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  1. Hillbillies operate an maintain a great network of trails in George. Check out https://www.hillbillies.co.za/details#ourclubtag and click on trail forks link.
  2. Great to hear about the BLAZE group set. In the process of restoring a mid 80's Peugeot Monaco with full BLAZE group set. Not much info on it out there...
  3. Hi 186 cm Frame is 58 and probably a touch small
  4. No problem, should work fine. Front and rear mechs and shifters work independently.
  5. 1985 Peugeot once again ready to hit the road after hanging in storage for many years.
  6. Best piece of cycling tech I have bought in a long time. Suntour suspension seat post, there are others on the market. Makes my hard tail "not so hard" Scarce but got one from a fellow hubber not to long ago.
  7. Any suggestions where to donate old cycling apparel in Cape Town Northern suburbs ? See in older posts (2017) Specialized store or CWC suggested. This still the case ? 2 helmets, 2 pair road shoes (size 45/46) and 1 pair mtb shoe (45) etc.... Please advise.
  8. Hi Found blue 4 button remote on leather tag just before entrance to Rooikat single track on Green route.
  9. Hi all Looking for Shimano MT35 27.5 QR rear wheel to match same front. Also any other brand. See pic below.
  10. Yes I do have various 9 spd sprockets at various degrees of wear... Where are you based ? I am in Brackenfell. Thx Eric
  11. Depending on what BB you have, you can also consider putting in the second spacer which you normally get in the box. A bit of trial and error but you should manage. Good luck.
  12. Had similar issue and replaced cable which sorted it out.
  13. Spot on. Have had that coil spring slip out of the hole the end is secured in. You can actually replace the spring if it worn or bent. Taking it apart and cleaning and lubricating normally takes care of the sticking. If its a new derailleur this should not happen !!!
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