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  1. Felt is the choice. whether to get the F1, F2, F3 or F4 depends on the budget
  2. yoh theres alot of heroes on the hub Dont think the ride in the cold part is as bad... its to actually get out of bed early when its cold thats the real prob.
  3. Curious to know how your training program changes during winter. Been 2 weekends now that I just didnt bother. Its too damn cold to be on the bike at 6:30. Im spending alot more time indoors (gym - treadmill/spinning & weight training) till it heats up.
  4. my fiets is seker al daar ... ek vlieg eers saterdag af
  5. Is this the "if you have to settle for crap" poll ?
  6. if crime doesnt make us leave this country, traffic just might
  7. u already have the giant kit, get a matching frame
  8. did they teach you that at the "special" school you went to Didn't you see the "Specialized vs Silverback" thread? You're special only if you ride Specialized. Whoever compares silverback to specialized is really "special"
  9. did they teach you that at the "special" school you went to
  10. cycling tip of the day ! Excellent
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