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  1. This is absolute bull****! I really hope the police find the bastards who did this. Another senseless murder
  2. WooHoo- this is an awesome local JHB race that gets bigger every year ???????????????? I’m sure the loyal locals will be there along with some newbies...
  3. Completely agree- I went through a few years of egg beaters which involved a few services. SPD’s just work- never any problems.
  4. That’s a good effort ???????????????? Yeah -pity about the thunderstorm- I heard it was a nightmare after that.
  5. I cannot imagine the pain you must feel losing your brother. My condolences to you and your family.
  6. He's not alone- a lot of hubbers are there in spirit hoping the little one pulls through!
  7. Shame man- must be devastating for the parents! I am holding thumbs the little girl pulls through...
  8. Probably- if he was so concerned about his reputation or image he would do honest deals...
  9. Agree- it's like the negative posts are completely ignored. Maybe ignorance is bliss for some, but I'd guesstimate the pro ASG rank do not exceed the anti ASG rank. So if that is correct then they should address the issues and maybe win over a few potential customers.
  10. You don't launch a store, online or brick and mortar, by quoting way over priced prices with the comment or viewpoint of offering specials later down the line. Customers are neither patient nor stupid. They will give you a chance from the get go- and that's where you need to impress them. Later on will never happen as you will not even be thought of as an option when compared to existing stores with great service and very competitive pricing already being offered. Rather focus on a niche market or range and do that 110% better than anyone else.
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