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  1. someone contacted me via pm enquiring about my watch but i can't find the message. If you contacted me please pm again. Thanks
  2. absolutely nothing wrong with this
  3. I bought a Tissot PRC 200 quite a few years ago and it's been lying in my cupboard for a long time. I have the original metal strap and a inexpensive brown leather strap. It's in condition but needs a new battery. I can't recall what I paid for it but think it was over R2k. I'm considering selling it. Would anyone perhaps be interested. I seem to have misplaced the original box
  4. really awesome to see an SA video like this
  5. thanks, makes sense agreed, the rest is a scam. I don't think there is any harm is sending the payment request is there.
  6. random question that may have been answered somewhere here but anyway. I see I got an additional 8000 points as an adjustment for 2019. Anyone else seen this and know what it's for
  7. I've made paypal payments to others and as long as I have their email the transfer goes through
  8. what is a payment request. Can't he just pay it to you?
  9. mon-goose


    if you haven't already submitted your documents much earlier this year, there's no chance. Have you submitted your application
  10. mon-goose


    i have a license application in at the moment and guys are saying up to 200 days which is about 7 months. The CFR is in chaos at the moment so don't expect anything less than 6 months from the day you hand it into your cfo. And with christmas coming up soon that will add time. Expect June next year if you hand in this year still and then hope Have a look at this thread https://www.gunsite.co.za/forums/showthread.php?99210-Licence-Tracking-App/page24
  11. ooooh that yellow cannondale is a beauty. what model is it?
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