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  1. Jewbacca

    Medals at events

    So much of this. The motives and actions of the event are a big driving force behind me entering. I donate my time and effort to the Picket-bo-berg events as a sweeper or assist where I can as the proceeds all go into the local community, building a school etc RASA have their education fund, EA do community upliftment etc... I really do like this take on things vs a race/event I'm not suggesting organisers don't make money, but like you say, support an industry/community project with regards the finishers token or in some way where you can
  2. Jewbacca

    Medals at events

    These days I only do events where the finishing token is worth keeping. Not because it's better than anything else, but because the event itself is worth getting out of bed for. A Basutu Blanket, some belt buckles, some wire animals.. The only participation medal I would accept is a silver at Oceans. The allure of racing, races and events eludes me these days. I was talked into doing a running race a few weeks ago and to get to registration and have the checks done and make my start batch I had to get up at 4am to run 50km of trails I could have got up and run at a reasonable time the next day. I was grumbly to myself about that and how much of an idiot I was for being talked into it. BUT, on that, I'm kinda with Skubarra. If you're going to hand out medals, metal ones are definitely better. Unless they are awesome recycled plastic cups made by a community project and the proceeds of the race go towards that community... or some such. I would definitely take a 500ml coke bottle trophy. Energy events went through a stage of giving out potted succulents and a stodels gift card instead of medals. My wife liked that
  3. I know there are a few decent bike shops and amazing trails on Reunion island. Was there in 2018...... Just a stone throw from Mauritius. Pretty sure you could do some grey importing that way
  4. For an SA company the only reasons to sink tens of millions of zar into a cycling sponsorship would be vanity and tax avoidance What are the 10 biggest grossing companies in SA? Vodacom and MTN Capitec Standard bank British and American tabacco Anglo American Firstrand Naspers.... Just thumb sucking....... BAT cannot sponsor as France won't allow tabacco products on clothes etc at sporting events Vodacom vs MTN (Previous sponsor)? I dunno...... I can't see any of these companies giving a hoot about a world tour cycling team. Qhubeka is not Newcastle United unfortunately
  5. Hahahaha I forked out for a Fenix6 Pro as I amble up mountains a lot. I record most rides on it too as it syncs automatically to Connect and strava in a flash. It is an amazing piece of kit to be fair but nothing is faultless. I do still use my old Stages bike computer on the bars so I don't have to glance at my wrist to see HR/effort etc... Despite the Stages being absolute junk, the elevation recorded is usually way less than the Fenix. Does it have to do with how often the various devices ping? I'm not overly concerned as my stats are irrelevant. Is it actually an important issue for most of us?
  6. If it is only 2 or 3 of you then just book a transfer with a mini bus? Plenty of guys in the western cape do short, small bus transfers like that.
  7. They are the same. Both say the same thing. No spectators. If you, as a person, know that they have requested this but still go to spectate then you are part of the problem which paints cyclists in a bad light. Arguing or stating a technicality without appreciating context always takes me back to something my mom told me 'You can choose to be right or you can choose to have friends' .. Sometimes it's better to look at a situation and say 'yeah, no spectators, cool' instead of having to point out loopholes and 'be smarter' than everyone. A bit like your backpedaling with the brain on Matt's bike. No one, especially you with your absolute fine attention to detail would say 'Matt's bike was brainless' while referring to the fork and not specify. I'm calling you out on this. As above. Whether they have requested, asked or stated, if you go and spectate despite being aware of the request you are a giant ass
  8. Same same 'Don't touch me in my studio' vs 'Please don't touch me in my studio'
  9. Haven't they specifically stated no spectators?
  10. I once caused all the paint on my SIR9 to bubble and lift on the top tube and around the gusset. I scratched the paint there and never touched it up. My sweat oozed in there and over time caused really bad corrosion. I know of other heavy sweaters who put clear wrap and/or nail polish over any exposed bits to prevent issues. It might be something as simple as a steel bearing in an alu seat without enough grease being bridged by the sweat. Buffoon..... Living my best Bjork lyf
  11. It does say to wipe down the bike after use and clean often. I'm a massive sweater and white stuff grows out of my headset spacers and stem bolts. The corrosion from that is a maintenance issue, not a factory defect. I don't usually have an opinion on stuff like this but the sweat/corrosion thing is not their fault. Your mate should have wiped/sprayed his bike down a bit more often.
  12. Enjoy! I had many happy miles on that bike.
  13. There was a TV show where Kobus Wiese and Toks van der Linde drove around together in a Smart car....
  14. That is my old frame/fork/red bits!!! Nice
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