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  1. Lekker to hear, thanks Johan!
  2. Watched a few of the additional behind the scenes vids and he mentioned he basically removes any rebound from his shock so that it's like a pogo stick!
  3. We're here and happening! Just weary of trying to drum everything up too early - all we can do is wait while stuff is in production now so once we're ready to sell to the public you'll be hearing a lot more from us. Meanwhile, we're working on a whole lot of new stuff and getting everything sorted so we can hit the ground running. Send us a mail or any questions if you have any and we'll be happy to help !
  4. We've just finished a market research period on girls' baggies and they're in the works. Survey had a big call for decent ladies shammy as well so we're also working on those. Lots planned on the ladies side of things so stay tuned
  5. Thanks a million, we are very happy with the response so far. Our crowding funding campaign is finished and we are in the proccess of sending out communication to all our backers. Look out for your mail.
  6. Ya, that was a big one for us - we didn't want guys to feel like they were compromising on the comfort of lycra to wear baggies, they needed to be as comfortable if not more. Slimmer guys - bearing in mind that most 'slim' mountain bikers still have pretty big legs. We're aiming at possibly bringing out a line with bigger size grading down the line. We've just got to start somewhere for now.
  7. Yup you're right about the cargo pockets, we opted for zipped pockets, positioned slightly to towards the side so whatever's in your pocket stays put right through the pedal stroke. Fabric is two way stretch, and after a few crashes on the same pair (incl. a road gap gone wrong) - seem pretty durable.
  8. You're definitely right about getting the pattern right - man its been a mission. But I think we're there!
  9. A big thanks to everyone for your support. We've reached our goal and then some - pretty stoked! You can still order for the next couple of days to make sure you get the discounted rate - so don't delay!
  10. Spot on - we'll get hold of all our backers personally so we can chat to them about sizes and style closer to the time.
  11. We're on and have reached our funding goal which is pretty sweet! The images on the site are for reference only for now and all our orders are being fulfilled through our crowdfunding page - see link above.
  12. Shot for the support! You can place an order for shorts through our crowdfunding: http://www.jumpstarter.co.za/campaigns/westpeak and then closer to the time of production being completed we will phone/email you and ask about your size and style preference. Hope this helps!
  13. Thanks Iwan - thanks for all your help too! Jiva: more fun outgoing colours with bright highlights. Fundi: more neutral colours with understated branding and highlights.
  14. Thanks we dig it too. By lining I presume you mean shammy tights? At the moment the baggies will be stand alone mountain bike specific shorts. We are working on a shammy insert that can be bought separately!
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