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  1. figured some of you might like the 2t sound, Dirt riders first time on a bike with slick tires. learnt the hard way you don't bounce when you crash on pavement and splat ,
  2. anyone possibly have an Elixir CR lever or a internal rebuild kit? thanks
  3. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dirt-jump-mountain-bikes/514558/black-market-killswitch https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/422977009439568 markup 100
  4. Drop me a Pm if you need one, found one in my parts bin thats useable. In plumstead CT
  5. You could on the older forks get away with it. Newer forks requires the brands overpriced oil. It'll work but there is chance your adjusters and fork will feel slightly different
  6. Im interested to hear what you guys do to Track and improve your cardio for longer distance rides and climbing Started doing 40km tokai loops on my bike. was unstructured and random so didn't see much improvement, then didn't ride for 4 months???? Trying to get a benchmark so Im guessing I should do a FTP test of sorts to see where im at? would like to work up to doing 50-60km on an enduro bike. If anyone has a training plans of sorts or Advice the fastest way to build up fitness again, Thanks all
  7. thanks for the info guys. I'll have to ask my suspension guy to revalve it. Got the exact same issue on my lyric rc2 when running max psi.
  8. Hi all So i switched from a 400 to a 550lbs spring on my tr250 and noticed the rebound is alot faster, had to dial it 5 clicks slower just to get back to what it was like on the 400 spring. leaving me with almost no clicks left for adjustment. This is with 50% of hsc lcs and btc used first spring was a 2,8 400 replacement a 2,5ish 550lbs On this linkage setup 550 is what a 100ish kg rider would use. me weighing around 65 throws it off. Would revalving the shock solve the issue or a rebuild? Fox DHX4 rc boost valve Thanks
  9. I had no idea what i was looking for last night so i completely missed that set on Evo, ordered a fsa set from capegro for 600 bucks so hopefully it fits
  10. Yep that's what i meant, bike shop got mixed up and sold me internal cups for a tapered frame so no chance it was going to work????
  11. anyone have one of these tapered Headset adapters floating about. For standard straight steerer frame cup size. (HOPE : D S.H.I.S. : ZS49/30 1 1/8) is what came out. .
  12. Anyone got a tapered crown race in their parts bin . happy to pay
  13. Anyone got a 180mm marzo bomber or FOx 36 talas gathering dust they'd like to sell? 26er ones.
  14. Anyone whos good with 4 stroke motors who could PM me? Buying a Ktm mildy seized exc 450 and would like a 2nd opinion on the damage. Its road legal so its ideal
  15. Just finished up the KX125 build. works pc pipe + R304 shorty (stupid loud) Vforce reeds, talon wheels and Ohlins suspension etc. all the hardware got replated frame and triples powerdercoated etc, now to attempt to get it street legal
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