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Found 22 results

  1. It's an unfortunate reality that just about every day we see yet another stolen bike reported in our forums. In an effort to better track thefts, identify stolen bikes and the contact owners of recovered bikes we've put together a Stolen Bike database. Click here to view the article
  2. Hi - further details to follow, but my mate Brett managed to evade an attempted Bike Jacking EARLIER TODAY, uphill section approaching Simtswinkel corner, that gravel parking lot, I would guess 200m - 300m before that parking lot, bugger hiding in the bushes...more detail to follow as I get it. (interesting, Brett is a friend of Andrew who got bike jacked TWICE... both avoid Ocean View Corner, and now getting (attempted) bike jacking near Smitswinkel - where will it all end?) Cheers Chris
  3. I found this Cannondale on the FB marketplace with cryptically little written about it: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1337450769777748/ in case anyone is on the lookout for this bike.
  4. HI Hubbers, To those of you attend the Meyersdal VA, I lost my Edge 520 in there on Wednesday afternoon between 3-4pm. When the device turns on my name and number does show. If you have found it, please return!
  5. And in international crime news... http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/bahrain-merida-bikes-stolen-ahead-of-hammer-series/
  6. http://www.tririg.com/articles/2013_05_Skewer_Shootout/650/2013_05_Skewer_Shootout_2.jpg Hey guys, Anyone have any experience with bolt on skewers for road bike? They make sense from a security perspective and I always have my allen keys with me when i ride so it's not like the would leave me stranded or anything. I'm assuming that when you forgo the whole QR lever you save a bit of weight as well. Not one to advocate weight saving over safety, anyone have any opinions?
  7. I thought this might be of interest to someone New tracking method adapted to all budgets.Both mobiles and bikes are an easy target for thieves. Fortunately, technology advances to help us and make life difficult for criminals. For the next generation mobiles you can download applications for tracking in case of theft or loss, for instance on iPhone you can useFind my iPhone, and if you have Android: Prey. Unfortunately these applications will not ensure you get your phone back, but you should install them because they provide another layer of security, making things more difficult to thieves. On bicycles locks are still being necessary, but I want to talk about a device that can be installed and provides a tracking service, but don’t say it aloud, we won’t give thieves any clues. What is it about?It’s about Trackr, A small and discreet device the size of a coin that is revolutionizing the market. http://www.discovernewtech.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/trackr-bravo-4.jpg But… How does it work?Very easy! It will take less than five minutes to put it to work. You simply have to pair it with your mobile phone and download the free application which will allow you to locate at all times. Once this is done, you simply have to put it on your key chain, in your wallet or in any object you want to locate always. http://www.discovernewtech.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/trackr-seat.jpg Now just have to open the application on your mobile and you can see on the map the position of your device. If you get to lose your keys, simply select “find device” and you’ll get the coordinates of the new location. http://www.discovernewtech.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/trackr-bravo-maps.jpgWith Trackr you’ll be able to locate your device at any timeIn the following video you’ll be able to see it in action: How much is it going to cost me?You’re probably thinking that this device will be very expensive…. nope. This is the best part,you can acquire one for so little, the price is about £20. Not bad considering it givespeace of mind. How to buy it?That’s easy, you can buy it from the website. https://buy.thetrackr.co/gu/special-offers/09/?utm_source=1630&utm_medium=trackr-ZA&utm_term=28174285&utm_content=321&utm_campaign=GU&aff_id=1630&camp_id=10271&clk_id=28174285&sub_id=trackr-ZA UPDATENow you can get free shipping. Offer ends on on Tuesday 10th May 2016 Other functionsDo you often forget your wallet? Forget where you parked the car? Or want to prevent your pet from escaping? With Trackr you can also track your personal belongings, just simply attach it to anything you consider important for you or easy to lose, you link it to your Smartphone (with the Trackr application) and you will find what you lost, it’s that easy! Detailed instructions on how to use TrackrNow that you are aware of the potential of this curious device, we will make a brief summary to clear all your doubts: Step 1: Get Trackr from this website, you’ll get it delivered to your home in about 1 week.Step 2: Link Trackr Bravo with your Smartphone (iPhone or Android) and place it next to the object you don’t want to lose.Step 3: Download the app and always have in hand the location of your valuables.As Simple As That!
