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  1. Hi Hubbers, First time wanting to purchase a power meter, looking at purchasing a single sided, left arm Sram GXP Power Meter. Is the above enough, or do you require the spindle as well?
  2. First time I am hearing about this path, I am trying to see what segment you are referring to on Strava, is it this one?
  3. Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2.1 both front and back
  4. I also run a kickr core and Dell laptop, had the same issues with Wifi. Since I started using a LAN cable, no issues. Zwift even loads immediately, as it previously took sometimes between 10-25 minutes with the WIFI to load to the pairing screen.
  5. Look at @sambosigns on instagram, his contact details are in the bio and you can see his work on the profile.
  6. Its best, especially with places like Kirstenbosch with a lot of blind corners, dog walkers and hikers, to ride with a good bell on your bike. I ring my bell a few times before each blind corner, descent or climb I approach on the Kirstenbosch trail. The next person is then always aware of you approaching and the response from those you pass is always positive and appreciative, especially when you ring the bell in advanced and they give way for you to come pass, whether rider, hiker or dog walker. A lot of "situations" can be avoided with a little ring of the bell.
  7. Ikon rear and Aspen front. 21mm internals is narrow and will give the lightbulb effect with wider 2.35 tyres, which will be more prone to lateral movement of the tyre on corners. look at the Stans website, they have a simple explanation of tyre width v internal rim width.
  8. Ethically and morally I agree, they should accept some sort of responsibility for their negligence and dealing with your pride and joy! Legally, companies usually absolve themself from such damage. However, making people aware of their conduct will hopefully bring about some remedy if not for yourself personally, it will be for others to aware of the defective service they offer and promise.
  9. Usually in the contract / terms and conditions, there will be an indemnity clause indemnifying the transporter from damage. Furthermore, there should also be something to the effect that you are transporting the bike at your own risk. Check your agreement / T&C's
  10. I am also waiting for a response to my email query. I received confirmation that my payment has gone through, but no order number on my profile?
  11. Any further discount on the xt DI2 upgrade kit for cyber Monday ????‍♂️ https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-xt-di2-m8050-upgrade-kit
  12. What spez tyres have this sidewall problem?
  13. Token cycling has all in stock online
  14. Any chance of Sram GX eagle upgrade kit special?
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