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  1. Sitting@89, this reminds me a lot of the 75 Hard challenge. Have you looked into that? https://andyfrisella.com/blogs/realaf-podcast/14-75hard-a-tactical-guide-to-winning-the-war-with-yourself
  2. What ever happened to contraband? they were local if im not mistaken https://community.bikehub.co.za/features/_/gear/reviews/review-contraband-rogue-single-speed-r1185
  3. Rented some skinny wheels in france. Sault to Mont Ventoux. The "easier" (Is any uphill easy?) but longer route to the top. The downhill as FUN! We also did a 56km loop around Sault through the lavender feilds the day before. Sault -> Aurel -> Saint-Trinit -> Saint-Christol -> Simiane-la-Rotonde -> Sault.
  4. tejay also crashed. EF suffering this vuelta
  5. https://wood.tools4.co.za/competitions/ Not sure if already posted.
  6. Well, Tommy D had the same issue, and still won the Giro.
  7. or the premium https://www.urbanarrow.com/
  8. Hmm, yeah not many around. Have you thought about a bike trailer?
  9. https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/146790-carbon-29er-rim-damage-due-to-exhaust/
  10. They sponsor a top CYCLING team - attracting customers that CYCLE. Would expect some extra care when said customer makes use of their service with their bike.
  11. Removed the jockey wheels to clean the gunk out before race day, stripped the thread when putting it together, ended up with a small bolt throught the cage to get race done. A side note: never do maintenance on your bike the day before a big ride or race. Putting engine oil on a chain. - Not a good idea, did this as a kid though
  12. "His dabbling in explosive substances finally culminated in the successful launch of his home-built rocket, The Phoenix, which soared over a kilometre, earning him a scholarship at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences." https://www.gq.co.za/culture/gq-man-siyabulela-xuza-16541328
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