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  1. BEIT BRIDGE TO TABLE MOUNTAIN CYCLE. As the month comes to an end please consider a Donation for an Old Age Home. I elected to CYCLE the ELANDSBAAI to CAPE TOWN segment. CYCLE meant that I would be Riding to ELANDSBAAI to do the RETURN. The Route I chose took me over 800km and above 10 000 meters. I managed to complete the Ride in 51 Hours. Thank You
  2. Please take a look at Latest Post on Face or Insta. Pushing a 8 0 0 km Ride done.
  3. My name is David Kleynhans, I use my cycling to Raise Awareness and Funds for Old Age Homes. With the "BEIT BRIDGE to TABLE MOUNTAIN" Cycle on the 1st MAY 2021 my contribution is to cycle from ELANDS BAAI via VREDENBERG onto CAPE TOWN,TABLE MOUNTAIN. My aim is to rack up a minimum of 5000km in training and preparation towards the journey over the month of APRIL, 04/04/- 03/05/ 2021. I ask you to Sponsor 10cents/ KM of the Total Milage I accomplish over the 30 Days. I am offering a Spot Prize to the Participant who Guesses the Closest to my final Mileage. You can follow my trips on STRAVA, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. THANK YOU FRAIL David
  4. The ADVERT is not Yet approved as I First wanted to Enquire.
  5. Thank You Grease_Monkey. I wanted to first Enquire.
  6. Matter has been Cleared up. Thank You Apologies if this is Not Suspicious.
  7. HELLO Grease_Monkey Was this Your Bike? Another FACEBOOK Advert received Today. I can only Stall the Advert on the One Group. It is Already visible through MARKETPLACE.
  8. There I was Cycling out to ROOI ELSE. On the Climb, just finding my Rhythm. CRACK, there goes my Saddle. Saddle Bolt had Snapped off. So I pulled over at the Picnic spot ahead to take a look at the Damages. Nope, no Option but to Turn around and head back to GORDONS BAY. Shortly thereafter, "HERMAN" in his BARLOWORLD Kit joins me. Offering to Assist with his Own Saddle Bolt once we are back at his Vehicle in GORDONS BAY. Nope, does not Fit. No Hassle, let's load up and go Find a HARDWARE Store open. At the Store we get a Bolt, to suddenly realize we Dropped the Bolt Eyelet back at the Side of the Road in GORDONS BAY. Back we Go. Got the Bike all Sorted out. He tells me to Pay Forward. Then I was Able to get my way back HOME. THANK YOU SIR!
  9. Long Shot? Any TEAM Needing a Strong Domestic to fill their Squad? Roaring to Ride. 071 406 7007
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