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  1. First of all my apologies to admin for this post, I respect your decision to not allow NCR discussions on your platform. As is our right, those of us that wish to have these discussions have moved elsewhere this does not mean we have a vendetta or any ill feelings towards BH. In fact other than a recent reflection on the posts from people on this thread looking to start NCR there has been very little conversation regarding Bikehub on the Discord platform. My view of these particular posts on this thread was that these were attempts to get some sort of fight going the very thing that Admin don't want, my view of the posters has always been that they were never interested in a real debate but to rather stir things up to the pont point where rational debate is not possible and I suspect it's the root cause of Admin closing these down. I see these type of posts as trolling and I have called out these posters directly on numerous occasions on the BH for doing this, my view on this is no secret. The Discord platform has been rather civilised and most of us are trying to keep the conversation at a mature level to avoid the need for moderation. This clearly doesn't suit Delarey who has been trying to bait me in particular into the very type of debate that closed the NCR discussions here, I told him to take a hike and he is now trying to stir things up here resorting to immature school boy tattle tale tactics to get Swissvan riled up. This is not what BH wants but it is not of my making.
  2. I love it when a plan comes together 😇
  3. Francois, you have taught me a thing or two about fighting spirit, be proud of yourself and thank you for showing us all how to face up to a challenge.
  4. Is there BikeHub fantasy tour this year?
  5. I hope he managed to avoid the squirrels on the way to the hospital!
  6. Not sure why but I crossed my legs as I started reading that article😧
  7. Why go through the complexity and rigidity of an interest bearing Tax free savings account when the first R22k of interest earned is exempt from tax? If she's looking for an equity type investment there are plenty of these with R250 minimum monthly investment limits.
  8. Lol it might help if we all read the post properly! My only other offering is a bit of experience from canoeing, thumb pain is often a result of gripping the paddle too tightly and mostly manifests in big water. Our solution is a wider diameter grip to spread the load we normally resort to a squash or tennis racket grip tape to achieve this.
  9. https://www.rateweb.co.za/money-advise/best-fixed-deposit-rates-in-south-africa/
  10. African Bank 7.25% Discovery 6.6% with Capitec just behind at 5.98%.
  11. I agree the fact that going narrower helped a bit tells me that the length between seat and handlebar is too long, this means that a lot of the weight is being carried by the thumbs. A shorter handlebar stem might be required.
  12. I really don't need the off topic sections but I enjoy participating in a good honest robust discussion on topics that I deem important to me. So removing these won't be a train smash but it will mean that I will spend less time on here and if there are a lot of members like me then this will have negative impact on the advertising revenue for the site as a whole, fortunately this is not my decision. However, I must say that there has been a trend over the last 4-5 years of people not bothering with the honest debate aspect but resorting to disingenuous trolling in contentious topics for entertainment value. These lead to fights, reporting of posters and a lot of unnecessary work for admin. My solution is once you recognise the troll put him or her on the ignore list because it is impossible to have a decent debate with these people in any case so why bother. Unfortunately not everyone does this and the we end up with silly fights and this thread, but if more people did this the trolls wouldn't have an audience and they wouldn't last because they won't get the attention they crave. I can honestly say that I have not really bothered with the reporting function (other than spam) as I prefer to take personal responsibility for sorting out things myself. To me it's a bit like choosing which pub I am happy to visit and which ones are unpleasant to be in, just stay out of the latter, simple.
  13. Me too in those years TDF was like a soap opera with the Lemond / Hinault internal fued adding spice to some serious racing. Lemond / Fignon found some sympathy for the American as he was recovering from a gunshot injury. Today's stage doesn't have the same spice but just seeing a Grand Tour in the balance on the last stage is awesome.
  14. One of my favourite Le tour 1989 came down to the ITT here's the story told by the loser on the day Lareunt Fignon who started the day with a 50 second advantage over Greg Lemon. The final stage of 24.5 km to the Champs Elysee was all that stood between him and a third victory. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2010/jul/22/tour-laurent-fignon-greg-lemond
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