  8. Hi, we're busy coming up with ideas to fight bike jacking, and to improve safety in general in what SHOULD be safe biking zones (for both road and trail cycling). Your feedback would be greatly appreciated if you could take this quick poll, it will only take a few minutes of your time. Thank you in advance! You can find the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/S2RJC3J
  9. Some instant karma Durban style; http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/tv-thief-falls-off-cliff-during-bicycle-getaway-20160119?isapp=true
  10. Manon Carpenter became another bike theft statistic after eight mountain bikes and two off-road bikes stolen from her home in Caerphilly. There is an active appeal for information relating to her garage being broken into on Van Terrace, Castle Park, Caerphilly between 7.00pm on Sunday 22 November and the morning of Tuesday 24 November. If anyone has any info that can help Manon they can contact Caerphilly police on 101. The items stolen include: A KTM EXC 250 off road motorbike – black and orange A 2011 KTM XC 150 off road motorbike – black and orange A Dartmoor Dirtjump mountain bike – Phantom model – with gears and Fox 831 forks – black in colour with white lettering A 2013 Saracen Kili Flyer mountain bike with suspension – black and bright A 2014 Saracen Aerial 150 suspension mountain bike – silver, red and black A 2013 Saracen AVLX Dirtjump mountain bike with gears and Fox 831 Forks – all black in colour A 2015 Saracen Kili Flyer mountain bike, full carbon fibre with full suspension – silver and black with “Saracen” written on frame A 2015 Saracen Aerial 150 mountain bike with full suspension – black and silver with black and orange Fox Forks A 2015 Saracen Myst Downhill race bike – black, white and red A 2016 prototype Saracen Myst Downhill mountain bike – black and red with “Saracen” written on frame http://riderflow.com/manon-carpenter-left-gutted-after-mountain-bike-fleet-stolen/
  11. Just received this from my local NHW (Rosebank): Bicycle hijacking at blockhouse (Thanks to the NRA and RCID for this.) There was a bicycle hijacking yesterday morning (Sunday) when a cyclist was approaching the blockhouse at the base of plum pudding by two coloured males. He was hit in the face with a branch and then held up with a knife while the second perpetrator was standing and pointing a firearm at him. They stole his Giant XTC 29er as well as his Samsung S6. The perpetrators also assaulted the cyclist before fleeing the scene. Please beware that all cyclists need to take heed of the possible dangers and try to avoid riding solo when off-road on the mountain.
  12. On Saturday, 19/09/2015, myself and a friend, JP, decided we wanted to go and ride Table Mountain since he had just gotten himself a brand new Pyga Pascoe a week ago, and the weather was just too good to pass up. We decided to meat at his house near High Level Road in Greenpoint at 10am. I arrived but he was still on his way back from picking his bike up from Revolution cycles, so I unloaded my bike and got ready to ride. JP arrived with his bike in the back of his bakkie which was completely covered by the tonneau cover, having only 10cm of the bikes handle bars sticking out because they were too wide to fit under. JP quickly ran up to grab his stuff from inside his house, I remembered I needed to grab a plaster for my finger quickly as I had cut it unloading my bike. JP told me to come up and grab the plasters as he was busy. Not wanting to leave my bike out in the road I wheeled it up his stairs into his house. As I got through his door (so JP’s bike was alone no more than 20 sec) I said, “Jeez boet, are you sure your bike is ok out there”. Two seconds later I heard JP scream, my name. I immediately ran down the stairs and into the road thinking he was joking, but when I got out I saw the bakkie cover ripped off and JP’s bike wasn’t there, and neither was JP. Unfortunately he lives right next to Clyde road, which is a long steep road straight down to Somerset road. I ran to look down Clyde road and all I could see is JP running completely barefoot and shirtless, at full speed down the road trying to catch the guy. My adrenaline immediately kicked in and I knew I had to go grab my bike. I ran to his house and up his stairs, grabbed my bike, ran down the stairs so fast I slipped like a muppet onto my back, luckily not hurting myself, got up and ran outside, jumped onto my bike and bombed down Clyde road at full speed thinking this is CRAZY! Get to the bottom of Clyde, only to see a Metro officer standing next to his car laughing and pointing to the right. He had obviously just seen the dude on JP’s bike, and JP running like a madman after him, but did nothing to assist. I guess he was on his lunch break. I rode straight over Somerset rode trying to spot JP to make sure I was going the right way. I could see him in the distance but could not see the guy on his bike at all. I eventually caught up with JP and he just pointed and said he went that way. Knowing that it was all up to me and that I didn’t want the story