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  1. Do you need to link the WiFi connection via a phone app?
  2. Was your Polar device linked before? I had to delete all links between my Polar watch / Polar Flow, Multiply and FitVault before being able to re-link it
  3. They seem to change this every year... are they whipping out the calipers to measure body fat this time around?
  4. Anyone have info/experience with Flite Carbon wheels? Pricing? Contacts? Some of the Team Mad Macs guys race those wheels so they can’t be bad ????‍♂️
  5. Irma's great just a bit out of my way at the moment Has anyone had a bike fit in Stellies? Specialized or maybe BMT? I need to book one soon and need a few suggestions
  6. Let's start with posting some photo's of said purchased frame...
  7. The downtube logo looks sick!! Thanks for sharing bro! I'm sure many of us have been inspired by your work
  8. It's my first MTB, so there's a lot I didn't know about old vs newer tech, e.g. straight vs tapered steerer tubes, QR vs thru-axle, what's more available in the market (new or used) and what to look out for when buying a 2nd-hand MTB (esp a cheapie). It's been a good learning experience though... researching and asking around... repairing and upgrading what I can. I've tried to do everything on a tight budget, but things add up rather quickly Tons of fun though!... at least until I have to explain the budget to the wife
  9. Alternatively, a few pieces of scrap wood do the trick well enough
  10. https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/communal-bike-park Good morning Hubbers! Check out this article
  11. I really don't know... it probably is. it's the standard wheels on a Momsen AL651... rebranded Alex Rims. Thanks for the question... I didn't consider the double wall. I'm gonna consider the welding option before getting replacement rims Yor dude! Thanks for the generosity! Unfortunately I have a 650b at the moment... first mtb so paying quite a bit of school fees
  12. Hi Hubbers! I have an aluminium MTB rim which has started to split open at the point where the rim is joined. While the rim tape and tyre hold the rim together well enough, I can't convert to tubeless because of the air leak. Any suggestions for repair centres in CPT? Will it need to be welded? I figure soldering the joint won't hold well enough Please help!
  13. I've considered the black, but like how the white looks... when it's actually white... obviously I haven't learned my lesson since I bought white Versus socks as well Thanks! I'll try Vanish. Long live MJ! Thanks Hubbers!
  14. Hi Hubbers! I have a pair of white Giro LTZ II gloves which are now mostly black... mostly on the palms... I have given them a light scrubbing, chucked them in the washing machine, soaked them, etc etc etc, but still no joy. Are there any good cleaning products out there that won't damage the material? Thanks in advance!
  15. how about removing the rear brake caliper and cable?... BIKE LOOKS SICK!!
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