big money, you are paying someone for their knowledge and support. Exactly the same. I won’t gamble with buying lights from China. ExtremeLights is now the premier seller of bike lights in South Africa, at least that is my opinion. The fact that they support local events clinched the deal for me. My XP7 I purchased 2 XP7’s, the big daddy. Cost me R4500 for the two, but I haven’t regretted it once. You know, I think people are quite tired of all the technical lingo that gets put out – the lumens and the whatnot. I think people just want a layman to give an honest opinion. Agree? On my first ride with my brother in law, I kept the lights on the medium beam. When I was behind him in his slip, I pressed the button again. Response? “J****!” and something about Mary and Joseph. “Car baaaack!!”. “Wait is that you?” Crazy. Ride behind someone with the XP7 on full brightness, and it casts a shadow directly in front of the guy in front of you. It drowns out any other lights. I also heard something in the line of that he wants me to drop the light one brightness level as I was giving the back of his legs a tan, 5am in the morning. The actual light is awesome. Quality is amazing, very sturdy. The handlebar clamp is MILES better than the old rubber strap, especially for a light like this that carries a little more weight than smaller models. The XP3 and XP1 will still be fine with the rubber elastic. The clamp doesn’t even need to be clamped down hard for the light to be secure. And removing the light from the bars is as quick as opening a quick release lever on your wheels. The battery is brilliant, for a few reasons. The cord is short. With my old Magicshine lights you had to wrap the cords around your stem and bars a few times to get the clutter away. The new length is just right. Enough slack, but not too much. The battery is also what feels like rubberized neoprene. I think. My point being, wrap the strap around the battery and around your frame and it will NOT move. And there is no worry about it scratching your bike. Everything just feels “classy”, premium. The light throws a very good beam. I’m not a huge fan of a very bright hot spot in front of me. I prefer lights to have a “gentle” hot spot that fades away to the sides. What makes the XP7 different from the older MagicLights is that they used to throw the light forward in a “fat cone” shape, with the actual light going out sideways at an angle. The XP7 pretty much throws light so wide that it might just touch the tip of your bar-ends. I exaggerate a bit, but you know what I mean. The specs say they are awesome for singletrack MTB’ing, and I do agree. With bucket load of light being thrown straight ahead and a spill that goes nearly sideways, singletrack won’t hold and surprises. If you are the type of rider that exclusively rides open marathon style races like Baviaans, you will be well served with the XP3 even. The XP7 is what the XP3 is, and more though. With the old lights I used to point the light far down the road, but ultimately slightly down. Its silly to point the light down, straight past your front wheel. You want to see what you will be encountering in 5 seconds, surely? Not what you will be hitting in 0.5 seconds. With the XP7, I find that I’m pointing the light almost horizontal, straight ahead. This is possible because of the spill of the beam. Everything is lit up. Cars have flashed their lights at me… and then I put it into high beam. The car didn’t flash anymore. I’m not including beam shots as my night time photography skill is non-existant. I can say though that the beam shots on the ExtremeLights site is damn accurate. That’s it folks. Enjoy the riding! PS: I don't work for ExtremeLights, just an honest opinion of a very good bike light.
  14. Cycle Factory Shop is excited to announce the launch of the new and improved Fly6 tail-light / HD camera combo. Click here to view the article
  15. Cycle Light Comparison This is our cycle light comparison. To see high rest pictures of each product visit our cycle light category. Or visit our online store cycle light category for the latest prices. http://www.extremelights.co.za/wp-content/uploads/sites/66/2013/05/pdf-icon-150x150.png Download our cycle light catalogue http://www.extremelights.co.za/wp-content/uploads/sites/66/2013/11/New-Cycle-animation.gif Other Reference Information In depth review of Extreme 2k and Extreme 1400 Cycle lights Cycle Light Battery Pack Comparison Best Bicycle Light- Which LED and Which battery? The Table is a best effort attempt. If you find any discrepancies between your product and the table please let us know http://www.extremelights.co.za/wp-content/uploads/sites/66/2014/07/Page-4-1024x726.jpg Extreme 3k The Extreme 3K is our top of the range 3 000 Lumen Cycle Light. If you are scared of the dark, like to tan at night, or simply want the best – this light will blow your mind. Extreme 2k The Extreme 2K Cree XM-L2 cycle light builds on the success of its predecessor, the Extreme 2000. It is our smallest cycle light to date. This cycle light is equipped with three of the latest Cree LEDs, the XM-L2. This configuration is 55% more energy efficient than a single Cree XM-L LED. The result is; increased runtime without adding additional weight. Extreme 1400k The Extreme 1400K is our marathon monster! With a run time of 7 hours on high and 42h on low, this is the light to have if you don’t have time to recharge between rides or just need to keep going and going and going. Extreme 2000 MKII The Extreme 2000 won the lumens war when it was released! With a wide 105 degree flood beam pattern, it completely lights up the road ahead, while a smooth transition into a sharp hot spot ensures illumination up to 100 meters ahead. Extreme 1200 MKII The Extreme 1200 revolutionized night cycling in South Africa. With 900 lumens and a 4 hour run time, it simply gets the job done. More than a thousand units have been sold in South Africa alone Extreme 900 The Extreme 900 is ideal for budget conscious riders or riders that mostly enjoy short rides. Concentrating 600 lumens in a narrow 66 degree beam, it is more than sufficient to light the road ahead, or to use as an extremely visibly safety light. Visit our online store cycle light category for the latest prices.
