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  1. Exactly. Eventually the planet will shrug us off and we will all be just a 15 minute bad memory in the geological record.
  2. I had a woman in a white evoque on Spaanschemat about 3 months ago go ballistic at me just as I swooped down the hill towards Peddlars. The bike lane there is often full of sand and I was outside the bike lane by about half a meter. I had seen her turn into the road just before the cemetery behind me and knew she was a good distance behind me - I was doing about 45kmph and headed into the cycle lane other side of the sand at the Peddlars entrance. Also stood on the hooter, wound down her window and used language that would have made a sailor blush to express her opinion of me.
  3. Exactly - bikes are family. They sleep inside.
  4. Would be my next bike if I had the cash on hand. Came to mtb 5 years ago as a complete noob. Bought a cheap hard tail that I sold after realising it was trying to kill me. Bought a merida XC dual suss which I love. The top fuel is slacker and longer than my merida and of course newer drive train tech (I'm still 2x). I admire the trek whenever I'm in the lbs. Ive ridden 100 milers on the merida as well as trailseeker marathons and countless loops of the tyger berg mtb trails. If I were starting out in mtb now I would go for the trek.... But probably because its the featured brand at my mtb shop. I do think that as another poster said, any of the major brands will be a good bike. The standard seems to me to be very high, as it should be considering the investment.
  5. Have bike oriented threads become more contentious since current affairs got binned?
  6. He and froome are about the same age I think. Healing from a list of injuries like that is one thing at 22. Late 30s is a little different. And whether he crashes or pulls off the incredible edit, we're all tapping our screens and sharing the video.
  7. Agreed. I love my gravel bike but its a conditional love.
  8. Are day passes available for this route?
  9. Zwift for more of a game like environment. Rouvy has come on a bit since last year when it looked like my rider had hip dysplasia and is good for a change every now and then. Don't panic when the view stops at stop streets and your avatar disappears down the road. Keep pedalling and it will catch up. Both are nice. Rouvy is good fun to scope out iconic sections of the world tour
  10. Mamil

    Hi guys

    I hereby recommend the delightful experience of a new bike day. Ps. There's no day like tadej
  11. “While there is a lower class, I am in it, while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.” ― Eugene V. Debs - 19th century American socialist. Weird that anyone could ever think like that. I tend to underprice things I put up for sale, both here and on avforums. I like giving my kit to someone at a good price because I know how I feel when I something I like at a good price. But twice here I have been "caught". My first mtb, an entry level momsen I let go at a very low price. I was naive about the well known second hand dealer who operates here often and he took the bike, didn't bother to have it picked up from the bike shop I asked to pack it until I chased him to do so. Not very satisfying because I like the thought that it was going to someone who would value it and who was pleased to get a good price. The other one was my Garmin computer I sold. To his credit the guy who took it emailed me two days later saying he needed money suddenly and was going to sell it on at a higher price. Meh - different over on avforums where in general it seems to me that they value the kit more.
  12. Excellent. As if I needed another reason to renew my vpn sub.
  13. Just bought my daughter a second hand car for 67k. It will cost less to maintain too.
  14. Can't stand news 24. Their habit of putting cheesy suspenseful stock music over cctv footage of crime incidents, their unctuous hand wringing moralising over gender issues, their lazy aggregation of their own articles producing algorithm driven headlines like today's "best of the weekend: de Ruyter gets death threats"....
  15. @Thor Buttox... at the risk of discussing a current affair - don't you mean the dark now that we in winter load shedding again.
  16. I have also had inconsistent sizing issues with ciovita. I also rode with the bib and realised after half an hour how uncomfortable I was in my new bib. Careful scrutiny after ride showed that they were shorter than my existing pair or XL bibs and tighter in the crotch. Didn't bother taking back because I anticipated the "you've worn it so". I only use this smaller bib for short rides indoors now. More cautious to buy bibs there again although I love the three tops I bought.
  17. One of these http://summitbikes.co.za/index.php?id_product=871&controller=product has allowed me to put a sunrace 11-44 granny on my checkpoint which will get me over swartberg pass in the granfondo. go tiagra.
  18. Thanks for the tip! Lechatnoir who is a riding buddy old school mate and a scholar and a gentleman has a dead gen2 which uses the same cover!!! A mat
  19. My Stages Gen 3 105 power meter battery cover fell off 30km into first ride after a bike service. GPS tells me it fell off on the steep descent just before the stop street coming down off signal hill. Went back looking for the proverbial needle and found ... a circular piece of plastic off an Audi. So if you looking for that I have it. Writing on the off chance someone has one lying around in Cape Town. Annoyingly - a garmin speed sensor battery cover doesn't fit.
  20. A mate quipped... Roadies can't ride drops Glad the rider is OK
  21. Garmin sniffed and declared last weekends 195km ride unproductive. Cuts deep
  22. Cultures and legal systems vary https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_to_roam
  23. Not a complete solution but definitely worth the outlay. https://www.easybike.co.za/garmin-varia-rtl510-radar-tail-light.html?utm_source=Click&utm_medium=Channel&utm_campaign=PriceCheck_ZA&SFDRREF=SFDR_811388092&ptcid=40513_1_654967257
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