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  1. I'm trying to courier a bike from Hilton, KZN to Bloemfontein with out charging the guy I'm sending it to a small fortune. Its being sent in a bike box 127x78x15 and weighs 9.5 kg's, most online quote systems i'm using charge based on volume and not weight and i keep on getting quotes back of up to a grand. Anyone know of any company that charges reasonable rates? Thanks, Rob
  2. While 1hills approach does have it's merits I do believe that if you were to remove the sliding dropouts, drill a small pilot hole and use a 'reverse,' drill bit you would be able to get the little sod out. Good luck
  3. Just use Probolt, they stock anything and everything. http://www.probolt-southafrica.com/
  4. Hi Guys, Okay so I'm looking at bringing in a fairly special brand in the country. Does any one know where I can find info regarding the duties and customs on bike components or does anyone know it off hand? Run through the net and the SARS site but haven't found diddly squat. Thanks in advance.
  5. Any one know who sells them?? Thanks.
  6. Okay, so my aging Ritchey Pro's are just about stuffed. What can I get for between 2 and 3 grand? I'm 21 and broke at present so have some saving up to do. Just call this prelimiary research.
  7. Hmmm, the recovery on ITB surgery seems to be quite quick. I got an ACL reconstruction on the 17th. ROM brace for 6 weeks, then various forms of rehab for another 6 months..
  8. Does shark taste like chicken? BTW Wicked pics
  9. Can't for the life of me remeber, I have a FSA Gossamer crankset and the BB is poked. Been down to bearing man who tell me they don't stock the bearings needed. I have a feeling that there's no distributor for FSA in SA at the moment. Does anyone know if shimano BB's or the likes will fit? Thanks.
  10. Well it looks like you have your priorities set. Structured training is the single most effective way, obviously, to improve your riding. Skills books are great hey but 9 times out of 10 the best way to improve your technical abilities is to just ride more. Again though its a case of each to his own. Wheels wise - okay given what you're budget then I'd say that you're on the right track. AC hubs are decent and well priced as are A2Zs, it comes down to colour more than anything else. AM units are only available in black while A2Z ones come in a full spectrum. Spoke choice, either Sapim CX rays or Wheelsmith XL 14's. Both are cheaper and lighter than DT equivilants. Make sure you have the spokes tightened up after the first couple of rides. They stretcg like hell and often need some initial looking after until everything is set and ridden in. Ceramic bearings - Well unless you go for full ceramics opposed to hybrid versions you won't be saving much weight, they are also prone to disintergrating in harsh conditions and they aint cheap to replace. KCNC skewers are about your best option when it comes to value/ weight for money. Tune's 33 gram set, ( name escapes me) is awesome but'll cost you a mint and save you 11 grams. Cassette's - Not sure what you're after here, obviously Shimano's XTR is the benchmark in superlight weight cassettes, you then have Sram's new XG XXX 990 or what ever it is. It'l last you a life time as its made outa steel, price is the major imiting factor. You can get extreme and go for the likes of Recon/ Soul Kozak/ KCNC, unfortunately they make the above look cheap and unless they are full Ti, they won't last more than a dozen rides. My 2 cents.
  11. Sorry have a habbit of doing that, I'm very weight concious myself so. Evert gram matters. 1 thing you gotta to remember is that at the end of the day a light bike is useless with out a decent rider. Do you ride on the road? Does that bike need some attention, what do you eat and what training apparatus's do you use? Invest broadly otherwise its a case of all your eggs in one basket.
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