  16. Hi All, Currently my working hours are such that I only arrive at home after dark. Unfortunately the moonlight alone isn't enough for a safe visibility and I want to invest in serious lighting when riding in the dark. I'm looking for a light that: A. I can cycle with (helmet, handlebar, whatever mount) B. I can detach for using on 'n kamp in die bos - very nice optional C. Has a high lumen output i.e. it actually lights up the road to see as a car light does for a car and doesn't just make a shiny white blob on your head for oncoming traffic. D. Includes modern features like light, strobe, sos flashing E. Has a decent battery life while provides sufficient lighting. around 2-3 Hours would be good F. If it has stungun-properties to use instead of mace, you get extra "likes" I've looked at Blinder (better than the rest but still meh), cateye (many misleaded, such meh), and several other no-name brands. So far only the higher end Niterider models stand out, but I'm not finding much reference and reviews as to how useful people find them as opposed to vendor trash. Normal flashlights with mounting options or ideas are equally welcome! Spam as many suggestions as you like, as long as it applies at least point A to C. kgo
  17. So I rencently had a SS bike built up for commuting (and doing this year's 94.7 Cycle Challenge).It's +/-1980's Sancini Cinelli road frame, sprayed matt black with a matt clear coat. We used black components as far as possible and silver where we had trouble finding black. SR Suntour SS Chainset with Integrated Chain Guard and black rims with silver spokes. I wanted bullhorn bars, but we had trouble finding ones that fit the stem, so we ended up flipping and chopping off drops. 42T-18TThanks to Glen Abraham (Bikes & Bicycles) for sourcing all the components and building the bike to my specifications! I can really recommend him.I love technology and gadgets and find projects such as Revolights (http://revolights.com) and Project Aura (http://aurabicycles.com) really cool. Unfortunately they are also very expensive. So I set out to build my own wheel lights using a couple of red and white LEDs. I think it turned out pretty awesome for a first prototype.Posted some pics on Google+ https://plus.google....sts/UyKGLWbuq7A
  18. Although the days are getting longer with summer approaching, riding in the dark is still something many of us will do. Whether it's pre-dawn training or a “just-because-you-can” night ride you'll want a dependable and effective light. Click here to view the article
  19. Winter is fast approaching and as a cyclist the time before and after work is shrinking. A good cyclist knows that the pain of getting off the saddle is worst than staying on. There is no other option other than getting equipment that would allow you to safely extend your ride time in to the twilight zone and beyond. Welcome to the exciting world of night cycling. http://www.extremelights.co.za/wp-content/uploads/sites/66/2014/02/MTB-Bicycle-Night-Light-1024x404.jpg The following article explains more about the different technologies that addresses the requirements for various cycling stiles. Read the full article: "Best Bicycle Light- Which LED and Which battery? LED’s and Battery technology have improved dramatically over the last few years. Notably the most has been the battery technology. Even though it is very hard to see from casual inspection which is a good or bad battery pack. It is worth investing in quality. A good battery pack can dramatically extend the runtime and life time of the light. It can also reduce the overall weight and improve the reliability. The cyclist needs to decide which type of cycling they do most and buy equipment that is best suited to address their needs. This article hopes to provide more information to allow you to make an informed choice.
  20. Has anyone had any experience with Exposure lights? I'm considering buying either the Reflex or Maxx-d but just want to make sure they are worth the extra cost!
  21. Extreme Lights is amped for the Argus Cycletour Expo, running Thursday through Saterday in the Cape Goodhope Centre. We'll have a couple of products there and will be running a number of Expo only sales. Come find us at Stall M57, close to the exit, and see what is up for grabs! http://extremelights.co.za/extreme-lights-cape-argus-cycle-expo-2014/
  22. Original post here http://extremelights.co.za/wp-content/uploads/sites/66/2014/03/godzone-merrell-alpha-pack-main-1-3.jpg Extreme Lights has provided the mountain biking lighting gear for Team Merrell Alpha Pack. The Alpha pack is competing at the AR World Series GODZone Adventure Race in the South Island of New Zealand. The Extreme 1400k can produce +1000Lumen for over 10h when powered with our 6 cell Panasonic battery pack. Making them ideal for the GODZone Adventure Race. Orion Health GODZone, presented by 100% PURE Racing, is a multi-day, non-stop, expedition-style adventure race held annually in the South Island of New Zealand. The course remains a secret until the route is revealed just before the event starts. GODZone always uses the ‘journey concept’ where teams will be expected to traverse some of New Zealand’s most stunning landscapes with a logical pathway from start to finish. Adventure, excitement, highs, lows and lots of interesting team dynamics as the racers travel across the challenging terrain of the upper South Island. The leading teams will complete the journey in around 4 days with perhaps only 1-2hrs sleep in the entire duration. Teams at the back of the field will have up to 7 days to complete their journey but the accumulated lack of sleep and time in the wild will catch up with them eventually, we’re certain of that. We wish the Merrel Alpha pack the best of luck for the rest of the race. They started on Saturday and are making good progress. Follow them with Live Tracking on GODZONE Live Tracking You can follow the progress on Team Merrel Alpha Pack’s Blog
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