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  1. Yes... If you're riding in zone 4 'most of the time' you are always revving really high and close to your limit. You need to ride in zone 2 a lot to build base fitness and get into zone 4 'occasionally' or on specific efforts, as opposed to most of your riding. I'm not the best person to ask about this as I am not particularly well versed on the 'up to date' science, but back when I last looked many years ago, intervals and hard efforts should make up about 20% of your training
  2. Ok, so one thing people won't talk about is temperature vs battery use. If you're out in the cold and the battery pack is on your head, you will burn through batteries QUICKLY So, for me, having a torch with a battery pack I can store close to my body to keep it warm is non negotiable. I own two, a Black Diamond Ikon 700 which has many many settings and options for batteries, it is weather proof and the AA batteries last nights not hours when managed properly https://www.blackdiamondequipment.com/en_US/product/icon-700-headlamp/ I then also have a Silva Trail Runner Free which has numerous battery options as well. It is lighter and smaller and very comfortable, but not as hardy as the BD Ikon. https://silvaafrica.com/collections/lighting/products/trail-runner-free-2-ultra A headtorch for me is not something i feel I want to 'get away with using', so I am happy to spend money on it.
  3. I'd actually say too low would cause cramps inside thigh above the knee. Too high and you're likely to get stiff hip flexors and calf cramps. But that also depends on how good/bad your pedal stroke is and which muscle groups you're using to do what. None of this is linear unfortunately due to us all doing things differently.
  4. Yeah, ENO and Rennies are old wives remedies that 'seem' to assist with cramps, BUT, the proper way to deal with them is to prevent them or limit them to very hard efforts, not every ride. If the cramps are on the inside of your thigh just above the knee, saddle height might be your problem. But I still think that shouldn't happen every ride. Zone 2 easy efforts often are your friend
  5. I'm pretty accurate at knowing where I am re marathon time. Looking at how I feel at 21km at certain speeds. My very humble advice, go slower than you think is necessary until 32 then smash the last 10km or just get to the end from there depending on how many matches you've burnt. Positive splits will get you home a lot faster than going out hard and slowing down. So, go out a few percent slower than you think is 'reasonable'
  6. I have two takes on this. One, which is usually the case, is you aren't fit enough for the effort you're putting out, so you basically go until you blow. The other involves what you eat in tandem with the above. As an anecdote, I know I can run 10km comfortably in 40 minutes. If I decide to run the same 10km route in 33 minutes, there is a very real chance my hamstrings or inside quad will twinge during the run and cramp afterwards. The sustainable effort vs above threshold is usually what causes the cramps in shorter things. Longer things it can start being dehydration, required salt etc, but the short stuff as per your examples it's training and/or lack of fitness. The science guys will start going into sodium levels and all sorts of glucose inputs etc but in reality you're over exerting yourself for your fitness level
  7. hahahahahaha I'm still not a drinker, so I quite like getting done and going home.... so I can hop on the IDT or go for a surf or take the boy or/and dogs to the beach The act of golf is rad. But I guess much like the 'cool' mtb and trail running crowd, there is a lot of beer and peacocking that comes afterwards.
  8. I took up golf 18 months ago when I was recovering from Viral meningitis. I couldn't run, ride or do anything strenuous but I could walk. I have to admit to absolutely loving it! There is a beautiful thing in a skill based sport as opposed to an effort based sport. When people ask the wife how she can let me disappear for 5 hours, her answer is 'it's a helluva lot shorter than a lot of the runs he used to do, so there is nothing to whine about.' Funny thing is, most golfers I play with aren't at all larny. In general, cyclists and trail runners are way more hoity toity and snobbish than golfers
  9. This might work for you? Jokes aside, I definitely have a bike you can borrow. It might not be a race bike for a sub 3, but I ride it and average decent clicks around the peninsula
  10. But it IS faster than a 650b..... because wheel size is important! I'd hate to know how many people I've beaten on a 20" which must be WAY slower than 29ers 🤭
  11. 'I could buy a KTM enduro bike with all sorts of rocket ship technology for the same price!!!!'
  12. Specialized and a couple of other BIG manufacturers moved their entire operations from China a while ago while Trump was in power. US put all sorts of trade embargos and sanctions on China due to it's political alliances and credit/debt 'purchasing' practices. Taiwan is now the centre for most big brands
  13. HAHAHAHA I am suddenly thrown back to 2014. The wheelsize debate is BACK baby!
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