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Found 8 results

  1. I'm looking to get feedback from people who have used the Leatt (formerly DBX) now MTB 3.0 Enduro full face helmet with the detachable chin bar in terms of comfort, durability (if you took a fall with it), airflow and how hot it gets in summer, I know a few years ago people had issues in terms of the clasps breaking off from the detachable chin bar? I have attached a link below to the 2021 version https://leatt.com/za/shop/mtb/protection/helmets/helmet-mtb-3-0-enduro-v21-sku-1021000640-W?selected-color=5440
  2. Good morning all I took a bit of a tumble and damaged my helmet. Insurance paid out and now I'm in the market for a new MTB lid. My needs are as follow: Sufficient protection especially around the back of the head, decent ventilation and not completely horrible looking. I'm not a massive weight weeny but a light helmet will be enjoyed. At the moment I ride a 661 Recon, which I really like. So far I am considering getting the same 661 again, however I don't like the new shiny finish, or the Leatt DBX 3.0. Budget is R2k incl shipping. Price on the Recon is R1290.00 + shipping and on the Leatt R1990.00 incl shipping. Is there any other helmet I should consider? Kind regards L
  3. Origin Cyclery is the importer and distributor for Funn Mountain Bike Components who have been manufacturing quality mountain bike components for more than a decade, and whose components are no stranger to the podium in the DH circuits. Funn produces some great looking and bulletproof parts, suited to those that want something different on their bikes. Funn Mountain Bike Components are available through the Origin Cyclery online store and Pretoria warehouse, as well as your local bike shop if you prefer to hold and feel something before buying. Origin Cyclery also stocks a number of other brands such as Box Components, Oury Grips, Leatt Protectives, CSixx, Maxxis, and Onza but to name a few that we feel complement our product offering. In short, we are crazy about cycling, and we know that your bike is more than just a bike - it’s your pride and joy - and your pride and joy deserves to be unique and set up just the way you like it. So if you want to make your bike stand out from the crowd with some quality, and seriously sexy parts you won’t find around every corner, without breaking the bank, give us a call or have a look at our online store. We are always happy to chat, or answer any questions you may have, and we ship country wide. We also do custom bike builds, so if you want to build anything from a lightweight marathon slayer to a trail ripper, give us a shout. We are constantly trying to improve and provide you with the best possible service, so if you have any feedback on the website or general comments please feel free to leave comments in the discussion are below or send us a mail at info@origincyclery.co.za. Find us on social media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/OriginCyclery Instagram: @origincyclery If you are the owner of a bike shop and want to stock Funn Mtb Components drop us a mail at dealer@origincyclery.co.za.
  4. Hi Guys and Girls. So I need to tap into some of that Awesome Hub Opinion. I'm Off to the USA next month and wanna get a new Enduro lid with detachable chin guard. I have looked at a bunch. Giro switchblade, Lazer (something), Met parachute (know its not detactable) and a few others but I managed to narrow it down to two that I really like. Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro http://www.leatt.com/shop/helmets/bicycle/helmet-dbx-3-0-enduro-v2-blue-lime.html New kid on the block with regards to removable chin guards so not much in the case of reviews that are long term, however Leatt are known for great quality pots and it looks nice in chinless mode. Bell Super 3R https://www.bellhelmets.com/en_eu/cycling/helmets/super-3r-mips-equipped-1 Bell have just released just the Super 3R, I was thinking of getting the 2R and now they have updated it with the 3R that has a better fit, look and integrated MIPS. They claim to have ironed out a few problems. so any version 2.0 has appeal over a first release as with the Leatt. Both lids are around the $230 mark so price is not a factor. Would love to hear the Hubbers thoughts and Opinions BELL LEATT
