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  1. I would suggest throwing a riser bar on that Stride, opens up the bike to be a lot more fun, capable and comfortable.
  2. haha, I surely don't. I do a once a month 10min wash and dry. Basic chain lube after. Will clean chain every 4 -6 months with actual chain cleaner.
  3. Ek ken die ou wat Blixem maak - daai goed is sterk, maar breek nie wax build up op nie, great met olie though. Hy het ons Ryder bike wash help develop, so daai was groot factor om te consider. Probeer die Ryder in jou foam cannon volgende - ek het botteltjie vir jou. En dit ruik na bubblegum.
  4. Hey Philip, Ek staan gereeld en staar net vir my fiets. Dis soos braai vuur kyk. En ek weet daai Scott van jou is ook so mooi dat jy tydjie kan kyk...
  5. Horses for courses... I have both and my 10c is that a good HT is a fun bike to ride. Fun has to be in top 3 reasons for me to ride, otherwise I just don't keep doing it. I tried a HT a few years ago and we just did not mesh and so I sold it and did not look back. Then a few months ago I tried a new alloy HT frame with all the right angles and attributes (brand withheld on purpose), and it is a n absolute blast. It is not the same as a 120 full suss, and can't replace a 160mm enduro bike for obvious reasons - 'fun' being front and foremost. But for longer trail days; a bit of tar, some roughstuff, and really enjoying trail features for what they are, the HT is great. Fact is, it is cheap enough to give it a try first. Like it - keep it. Don't like it - move along. no harm, no foul.
  6. This topic is "fyn brag". Vaderland, I am so jealous. The advice is good, the idea is epic and the opportunity rare. Lekker, please post loads of photos and what you ended up doing. And then what you've learnt - for the rest of us.
  7. A geo chart with some numbers - as well as leverage ratio, anti-squat and anti-rise would be a solid addition to the review!
  8. @drooany luck on your side? Maybe even from a busted caliper? or @Nils@WScycleworks
  9. I'm looking for a set of pistons for my Zee brake calipers. I suspect one of the large pistons are cracked. Any idea of where to find them locally?
  10. Insert "Looser as winner" pun/cliche here. I have not had enough coffee to come up with a coherent pun.
  11. @dewaldsss rides those areas often and may have some good ideas of where to go.
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