to go, “ya I chased the guy on my bike for as long as I could but I was barefoot and didn’t stand a chance, ya Jason chased him on his bike…but I guess Jason “the guy who rides mountain bikes regularly and should be fairly fit”, couldn’t keep up with the thief who was riding in flops and didn’t know how to use the gears properly. I would feel like the biggest muppet this side of the equator every time someone asked what happened to JP’s bike. With that in mind I kept pedaling until I saw a figure in the distance that looked like the thief under the Greenpoint circle. Luckily he was not familiar with 1x11 yet (I guess he’s only been stealing 2x’s and 3x’s lately) and I could see him slowing down because he thought he was in the clear not knowing I was in hot pursuit. I started cranking as hard as I could until I rode at full speed straight into him, “t-boning” him. I threw the hardest punch I could straight to his jaw, knocking him to the floor, then jumped on top of him, getting into a bit of a fist fight, but was able to get him into a choke hold. Whilst I was choking him out I remember thinking jeez this dude absolutely stinks, the dam instructional videos never tell you what to do when the thief’s odor is so bad you feel as though you are the one who’s going to pass out. Luckily I was able to remain conscious and held on. I could feel the guy becoming limp as he was passing out but some old lady came over screaming, “let him go! Let the cops sort this out!” Needless to say I held on as though his head was the golden ticket to an all-expenses paid trip for whistler. A few people then started to gather around, followed by JP arriving and getting a decent, well deserved punch and kick in before getting pulled off by concerned citizens. His feet were destroyed from running barefoot on the hot road for so long, the soles of his feet were torn off, flapping all over the place. Luckily there were some paramedics nearby that were able to strap his feet up until he was able to get to the hospital. One of the bystanders called SAPS, who after about 20 minutes strolled on over. They approached and asked what JP wanted to do, saying, “do you want to open a case?”, JP obviously said hell yes, to which they replied, “ eish, ya but then you have to give a statement”, as though giving a statement was such a task that it simply was not worth it. They then got the thief up from the floor and took him by the arm towards their car, stopping to tell us that at 1pm, they are going home, so we had to go to the station before then if we wanted to lay a charge. Haha, we couldn’t believe it. Luckily I was able to capture it in the video. All in all the bike was ok, a few cosmetic scratches, but considering the bike was not insured….JP was stoked just to have it back. Here’s the link to the video I took as the police were taking the thief away, as well as some pictures I took at the “scene of the crime/capture” haha. Hope you all enjoyed my little essay!
  13. Okay, so the topic name might be a bit misleading. So my Mom and Dad went down to the Argus this year with some friend's (Faizal and his family) who had travelled from Ixopo in Kwa-Zulu Natal. And they came back with some really horrible stories of stuff that happened on the way to Cape Town. I'm posting this so that be can be aware and take care while in the vicinities I'm about to write about. First, they were going through Umtata at 4pm on a Tuesday, they had a trailer with a bike rack on the lid hitched to their car. They reached a main intersection in the town and were stopped at a robot/4-way. Suddenly people from all around the intersection started shouting and hooting at them, Faizal thought he had done something wrong to cause this reaction, but he caught a glimpse of his rear view mirror and saw some guys trying to take his bikes of the trailer, they didn't give up even while he was moving. Faizal eventually got rid of them thankfully with all his bikes still attached to his trailer. The second incident happened to Faizal's son in law, Yaseer, who was driving from Durban on Wednesday evening before the Argus weekend. At about 1 in the morning they were close to King Williams Town when they came to a section in the road where rocks were laid right across both lanes. They hit some rocks and unfortunately damaged one of the wheels quite badly so that car wasn't drivable anymore. Yaseer and his brother quickly made some calls to see if they could get some help. The boys decided to wait in the car and wait for help as it was pitch dark outside. After waiting a few minutes, somebody had started throwing rocks at the vehicles. breaking all of the windows and damaging the vehicle even more. After the rocks, some guys came to the car and took all their valuables, including cycling equipment and clothing, bags, car keys, but not before beating Yaseer up with a rock on his face. Long story short (might be too late for this) but they got out okay. Before anyone asks, yes this was reported to officials in both areas. Kings Williams town police said that this happens quite often in the area.
