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Found 23 results

  1. It's an unfortunate reality that just about every day we see yet another stolen bike reported in our forums. In an effort to better track thefts, identify stolen bikes and the contact owners of recovered bikes we've put together a Stolen Bike database. Click here to view the article
  2. Hi All, Please can you keep a look out for the following three bikes, they were stolen out of my uncles garage last night in the Edenvale area. Pictures below ⬇️ - Road bike: Giant Advanced Pro 1 XL, Matt black, with zipp 302 wheels (zipp stickers have been removed) - MTB: Giant Anthem X advanced 29er XL, black and blue, Fox 32 SC fork - MTB: GT avalanche 3 2011, XS, green, black and white.
  3. This ad has just popped up on Facebook. Looks VERY dodgy. be careful, https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/886700968498056/
  4. Guys I see so many posts here on stolen bikes where guys say it was locked on a Thule rack. I only use Thule racks and so know how good/(bad) the locks are. I have never tried but I would guess 10 seconds with a large screw driver and a vice grip and that lock s gone. If you need to lock bike on racks and leave it, you really need to know the risk. What area are you in, is there passing foot traffic, is there car guards. I carry a very good very thick chain (encased in plastic Hose) in my car with a huge big great quality lock. EDIT this is attached while driving as I have heard about theft from racks while driving It takes a while longer and doesn't look cool, but if they want to saw, etc through that then let them try in traffic. At least I make an effort. BUT THULE LOCKS ARE A NO NO
  5. Good evening everyone, my SwiftCarbon Attack 2.0 was stolen from my apartment in Gardens last night. Please keep a look out. It has white handle bars with black handlebar tape A Pro saddle A fizik saddle bag. The wheels are Shimano RS31 but the decals have been removed, so the wheels are jut black.
  6. Some good news - SAPS in Stellenbosch have recovered various stolen bikes. See attachment.
  7. Hi Hubbers, Just out of curiosity, how many people in Cape Town whom have had their bikes stolen from their property use Strava? I mean you effectively show your start and ending position on a map and a pic here and there of your bike,now the criminals have everything they need to know... your address and what is for the picking inside based on your pictures on Strava? Or am I missing something?
  8. Hi Guys. Just read this online. I heard in last week about bikes being stolen from a house in Parow. This could possibly be a lead, I suggest you contact the cops. I doubt by bicycles they mean BMX's and Makro specials... Have a read... Hope this helps a few... http://www.dailyvoice.co.za/burglars-larney-home-raided/
  9. Hi all, Please support this petition to the SAPS to help end bike-jacking in Johannesburg specifically, but in RSA in general: http://bit.ly/2iOJfZ6 The reports of new incidents and bike-jackings at knife and gunpoint are a daily occurrence now. One of the main 'hotspots' is along Rustenburg Rd in Melville. Numerous cases have been reported to the SAPS, but nothing has been done about this. Let rally together and use all any any means to get the support of the SAPS and security companies. Please sign and share the Change.org petition: http://bit.ly/2iOJfZ6
  10. Please keep a lookout for our 4 bikes stolen from Howick area. 1x Specialized Rumor (bright yellow, 29in) 1x Cube Stereo 120 carbon (black, 29in) 1x Cube AMS comp (black and white, 26in) 1x Fuji hardtail (grey, 26in)
  11. This bike was recovered by the SAPS in the Hermanus area. Pls contact w.o. Visagie on 0283135308 to reclaim.
  12. This guy ties his bike to a tree and watches as thieves rack their jewels on the stem when they try to escape. Genius or making light of a serious issue? Either way, it is always good seeing someone get what is coming to them! https://youtu.be/tufnWwV2J5I
  13. Here is a good news Friday story. On Monday I posted that two bikes got stolen here on the Hub. I did it without much hope of getting them back but you never know. They are two Yeti's that were stolen off the back of the car in the middle of the day. Tuesday night I get a phone call from Dimitri (24hr Bicycle Race) saying he may have my bike as he saw my post on the HUB. Some chaps got hold of him saying they had some bikes to sell and he duly met them and realised something was up. Over the next few days we establish the bikes are the same ones, do all the necessary and yesterday they were returned. Some few chaps have been incarcerated and are currently enjoying the 5 Star hospitality of the local constabulary. There is more to follow on this story and once all the police stuff is taken care of I'll update everybody. (lots more to come and highly entertaining) Just a big up to Dimitri and all his hard work. Also the the power of the interweb and the HUB strikes back. Lessons to be learnt, a cable bike lock is as effective as soggy spaghetti, register your bike and have all the details bikes. Don't F*#K with the HUB!!! Edgar
  14. I just have to ask this question. Seems as if 2nd hand bikes are becoming a real business and looking at the recent posts and the recent gum tree etc ads that specific brands are being targeted. Seems as if most of the reported thefts are from brands such as Giant, Spez and Scott? Are these brands becoming the targets such as Toyota Hilux's en Fortuners are/ were a couple of years back or am I spearheading a conspiracy theory?
  15. My BMC TE01 mountain bike has just been stolen from Maties Astro. Please could you share this so that more people can be on the look out. Contact : 074 103 6453 ( kathryn )
  16. On 14.10.2014 our locked garage was broken into in Bantry Bay. A Santa cruz Tallboy carbon, white with XTR groupset and an Intense 5.5 FRO, Black with SRAM X0 groupset were stolen. Both frames were Large. These are very distinct bikes. Please be on the lookout for any suspicious sales or sightings.
  17. Hi . Bike stolen in cresta ext 2 jhb on the 05/06/2014 , bike has dt swiss xr 400 rims and X mark tires , candy 3 egg beater pedal and topeak phone bracket at headstem.
  18. Hi Fellow Cyclers My lovely blue Trek 7.2fx was stolen from my shed last week in Woodstock Cape Town. It is a unique bike because of it's light blue / turquoise frame with darker blue squiggle detail. I replaced the grips with turquoise rubber ones. It's a hybrid. Small frame with 700x32 wheels. I'm pretty sure this is the only one in SA so if you see one that fits this description, it's probably mine. My number is 0790752621, please give me a call if you see something, I really love this bike.
  19. Stolen Bikes Bikes that were stolen from our garage last night. Please keep a lookout for these: -Wheeler 2800zx classic rare mtb -Chrome downhill bike Pacific krit/muddyfox rock n roller -White Cat Leopard dual suspension trail bike -Raleigh burner BMX -Avalanche girls 16" wheel turquoise bmx -Avalanche boys 12" wheel blue mini bmx - even a green Toy Story kid's scooter The perpetrators stole nothing else but bikes! All the mountain bikes are unique looking and rare so they can be easily spotted.
  20. Hi "hubbers". My gardener was bike-jacked this morning on the way to work. His bike was not even worth the fight. He was beaten up quite badly. So it is not only our nice expensive bikes that are taken but anything with wheels. I live in Midrand and he rides from Ivory Park area. If any of you kind guys have an old 26" that needs a bit of work and is willing to let it go please PM me. I will do the work to get it running. Thanks.
  21. Stumbled upon this article. Bikes getting stolen, its just sad no matter where it is.
  22. http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Project-Freeride-whistler-rcmp-2013.html An interesting story about stolen bikes around Vancouver. Down south, we're not the only ones with the problem of having our beloveds taken from us.
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