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  1. Sjo Sjo, will need to get fitter!
  2. I let him know - he updated the add immediately - just missed it
  3. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/471975/banshee-phantom-v3-frame-module #prettysurethatsnotcarbon otherwise a rad frame
  4. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/469376/2021-zerode-katipo-trailenduro-full-sus-monster?referrer=homepage I can't stop looking... for all the wrong reasons. Ardent race and Crossmarks, palm rest grips, brooks saddle and carbon seatpost... Not sure what's happening, but I keep looking for more quirks
  5. not that I can remember - came on rolls. Would cut as much as you need.
  6. I'm on brass shimstock from NFM to use my 30.9 dropper with my 31.6 frame - works perfectly albeit a pain to install. Once its in though - no slips, and no creaks.
  7. Is it just me - or are more of you getting offers and once you agree to the price - never hear from the buyer again?
  8. You know its been a rough few months if you are excited about brake pads, sealant top-ups and new chain lube... I am.
  9. I recently received a bunch of lowball offers on a specific item that I had listed. My price was fair - and actually cheaper than most, since I wanted to move along and already purchased a new version of said part. I understand cheeky offers - but as seller, I saw myself as being extremely courteous when answering "no thank you" when someone offered me 40% less than asking price, rather than telling them to bugger off. Bedside manners will make a cheeky offer go far - so I would like to see the interactions and actual way the offers were presented. Just remember - there's cheeky, there's lowball, and there's rude.
  10. Credit where it's due. Evo bikes has some top notch service. Its easy to complain, but we normally just let good service be, so with that in mind I think I'll drop a quick review on here. I had a question re shipping prices before ordering that was promptly responded to, and the items I ordered on Tuesday evening was dropped at my office first thing this morning. That's fast by any standard, and the prices on my items (brake pads, sealant and chain lube) were the best from any online store in SA. Well done Evo, pleasant experience indeed.
  11. Helderberg is only 550m-ish from Hanger to the tower... I would have to do this 3 times in one go to re-ride Saturday... Once you have a kid or two, you don't have that kind of time anymore. dadbod and dadfitness is a real thing.
  12. Seriously, this event had all the the makings of a legendary race. Great - challenging trails, epic setting, nice start venue, lekker conversations, goeie gees and good logistics (shot Chris!). The climb to 5 was a royal beatdown - like being bodyslammed by hulk hogan... a few times. I reckon 4 should have been the final stage with 5 moved forward to 3 and 3 to 4, meaning the last climb is not SO rough. But really - that's just nitpicking. By the last climb I was bleeding from my eyes and my legs had the Demogorgon visibly moving under my skin. Thanks to my riding partner Bos to keep me going and Pottie for pretending to be slightly tired...it got me to the top. That rock chute was fantastic - and I don't want to ride it again this year.
  13. Never in my life have I cramped as hard or as continuous... Hells bells. Fun day out nonetheless. Thanks Chris!
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