  5. While incorporated in the States, Leatt is a South African based company which began with the invention of the Leatt-Brace for motorcycling. Since then Leatt have been aggressive in developing new products, including an ever growing selection of mountain biking equipment. Most of the research and development happens in their state-of-the-art lab in Cape Town. Features The Leatt pads are constructed from two fabric panels: the front panel being stretchy spandex with a moisture cool wicking fabric rear panel. The flexible pad that provides protection is sewn into place on the front panel. Elastics are used on either end of the pads, these along with the spandex panel, fasten the pads in place. The upper elastic features silicone grips while the lower is simply an elastic band sewed into the hem. There are no straps or clips, so correct sizing is vital for a comfortable and secure fit. The sock-like design of the Airflex guards means that they simply slide onto the leg or arm. The guards have circular cut outs on the inside of the joints which goes a long way in reducing friction on the skin when bending the arm or leg. There are also silicone patterns on the inside of the pads to hold them in the correct position.The key to the flexibility and thinness of the Airflex pad is Armourgel. Armourgel is a non Newtonian gel that locks up the molecules and becomes hard on impact. In other words, the pad is supple when being ridden but should you fall and apply force to the Armourgel, it will become firm and offer more protection. The 2016 Airflex Pro knee guard we have on test features additional protection above the knee cap and on the sides of the leg. This added protection is aimed at reducing impact when the bike and knee collide in a crash.If you’re unsure about what level of protection you require, Leatt have their own rating system which you can use to compare the safety of each of their products. Specifications Knee Guard Airflex 3DF ProCE tested and certified as impact protection; Knee EN1621-2 Total Leatt protection score of 15 points 6mm CE impact certified profile Side & upper knee impact protection Silicon printed cupped knee grip Single sizing for perfect fit New MoistureCool & AirMesh fabrics: wicking, vented & antimicrobial All protection materials perforated for ventilation Silicone printed non slip cuffs Pre-curved 3D design for better fit & function Weight: 300g (pair) Sizing: S, M, L, XL, XXL Price: R 1,095.00 Elbow Guard Airlex 3DFCE tested and certified as impact protection: Elbow EN1621-2 Total Leatt protection score of 11 points 6mm CE impact certified profile New MoistureCool & AirMesh fabrics Wicking Anti-microbial Silicone lamination & non slip cuffs to keep protector in place Silicone printed cupped elbow grip Our 3D design ensures a great fit that is very comfortable Weight: 240g – 0.5 lbs (pair) Sizing: S, M, L, XL, XXL Price: R 799.00 Comfort and fit Leatt have done an exceptional job at making the Airflex pads comfortable for all day adventures. The moisture cool wicking fabric seems to do the job, as the pads breathe well and at no point did they feel uncomfortably warm. The Airflex varies slightly to better fit each side of the body. So each pad is labelled with either left or right side. The circular cut outs were excellent for keeping the bend in the knee and elbow joint free of irritation. My only (minor) complaint is some mild discomfort with the elasticated cuff being too tight and digging into my lower leg when pulling off the pads after a full day’s riding. The Airflex is made in different sizing, so make sure to get the size that fits best for you. Quality Considering the abuse that I've administered to these Airflex guards, it’s obvious that Leatt have used top quality materials. The guards feel premium throughout and, aside from an understandable tear in the spandex from a big crash at the bottom of a large drop, there is little sign to indicate the extent that they have been used. The guards are easily washed in an automatic washing machine and dry relatively quickly. A substantial crash caused these small tears in the Leatt Airflex elbow guards. There has been no sign of the tears growing after subsequent use. Protection Fortunately, for the thoroughness of this review, I fell a lot while wearing the Leatt Airflex. Everything from embarrassing topple-overs, to bike and kit breaking slides along the ground. It must be noted that the Airflex is primarily designed for smaller collisions and is masterful at preventing bruises, grazing and cuts.The padded area is very flexible and there was little impact on my pedalling efficiency or manoeuvrability on or off the bike. To allow for movement, the pad is divided into segments. We've tested other guards that use the same technique and found that it can be painful if an object manages to connect in between these segments on impact. I had no such experience with the Airflex. The Leatt pads are very capable but don’t expect them to cover your behind when riding outside of their intended use. I ended up in a substantial crash coming off an overhead sized drop. The elbow guard was ripped from its position on impact exposing me to the sandpaper-like landing. The pad and I walked away with some damage. The knee pad did surprisingly well but still left me with some friction