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  1. I have a few steel frames, and bikes for sale. all should be in the 54-56 cm range. 50 anniversary daccordi, with 8 speed Athena groupset, can pop on a rolls, or a never installed brooks saddle Bianchi, repainted in apricot orange, with a combination of nuovo record/record/super record, (downtube shifters) except the cassette is suntour iirc eddie merkx, set up with newish 8 or 9 speed campagnolo Pinarello frame daccordi 58cm frame will have some loose parts as well I have not been on here for a while. Might do a drive to Pretoria if enough interest.
  2. something like 90% of stolen vehicles that are picked up at borderposts in South africa have the original keys in them = result of hi-jacking so yeah, you can buy vehicles with coded uncopyable keys, microdots, etc, .. no use if you are hijacked (so just make sure that you do make sure the next of kin knows about the dots, serials, etc, so if you do get jacked and cannot speak for yourself, at least the recovery chances and conviction rates can go up)
  3. picture of the bracket and the damage?
  4. my opinion would be as follows insure the bike for whatever you deem it worth like fandacious' 25000 if it is stolen, they only pay out what it was insured for, not replacement value it doesnt make sense if i insure for 25000 (but the real replacement value is 50000) and it gets stolen, and i claim my 25000, and they only pay out 12500 the insurance so allways hit us with a double whammy . when it is overensured, they only pay out replacement, not the unsured value = they score as well
  5. yeah, but some of us dont have over 10K to spend on a bike. my wife is an estate agent, her first commisions in more than 8 months is coming in now in march. My first expensive road bike, the daccordi, secondhand frame, with brand new chorus groupset and brand new rear wheel, was approx 8k My second expensive road bike was the lowracer, that I imported myself from the netherlands, was about 12K with only new parts my third expensive bike (a trike actually) I bought secondhand for 7500 My two expensive mtbs, was for 4500(trek 6500 hardtail), and 5500 (gt full sus) respectively all other bikes were 3500 or below
  6. Most of my bikes end up waaaaaaay under the 10000 bracket. typically less than 3k for road it ends up a nice steel frame with 9 speed chorus, no fancy wheels. Just because someone needs to have the latest 10 speed, doesnt mean to say I can afford it as well, but if the secondhand price isnt too bad, i am willing to relieve the seller of them. I have bought a few 9 speed grouppos for under 1500 (and most was waay under) i have also sold 9 speed ultegra-mix equipped bikes for around 3K on bikebay
  7. well, if you look at how many small brands allmost went belly up before being bought out, i think a lot of the companies will be assimilated by bigger or more profitable companies. think about cannondale and their fiasco with their motorcycle. how many bicycle brands does pacific cycles own by now?
  8. jip, sommer ook iets wat mens op 'n goedkoop manier 'n mens se kinders op 'n veilige manier kan laat fietsry, sonder om baie geld elke week te spandeer. ek sal die vaderlike ding doen en saamry.
  9. One of the sad things about this, like every cycling doping scandal, is that once again Cycling loses a supporter or sponsor. Cruxpearl, Please stay with us!
  10. Ignorance is just a really crappy excuse. in which world do you life? any professional athlete should know the rules. heck, even I know and have heard about people busted for over the counter cold medicine, using cortisone cream for saddle sores, astma pumps. And I am not even remotely close to even think about competing seriously or even getting a position in the results. a good start if you're an athlete and completely clueless , is to ask if a pregnant person can use it, and not use it if a pregnant person can not use it. use in moderation if you are allowed to use
  11. And to confuse the issue, rake, trail and offset means different things to motorcyclists and bicyclists. lowracer2009-01-16 09:02:05
  12. Daccordis rock, I have 7 of them
  13. and while we are at it ... in the olden days, people suposedly used to heat paraffin wax in a tin, and put the chain in that. presumably by doing that, it filled the area where dirt normally enters, so makes it stay cleaner for longer question, it it worthwhile doing it? question, it it worthwhile doing it on a mtb?
  14. please look at the original link, this is the 15% off sale ... so the local pricing is actually better than the overseas sale price 2 months ago it also means your local reseller typically make less of a profit on it, than ifthe overseas reseller Where do you get R13k difference? If I look at the numbers I get: Base price: ?4' date='037.00 Less UK VAT @ 17.5%: ?3,435.74 Convert @ R15.21/? (Today's Visa rate with typical 2.75% bank charge): R52,257.65 Add 15% customs duty for complete bike: R60,096.25 Add 14% VAT assessed on value + 10%: R69,230.88 This gives me a difference of R4k before I've even thought about shipping charges, agents fees etc. Also note that to legally bring in shipments over R20k/year you need to be registered as an importer with SARS. [/quote']
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