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  1. It is days.. Seriously. The amount of way points you can load is also significantly less on the 945. I sometimes do use the watch on things that far exceed it's battery life and the 945 wasn't an option. I got the 6x Pro solar. Re the weight etc. Realistically you won't notice it. 21 days in full sleep/body tack mode is awesome with the 6x and I think I got 50 hours out of it on full navigation and full tracking running most of the time before I had to charge it in May. The 6x pro has topo mapping where as the 6 only has a breadcrumb feature. The breadcrumb feature on the 6 works without surrounding reference. However, it works brilliantly if you are following a pre programmed route. I'm not sure how much of the mapping you need. It will follow a pre loaded gpx file for 'self navigated' (hahaha) races or hikes/runs etc if you load a route. IMHO for the body battery/sleep function the 6 at the current prices is 100% worth it. Not sure whether the actual tracking function is particularly accurate or worth it, but that is a debate for another thread. I'm super happy with my watch, the battery life and memory/mapping functions suit me and I will do my best to use it until the battery starts imitating an iphone and needs charging every 15 minutes.
  2. I think that sexism has been so ingrained in society that people 'don't mean' to be sexist but are then sexist. Because they 'don't realise' they then think it's other people who need to change or are at fault, not them. Like the German coach being openly racist in the ITT, whatever the reason, it's not acceptable. It may have been funny or acceptable in the past, but now it isn't. I can understand that things can be misconstrued, but to be fair, most of the time it IS us and our perceptions that need to change. HTFU is NOT the same as people taking responsibility for how they think and what they perceive as being acceptable. Sexism is so ingrained in our culture that slang and colloquialisms used every day and were deemed 'acceptable' 10 years ago by a man run, man driven culture are no longer ok. It's not a question of women being soft, it's a case of men having to understand that they need to change the way they think and act. It's deeeeep in our culture.
  3. 'Circumstances'? It's similar to the 'Gee Atherton is an idiot' thread at it's core. In order for an athlete like Simone to stay 'the best' she has to keep pushing the boundaries of risk/reward and in her case, the pressures of having to risk life and limb to stay ahead of the competition caught up with her. I think a whole extra year of anxiously waiting, practicing and subconscious pressure also didn't help
  4. Personal well being is crazy important. These gymnasts have dedicated everything since they could walk. Young young kids doing hours of intense training. Gymnasts and ballet specialists are crazy. The dedication is all consuming. For someone of her calibre to pull out o even contemplate such a thing is massive. Her whole childhood was probably spent not being a childhood. I am gutted for her but super proud of her for choosing her future over the now.
  5. If I want to go 'light' I take my bivvy bag, thermal lining and make sure I'm always dry and in dry clothes before getting in. Insulation from the ground is crazy important as it sucks all your body warmth. I sleep pretty rough at times on races, but on a tour of if I bunk down for more than 2 hours, I will make sure I can get warm and stay warm. I think an inflatable matt is great. I put it inside the bivvy bag and it just stops me waking up shivering in 45 minutes as well as stops the 'itchy hip' which everyone knows about if you've slept rough. Good thermals, sleeping only socks and a fleece top and beanie with that setup is super light, takes up less than a 3L dy bag and is good enough for snow covered Drakensberg.
  6. Nice one Thug. I remember Grant Clark took this on and bailed pretty early in the race. It looks like something I would LOVE to do, but deciding to become a breeder has changed things for a while. I shall be following your progress and checking in on your dot a few times a day!
  7. What is more wild is the fact that it has sliding drop outs AND a chain tensioner.....
  8. Jewbacca

    LoreOne shoes

    These are awesome! Summer shoes if note. I'd bang
  9. That is pathetic.... Cool, it's ok to be an outright racist but if you are stressed and it's hot and you apologise, it's ok. Pffft..... Scratch the Germans. Racism definitely does not fit in with the 'Olympic spirit'
  10. I reckon they should all ride the ITT in the same IOC issue speedo on the same model bike. BOOM!
  11. Shows what happens when you have genuine mtb skills and not just drop watt bombs........... 🙊
  12. The thread was split.. There is a 'non cycling' olympic thread
  13. I actually thought the artwork was a joke. I am so uncultured!
  14. Almost all advertised bike weights are measured without pedals and bottle cages.... It's an 'industry standard'.... It is 100% on sides.
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