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  1. Rode there today...was enjoyable as usual. I must say however that there are some of us that have complete disregard for one another. Twice cyclists in front of me felt its perfectly fine to blow snot rockets. We are in the midst of a 3rd wave ppl and its our responsibility to keep one another safe. Whilst you may be feeling fine...you could be asymptomatic, give Covid to me and I may pass it on to your parent/loved one. Its winter and some of us do get snotty, but carrying a simple handkerchief could save lives....that together with common sense!
  2. Bitsy

    Magalies Monster

    Would also be interested in the 2021 gpx file. Looks like a tough day in the saddle for those of us that are recreational riders . On a side note- would you choose additional travel over lightness (trail vs xc).....the "monster" is now playing games with my head...
  3. Also has a great experience with them earlier in the year. Was in the market during the peak of the 2nd Covid wave and didn't want to really go into shops. That said stocks were at the lowest levels ever. Engaged with them online across multiple platforms and their response was super and consistent. I wanted a few upgrades and they ensured that all was taken of to ensure a happy customer. Great customer interaction and updates via pictures as the bike was built. Highly recommended local bike shop with great online service.
  4. About 18 months ago...I snapped my chain at the pallet factory going back to broadacre's and within a sec the group I was riding with was in the dust. A guy in a bakkie saw me picking up my chain and stopped. I had the tools and a chain link so could have done a roadside repair, but he offered to take me to where I was parked. Dude even took his Mtb and put in the bakkie's bin and put my road bike on his bike carrier. A truly kind gesture that went a long way....cycling is a great sport with great ppl. **obviously if the situation looks dodgy the make a quick u-turn.
  5. Hello hubbers, I am on a 30t chainring and upgrading to a 32t. Do I need to change the chain to accommodate the slight increase? Drivetrain is a Sram GX (30t up front and 52t cassette). Drivetrain has <5% wear....so hoping I don't have to. I hardly use the 52 in the rear....but it good to know u have it just in case : ) thanks.
  6. Seems to be a market...but not many bike shops offering the service. I wrapped a MTB about 3 years back with VPS and it has held up really good...in fact great! It was done through a car wrapping outlet. Replaced the MTB with something new and was again looking around. After a couple of calls and pricing comparisons and DIY option, I finally settled for a custom wrap from RideWrap. They a Canadian based company and got some sterling online reviews. I pulled the trigger and am awaiting delivery. Check them out....oh they located at Whistler! Btw there is also a CT based company Amour-ride that does similar as well...but they didn't have my bike model.
  7. Thanks for some of the replies guys. I thought VPP may require "special" servicing, hence the opening question. The only 2 distributors listed on the SC website are Rush and Greg Minnaar (both KZN based) I noticed a couple of Gauteng cycle shops selling SC's...like CycleLab and MelloVello, but wanted some expert opinions from the forum, specifically around servicing recommendations.
  8. Hello guys, Any recommendations for reputable Gauteng based bike shops that are known for great Santa Cruz servicing...preference would be Midrand or surrounding suburbs. Thanks.
  9. Hey guys, I have a wahoo kicker snap that came with a stainless steel skewer (link below). It works really well and is strong and sturdy. The problem is it looks really ugly and is on the heavy side. Are there any alternatives for wahoo IDT skewers that I can just keep on for everyday road riding as well. One that will still maintain the integrity and strength of the "ugly" looking stainless steel version? https://www.wahoofitness.co.za/wahoo-kickr-skewer-and-hub-adapter.html Bike is a Road bike. Thanks
  10. Thanks for all the insights guys. Decided to go with the 2 bike platform rack (BuzzRack Eazzy 2)- hooked it up and must say I'm quite impressed with the spacing between the two bikes once on the rack. I have a dropper on the one bike so that also makes it a little easier though. Pros - central stabilisation bar that is in-between the bikes makes more sense - space between bikes is 20 cm (Thule is normally 19 from what I researched) - light and folds very compact - easy to mount and has has anti swing tower mount - comes with all locks (tow bar and security cable) - holds up to 20kg per bike - extremely easy to mount to tow bar Cons: - need to buy converter for tow bar electric cable - Thule does seem stronger (will last 2 life times ) Bottom line is it is "fit for purpose" and addresses the concern of bikes getting damaged through rubbing.
  11. Hello all, Has anyone had experience with this bike rack- BuzzRack Eazzy 2. I want to carry 2 MTB's on it (both size M). I currently have a Hang On Thule and it has thought me that when they say 3 bike carrier- you can only realistically get 2 on if you don't want to scratch the bikes. With this being a platform version- would the 2 bike version be comfortably able to take two MTB's? I can't find many reviews on the model and some of them were sneaky when mounting the bikes as they loosen the handle bar so it fits better (something I am not keen\willing to do). Thanks.
  12. Hello guys, Bought this for the JHB winter mornings...I normally cycle in the Cradle between 7 to 11. Temps seem to remain single digit until around 10ish. Anyone recommends it? Fit seem quite snug. Rgds
  13. any suggestions on tyre pressure for a mtb dual sus.... 2.25 front & 2.2 rear...i normally run the front at 1.7 & the rear at 1.8 bar
  14. Hi guys, I got a GX 1x11. Not too sure what the milage is, but my chain has started to slip only on gear selection. This is only happening in the lower end of the cassette (10;12;14;16). Its not consistent...happens +- 5 times on a 80/100km ride and really frustrates me! I checked the chain and its worn to the 0.5 mark. Would the chain most likely be the issue or could it be the cable tension. The cassette seems fine and this does not happen on any of the larger gears (16 up). ​I keep the drivetrain relatively clean with a nice clean and lube every week. Thanks
  15. Did you check out their shuttle service. its abt R500
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