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  1. Yup, I've had it a couple of times on my Fenix 3. Had to power off and on again for GPS tracking to start working again.
  2. As long as you don't buy anything for your cousin as a surprise you're good to go 🙂
  3. In your defense the site does look pretty legit from first glance. Also, doesn't seem that it has been widely reported as a scam site (yet). I guess the only clue is the fairly recent domain registration date (although obviously new, legit sites get created every day) https://www.scam-detector.com/validator/hokashoessouthafrica-co-za-review/
  4. Sjo, It's going to be a hot one... Hopefully races will start opening up again in the new year (Just a lot better to go run a race than going out for a 25km training slog on your own)
  5. Craai

    Give it a TRI

    Haven't seen this posted anywhere, so apologies if it has. Big congrats to Jeanni Seymour with silver at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships! Can't find a race report yet, but will post if I find it. https://fb.watch/85Xmm-FvPH/ Edit: Race report: https://www.tri247.com/triathlon-news/elite/ironman-70-3-world-championship-2021-results-women
  6. Anybody else having issues with their gym tracker? My gym visit count dropped from 60 to 32 all of a sudden (with January all of a sudden showing zero visits where it previously had around 12). Only 1 of 13 August swipes have been recorded. (My workouts are all in excess of 30 min although there isn't any facility to swipe on exiting the gym so the 30 min workout duration shouldn't even come in to play)
  7. Canyon smanyon, at least we'll always have our Makro Cannondales
  8. My my.... did this forum just become a whole lot of boring. To recap:
  9. You guys are stressing waaaaay too much about these changes; just make your posts bike topical e.g. I added some new gatorskins to my bike yesterday; man, they are the BEST. I had to do it because Donald Trump thinks he can run again for president in 4 years time. What a [d]00s; I mean did he not screw up the country enough in his last... etc etc etc etc. *Disclaimer - This post does not necessarily reflect the writer's own views, it is purely to illustrate a point by example. (Everybody knows Gatorskins are not the best)
  10. Frankly, even if I had the money I would be too embarrassed to ride it. When riding a R400k bike I think you should at least have a modicum of talent and not get dropped by a guy on a dikwiel with a basket.
  11. You'll be hard-pressed to find a vegan Bulls fan though....
  12. Normally I would laugh this comment off as someone being funny, but in this instance you might actually have a celeste point...
  13. Craai


    Bwahahahahahaha.... two weeks. I like your optimism. In case you missed it, this is the CFR at the moment
  14. Craai


  15. Craai


    I was quite surprised as well, my license status was stuck in "Preparing for Consideration" for more than a year. Once it moved past that, both licenses were approved in a week.
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