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  1. Glad it helped, you need to add Zinc and vitamin D to your regimen. For the latter you could also just spend 30 minutes in the sun with your shirt off.
  2. As matter of interest which vaccine did you get?
  3. The great thing about a study published in Lancet is that it is there for scrutiny and criticism so I will watch that process unfold. However, it is does correlate with the findings of the clinical trials and the reduction in deaths as well as infections. The declaration of interest is great but to infer bias from that is a bit far fetched if anything it will suggest more scrutiny. Seychelles is very interesting because it is possibly proving that not all vaccines are equal and 60% of those vaccinated in Seychelles received the Sinopharm vaccine the rest AstraZeneca both with highly question
  4. Jeeper's you are really throwing all sorts of rubbish into the argument and it's very clear to me that you have failed to grasp the concept of what a vaccine does. So I will try to explain it to you, it does not stop you from getting COVID which is why we are worried about people that won't take the vaccine. it will help prepare your immune system to cope with the virus should you get it, which means your symptoms should be milder, this means a reduced chance of hospitalisation and death. it will make you less infectious which means the chances of the virus mutating is dram
  5. Just a correction the case number is 178 million which actually enhances your point and here's a subset of the data from the US which debunks Peach's assertions that the vaccination is more dangerous than the virus from this article but the statistics are verifiable https://covid-101.org/science/how-many-people-have-died-from-the-vaccine-in-the-u-s/ To sum up of the 309 million vaccines administered in the US, according to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) they reported that 5208 vaccinated people have died and possibly linked to the vaccine. Thus far 3 deaths can be linked
  6. One will have to check how the percentage of our demographic compares from province to province to get the right answer. I would hazard a guess that there are more LSM7s (or people with medical aid) in Gauteng than any other province and this is the group most affected in this wave.
  7. The interesting thing about the current wave in Gauteng is the switch in demographics from previous waves. In the latter to the pressures on hospital beds was that when the public hospitals were at capacity the private hospitals were at 60-70%, they then started taking on patients from government hospitals until they were also at capacity. This time round the private hospitals are at capacity while government hospitals are at 60%, this implies that it is our demographic that is being impacted in this wave.
  8. This doctor's approach happens to be exactly what we had from the medicos on here, they're actually too busy to argue with the anti group so they stopped. The fault line in our approach lies in your statement because we will not see a meaningful response to your request for substantive evidence. So we end up arguing about conspiracy theories, perhaps the doctor's approach has merit.
  9. That's an interesting thought and it just might be that admin actually does that unintentionally. I actually believe the opposite let them post their theories and allow these to be debunked, this has more chance of achieving what you are looking for which is to allow those who are uncertain make a properly informed decision. However, there's an unfortunate consequence to my approach which we have seen on here but not only here, which is that the more facts and logic is thrown at the anti group the more they become entrenched into a belief system and they argue from an emotional stance. The lat
  10. I happen to know 4 of the 64, all got infected by a colleague who refused to take the vaccine on religious grounds, came to work despite having symptoms. Of her three colleagues she infected two also refused to take the vaccine, the one vaccinated had mild symptoms for a day. Two are in ICU including patient zero, the practice is writing up a health and safety plan that makes vaccinations compulsory for certain jobs. It will obviously still be the employee's choice whether they take the vaccine or not but if they can't be repurposed they will be retrenched. This might seem harsh to some but co
  11. Thanks for eventually giving me an answer. I see you are sidestepping the part which challenges your statement on therapeutics not being given approval so that the system favours vaccines. You really are flying a kite here and I'll give just some examples where you are wrong, Dexamethasone a very cheap drug was given emergency approval for use in treating COVID in June 2020 way earlier than any vaccine. You might be interested to know that the physicians in a private hospital that I am involved with in Pretoria are telling me how many patients they're getting who are taking Ivermectin a
  12. Is there BikeHub fantasy tour this year?
  13. Actually it's very personal, in my opinion you run some of the best skills courses out there and I was honestly considering booking another one. The answer to your questions are that I take my personal and my family's safety very seriously and I won't put this in the hands of internet science. Nonetheless, other than evaluating your own health on the day I don't get the impression that you are following the COVID protocols which was my question, but I have my answer. You say you have done a lot of research but your last statement suggests otherwise , you said "no other treatments been pu
  14. Peach I get the impression that you believe that the whole COVID thing is overblown along with the vaccines. May I ask whether you take COVID protocols seriously when you conduct your skills clinics?
  15. I hope he managed to avoid the squirrels on the way to the hospital!
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