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Found 12 results

  1. Hi guys, So I've been using my Wahoo Kickr (direct drive) with my dual suspension MTB (1 x 12) for about 2 or so years now without any issues. Currently doing training plans on Zwift with ERG mode and to date have been able to produce the required power for the plan I'm doing. The Mrs won't allow another bike in the house so this is out of the question. Front and rear are both locked out but still seeing about 20% travel on rear suspension. Not really concerned about travel on front fork. I'm not planning on riding on the road so my focus remains trail riding. Question time: Am I do myself a disservice with my current setup in terms of training/gaining power due to the squish factor?Is my current setup simulating MTB riding which has some squish and should be left as is?Should I add air to my rear suspension to completely stiffen it up (based on Fox's guidelines)?I have noticed that in Zwift races, it's really hard to put the power down and does feel like i'm losing out here. Any other feedback would be great, thanks
  2. Hi guys, I noticed that no one has posted anything about the Zwift L'Etape du Tour and was wondering what you guys thought of it... Stage 1: 30.32 km/682 m Stage 2: 47.61 km/309 m Stage 3: 21.85 km/1535 m I thought that stage 2 last week was rough considering that it was a full out sprint for 47k's and the last stage was just brutal! The new France World is a nice addition. Considering the ZAR's we pay, I wish Zwift would add more worlds, more often. How did you guys find it?
  3. As there is a good chance we might be in lockdown at some point and to be able to keep training, nice inititive from RGT Cycling Virtual cycling simulator RGT Cycling (Road Grand Tours Cycling) has announced that, in response to the global coronavirus pandemic, it is now free to use for all once again, having moved to a subscription model https://www.bikeradar.com/news/rgt-cycling-free-coronavirus/
  4. Hi Hubbers! Now that the chill is upon us in Gangsta's Paradise, some (like me) will retreat to their Winter Pain Caves (or local VA). Just before LÉTape I followed one of Hunter Allen's 8 week Sportive training programs and it kept me occupied abd motivated. A few club members have told me about Training Peaks and TrainerRoad. To those who use these (or any other paid service), what do you guys recommend? Also, I only have an Andriod phone, not a tablet!
  5. Get ready to RUMBLE! We know you are tired of riding shoulder to shoulder with Aussies and Kiwis - that is why starting this Wednesday 19:35, its time for you South African Zwifters (Zaffas) to come out fighting! Wednesday night kicks off our “Fight Night” on Zwift, a 1- 1 ½ hour race (dependent on the course) specifically for us South Africans. Yes, we are going to have to let in a couple of Aussies, Kiwis and any nationality that doesn’t understand the difference between now, just now and now now……but we really want that screen filled with South African flags! How? I’ll get to that now now. Our Chief Torturers from our national PainCave.co.za clubs will join you in this race series and ensure there is at least some pain. The PainCave “Fight Night” race runs for 25 weeks with your best 10 races counting towards final standings and possibly even some great prizes courtesy of BuyCycle.co.za and paincave.co.za The format of the race series will be based on age and not watts/kg. If you don’t have access to a smart trainer at home, head off to www.paincave.co.za and book a slot at any of our studios for the Wednesday night “Fight Night” – there will be a couple of FREE slots available at each studio (first come first served……chat to them now!) https://zwift.com/events/view/64197 We will be adding more details over the next couple of days and weeks….so keep on heading back to check the latest news. This is a series organised and run by Zaffas for all you Saffas! NOTE: While Zwift is sorting out European GDPR regulations for Zwiftpower.com we will not be able to display a leaderboard. We are however confident that this will sorted out soon. So no prizes until this is sorted out, only bragging rights. Be quirky, be fun, be lekker. Enjoy the race!
  6. Hi Hubbers.... Does anyone know off virtual spinning classes available online or Tablet Apps where you can subscribe and do some indoor spinning sessions? Don't have a smart trainer so only something I can do with normal spinning bike and add some fun and decent workouts ?
  7. Hi Hubbers, Seeing that there are quite a few Zwifters here, I thought a dedicated tour thread would be cool. The tour kicked off today, with stage 1. Nothing too serious, a lekker warmup to what's to come. Will probably ride at around 6pm tonight, perhaps it will be cool to have some Hubbers ride together on some of the stages. Zwiftinsider.com has some low-down on the stages to come. https://zwiftinsider.com/tour-of-watopia-2019/ Ride on!
  8. Morning all, To those who use the Tacx Utility app, have you noticed that the Calibration option has been removed with the latest update? Comments in the Play Store about this c0ckup are plentiful. How do I calibrate my trainer now? I do calibrate the trainer in TR after a 10 minute warmup, but experience proves that the trainer must be calibrated in the Utility app after a warmup.
  9. Good morning Hubland, This is a very particular query I have, but humour me. I started training with power in approx January 2017 in preparation for the then LeTape Tour. I continued training with power using a Wattbike in my (then) local VA. The crowded atmosphere in the VA detracted me so I decided to go the smart trainer route. Having now used the smart trainer for some weeks I can categorically say that the Wattbike and (this particular) smart trainer are not the same. The most simple away to distinguish between the two is my RPE. Put even simpler - it feels easier to do a certain wattage on my smart trainer than it did on the Wattbike. My HR is an indication of that too. I am aware HR has a lot of variables including temperature, how well you slept, how well you ate, how hydrated you remain etc. etc. I only used the "fan" setting on the Wattbike, only the magnet on the rare occasion when I had to go 350W+ for LOW cadence. Is it at all fair to compare the two? Should I just discount all my training I did on the Wattbike (in excess of 2500km)? Am I actually doing myself a disservice by using a smart trainer? Just to answer some questions I know will appear - I never (re)calibrated the Wattbike for each session (no clue how that was even done) I hardly ever used the exact same Wattbike due to space issues at the VA I always calibrate before my ride on my IDT I use the same bike each time (on the IDT) with about 7 bar pressure I calibrate using the Tacx Utility App and TrainerRoad Thanks for reading!
  10. BKOOL indoor trainers is coming... ​We are proud to announce that we are receiving our first shipment of the Bkool Smart Pro and Bkool Smart Go trainer next month, We are giving you the chance to secure yours by Pre-ordering your trainer. Our aim is to give you a smart trainer that won't cost you a arm and a leg. The Bkool Pro will retail for R8499 and the Bkool Go will be retailing for R6999 If you have any questions, Please leave a comment below :-) BKOOL PRO BKOOL GO
  11. Hi Hubbers! Thank you to those who recommended that I join Trainerroad. Going to give it a proper bash next week! Exploring the website last night I see that you could create and/or join teams. Is there a BikeHub team? If not, who will be interested in joining? Will be interesting to REALLY spy on members!
  12. HI Hubbers! Speaking to some fellow cyclists over the weekend got me thinking - should indoor training contribute to your weekly goals (distance or time) on Strava? Give me your opinions!
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