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  1. Did a professional bike fitting and small is the correct frame size for my 1.66m ride a Momsen Vipa (XC), but enjoy technical riding.
  2. I’ve looked around for a dropper post that has a 20mm setback. The only one I could find is KS Lev. My bike cannot take a seatpost longer than 380mm considering my height - only use 220mm of seatpost (on the outside of the frame) - rest needs to be inside 🙂 who is the resellers/distributor of KS Lev in SA? or what alternatives is there with setback?
  3. ACM

    CV Writing

    https://elite-cv.com/ I used them, but wasn’t 100% happy with the first version. They did assist in changing until I was happy.
  4. That’s a bummer.... so no support for me in SA on the warranty etc. ????
  5. As mentioned Fluidlines; I bought just a frame ????????
  6. Have to shrink photos first ????
  7. I bought this exact frame in a small (just the blue color) amd dis a build. As already mentioned the frame is not the lightest. The small frame with shock weighed about 2.5kg - without shock 2.2kg. So if you’re concerned about weight, it’s not the best option. I battled to get a build below 11kg and had the best components money could buy :-) In terms of the riding... the bike was a dream!! Truely confidence enspiring; so much so that on downhills your confidence exceeds your skills. The bike is truely stable! Climbing wasn’t the best, but riding a small with a 120mm fork does limit my position on the bike. Unfortunately a hit and run thrashed my bike (frame). If I could get the Pivot SL for the same replacement price I would’ve taken that, but the SL was more expensive and the new Pivot was about to be released. For the price on offer at Evo, I think it’s a good option if frame weight is not your biggest motivation. If you want a stiff, solid frame this one will be more than good!! As a replacement I then went for the orbea oiz. Lot more expensive but also nish, light, stiff and I enjoy it more than the Pivot - overall. Downhill the pivot wins hands-down. Overall the orbea is better.
  8. The VivoActive battery doesn’t last very long; also as the device ages, it obviously gets worse. I have an Edge for cycling and only use the Vivo to broadcast HRM. So if you do use the Strava option as suggested, start broadcasting from the Vivo instead of starting an activity; then the battery last a looooonnnnng time :-)
  9. My son rides the same maxxis combo and he is done just over 3,000km on his combo; but he weighs 56kg. I used to get almost 2,800 on the spez; I think I’ll get close to same on the maxxis.
  10. Used to ride: Front: Ground Control Rear: Fastrack Now ride: Rear: Maxxis Icon Front: Ardent Race Similar sizes - front 2.2; rear 2.0 I’d say it’s pretty much the same. I do think the spez tyres are a little ‘softer’ and maybe a little more grip, but I’d say the maxxis ardent race better rolling resistance than the control.
  11. If I recall correctly these guys did my conversion (LBS sent the shock to them). https://www.cogentindustries.co.za/ Maybe they can get the parts for you.
  12. Do you get seamless switching from your devices between the deco units?
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