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  1. Welcome to the fam! Can't comment on the Sufferfest as I haven't used it but this is what works best for me: Trainingpeaks premium - you can find coupon codes online for a discount on the yearly sub - it's worth it IMO as I use it to plan all my workouts using the calendar - the ability to drag n drop/copy pasta workouts is great. Then I purchased a 3 month structured training plan within Trainingpeaks. Did an FTP test (in Zwift), did the 3 month plan, re-did an FTP test and started the same plan again by copy/pasta'ing it with my improved FTP test. That has worked great for me. Zwift - I use this as my riding platform. Once linked to Trainingpeaks, your workouts appear in Zwift. I find that Zwift helps with the gamification/social aspect as it somewhat removes the monotony of indoor riding. Plus if you're into racing, you can do Zwift races/events. Some folks swear by Trainer Road but I haven't used it so can't comment. I also find that the structured workouts which Zwift has are not great, hence my suggestion of using Trainingpeaks. Shout if you get stuck 😁
  2. I and I'm sure most here have absolutely no idea what you're going through but I'm truly hopeful that all the treatment and side effects will be worth it in the long run! Please thank your Mrs for being an absolute rock star and taking such good care of you!! Stay strong Cois!
  3. So happy to hear that you're making positive progress! Keep at it MNR!!
  4. I've found that a paid subscription (search for coupons online) to Training Peaks and a decent plan has made a huge difference to my training. The fact that I'm also paying for a plan also helps with motivation.... plus I've started doing a rinse and repeat with my current training plan which helps keeping costs down. Purchased a 12 week plan - completed - FTP test Copy pasta same 12 week plan into future dates - complete - FTP test etc I also really like intervals.icu and the Elevate plugin for Chrome (similar to intervals.icu)
  5. Have you tried a chest strap? I find the wrist based stuff a total waste of time... my 2 C
  6. @Cois so happy to see a reply from you - was concerned that we hadn't heard from you! So sorry to hear about the week you've been through and about your mate πŸ˜” Wishing you a much better week ahead!
  7. Hope the side effects of the chemo are worth it in the long run mnr! Keep fighting the good fight - we're all rooting for you!
  8. Thanks for sharing.. seems like everything else on their site other than the specials is sold out....
  9. I have no doubt that if the roles were reversed, you would do the exact same for her! I'm praying that you guys have many more years in with good health & happiness
  10. Exactly this^ It's meant to mimic cross country skiing - just did my first 2000m and I got destroyed πŸ₯΄
  11. Don't give in.... try remain positive Cois! I'm praying that the 2nd opinion will bring some positive and optimistic solutions
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