burns. Although a seemingly minor touch, the additional prtoection above and to the sides of the knee proved to be very useful, particularly when bashing into the frame or handlebars. Definitely worth considering this upgrade if your looking at getting a pair of Airflex guards. In the end The Airflex are supremely comfortable while the armourgel technology works as promised to protect the knees and elbows. The comfort and lightweight means that they will suit riders that pedal frequently and don’t usually find themselves in situations where bigger or hard shell guards would be more suitable. These guards are will suit cross-country and trail riders, I even found them suitable for South African enduro racing. The Ariflex guards are now an essential riding item in my pack whenever trail fun is the order of the day. ProsLightweight Comfortable Never felt too warm Good level of protection within boundaries of intended use ConsNo adjustable retention system so sizing is important Not the cheapest of the pedal friendly pads You'll want to grab something more substantial for all mountain and downhill days
  6. Airflex is Leatt’s first level of protection for your knees and elbows. The Airflex range is designed to be lightweight and offer pedalling efficiency. These types of flexible, all-day comfort guards are extending the scope of protection to more pedal intensive forms of mountain biking. Click here to view the article
  7. First Look Friday is an introduction to the products that we are currently testing for review. This week we're featuring Garmin's Edge 520 GPS computer, the Thule RoundTrip Transition hard case bike box, and Leatt's Airflex guards. Click here to view the article
  8. Garmin Edge 520 With the Edge 520, Garmin did away with the touch screen found on the previous 510 model in favour of side buttons. The device is also noticeably smaller than the 510. On launch of the Edge 520 the big news was the inclusion of the Strava Live Segments feature (now available on a number older devices through a firmware upgrade) which allows you to follow your Strava segment achievements while riding. You will need a premium Strava membership but the device does come with a 3 month trial offer to test it out. We’ll be riding Lesotho Sky with this device, giving us a great opportunity to test out the units route navigational abilities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eua9CDTOeyw The Garmin Edge 520 suggested retail price is R6,099. Thule Round Trip Transition The Thule RoundTrip Transition is the Rolls-Royce of bike travel boxes. I say that because it’s big, strong and weighs a lot. The Transition is for the serious bike traveller. The hard case is made from a very robust feeling plastic. The aluminium frame that holds the bike in place inside the case can be removed to become a fully capable workstand. Wheels go into their own bags and placed into the case. Inside the case, the bike mounts onto an aluminium rack which fits QR axles and, with adaptors, 15mm and 20mm thru axles. The Transition house bikes with a wheelbase up to 116.8 cm, which could be a problem for the new generation of long downhill and trail mountain bikes hitting the market. Although the Transition appears to be a bombproof solution, there is a downside. The case weighs in at 15.8 kgs and is rather large. We’re interested to see how this impacts our use of the case, especially for air travel. Leatt Airflex Pro The Airflex range is Leatt’s first level of protection for your knees and elbows. Although not as heavy duty as bulkier pads, the Airflex promises sufficient protection for most XC and trail riders while remaining comfortable for long periods of time and exceeds CE certification standards for impact. The secret to the flexibility and thinness of the Airflex is Armourgel. Armourgel is a non Newtonian gel that locks up the molecules and becomes hard on impact. For 2016 Leatt are introducing the Airflex Pro knee guard. It features additional protection above and on the sides of the knee over the standard Airflex. We’ve already done some testing with these guards, including some big falls. So watch out for the full review in the coming weeks. From the manufacturer: The new AirFlex guard, using Armourgel, a non Newtonian gel that locks up the molecules and becomes hard on impact. Has great test results in both low and high impacts, works in hot and cold conditions, and is soft, flexible, and comfortable. Its ultra slim design meets and exceeds CE certification for impact like all current Leatt knee guards but with little to almost no bulkiness.Super slim 6mm CE impact certified Armourgel ultra slim impact absorbing gel MoistureCool wicking fabric CE certified for impact protection EN1621-1 Great fit and very comfortable
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