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  1. We were just talking about you!!!
  2. Mamil

    Medals at events

    The medals don't do it for me at all. On my fridge I have a fridge magnet from the grabouw sa champs which was some or other mtb event holding up a card from the last eroica next to the butlers pizza one and a jack black that says craft beer isn't a crime from the lockdown. Id like more fridge magnets at finish lines.
  3. nah - his steed is jet black - not even sure what it is.
  4. No the pink top MTB goat is my team mate. @NickGM- ha ha - he's middle aged for sure but he's also hearing impaired and read lips so he may simply not have answered you if you were behind him!!
  5. That's Andrew my team mate - he's a proper beast on a bike. He's pushed me up a couple of mountain passes before.
  6. Ja you Savages - I should have clocked that it was you lot smashing us in the first 10km of 1A and let you all go. I paid for that speedy start on hels and by the time du toits came I was like a tortoise with two broken feet.
  7. Nice event - properly hard - had nothing left for the pass at the end.
  8. I doubled it up with meeting offspring for lunch in Stellenbosch - the empty nest! It's a thing
  9. Arrived at what google told me was laborie center bike garage to collect number and ..... closed. Fortunately someone who had wynand's number was there and established that this was their service shop and registration was half a click back down the main road. No biggie in the end but just part of the overall sense of things being a bit helter skelter. Bike garage full of people not wearing masks which puts me in the usual approach/avoid conflict I experience in these situations but was helped by a friendly woman who assisted energetically. Still looking forward to a nice slow endurance ride.
  10. Ja. There's hardly any in the country. Only one I've seen is a L. Also been told I'm on the list for December so we are probably waiting for the same ship to come in. Hasn't even left port yet... So I'm told.
  11. Epic evo is 65k neighbourhood?
  12. I do like the look of it. Don't know how it rides but at that price it doesn't bear thinking about
  13. Ja I'm not convinced by that rear shock "innovation". Looks clean though
  14. Don't mind me... Simple mind and easily confused. One of them is better at low end according to someone and the other at top.
  15. Oh ja. That's the one that's caught my eye. Got the drive train thing the wrong way around. Its the entry sram that I'm told is better than the entry shimano. At the top end I'm told it's the sram that's better.
  16. I'm leaning that way. Just making sure my brand and shop loyalty isn't making me miss out on something. The second hand option is interesting and I have always taken that route with cars. I'm prejudiced with bikes though for some reason. The other thing with new is that stock is a big problem atm. Once I get the bike watch this space for a well priced 2016 merida dual suss with about 10000k on the clock, well maintained, some paintwork cracks and an annoying patch of raw alu where inexperience made me neglect to protect the frame from the bike rack.
  17. The giant looks like it's got 90mm shock and 100 fork which is less than the Trek. I'd rather have the sram drive train than the shimano) apparently at this price point its better). Neither is a deal breaker though.
  18. I wouldn't be averse to a deal like that. My preference for new is the warranty and my preference for trek is that I love the look of the bike and it puts the purchase with my lbs which is important because it supports them and it means the bike and its inevitable repairs and problems happen in the context of that relationship.
  19. Thng is I've heard horror stories about paint... Bb... Shock... Fork.... Frame.... Poor warranty service about most every brand.
  20. These are the 2 I'm looking at. Trek favoured cos I have other treks and it's the brand of my lbs
  21. Why doesn't tea have any street cred as a pre or post ride drink?
  22. We're quite good at spending each other's money on the hub so.... if you've got 50k budget for a dual suss mtb for messing around tokai and tygerberg trails and doing the odd trailseeker for a rider who thinks he's pushing the envelope if both wheels leave the ground for long enough for garmin to think he's getting some air and who avoids downhill lines cos he's not that good and probably too old to do anything that risky..... What's your pick?
  23. @JazI would also say that buying entry level I would stretch the budget as far as it can go because almost everyone who picks up this sport (myself included) starts out with a cheapo bike and very very very soon ends up flogging that one for an upgrade. My first one was an entry level with a coil and if I could talk to that oke I would say forget this one - stretch to the mid level and save yourself some bucks.
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