  14. Afternoon All, Through luck, fortune, destiny or just plain whatever I haven't been a victim of a bike theft or related mugging. BUT I've had to cut back on riding close to home that will suit me I've had to cut back on riding times I've had to cut back on riding solo.A quick glance at the forums on here and it doesn't take much to see there's been more and more bike theft related threads and it doesn't look like it's going to end or get better soon. Now I'm not the kind off guy who can sit idly by and either live and ride in fear or wait till something happens to me too. So...what are we going to do. Where to next with this? Should we organize a sting op to catch some of these bastards, should we start patrolling danger areas, should we call John Wick...something needs to happen and if it's going to be by us then nothing's going to happen. Ideas?
  15. I recently insured my MTB through a broker david@mccrystal.co.za - put me on PedalProtect. Automatically covered when bike is away from home, R3m liability insurance, R50k Personal Accident..R110p/m. Bike value R15k. It was quick and easy. Underwritten by ABSA. Thoughts?
  16. With a new bicycle rack design, a bicycle labelling system and new signage to raise awareness, the Singapore Police Force and National Crime Prevention Council hope to tackle the theft of bicycles.http://www.channelnewsasia.com/image/1489124/1416721239000/large16x9/768/432/bicycle-lock.jpg SINGAPORE: Three key Anti-Bicycle Theft Initiatives were announced by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) on Sunday (Nov 23). The first initiative is a pilot of a new bicycle rack design, named Lock Lah, which improves on the security of old racks without high costs and space requirements. Launched on Nov 7 at nine locations across the island (such as Velocity mall, Teck Whye Lane and parts of Hougang), it impedes access to the front wheel of the bicycle, while offering additional loops to secure the frame and back wheels with a cable lock. In coming up with the prototype design, the rack's designers - a trio of Indonesian international students - studied various bicycle shapes from around the world, and eventually won a competition organised by the SPF and the NCPC organised from February to July last year. The second initiative is an enhanced bicycle labelling system. In partnership with bicycle online classifieds and forum Togoparts, the SPF now offers each bicycle owner a label with a unique serial number for each bicycle owned. With this number, owners can then provide information about the particular bike online such as its model, features and colours, as well as submit photos. They can also specify if the bicycle is currently in their possession, lost, stolen or found. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/blob/1489128/1416721222000/bicycle-register-data.jpg Finally, new anti-theft bicycle signage will be posted near bicycle racks across the island to increase awareness of bicycle theft. About 7,000 of such signage has already been posted, with more to be rolled out in phases. These measures are part of a continuous effort to tackle theft of bicycles. Though figures have fallen since last year - 588 cases were reported for the period of January to June this year, compared to 630 for the same period in 2013 - the Police say such theft remains a major concern.
  17. Hey Hubbers So I read recently there were a large number of people who would be interested in tracking their bike if the right device was available. With the cost if bikes and the safety issues we face is there a growing interest or is it a select few? Some of the challenges are as follows: The battery would need to be charged and be able to last for a week or more, this adds weight but technology is improving. The onus is on you to make sure it is always charged even with a sleep mode whereby the unit wakes up with movement. The weight and design of the unit. At this stage you would not need to use it in on race day other than going to and from as the risks are extremely low, but for training and other normal/solo rides the extra weight could detract from the money already spent on losing weight. The cost of the unit and a fee to track on a monthly basis, as any tracking system needs maintenance and server space. New housings and development of these units are expensive, if they are of a decent quality. Mounting or attachment to the bike which will allow the unit to keep a gps/gsm signal and not allow it to be ripped off and tossed aside. (camouflage or hiding it as such) There are some features that can be added, such as a panic button however this depends on how and where the unit is mounted. A fall alert can be generated, but we may fall too often for this to be practical and we could land up with a cry wolf scenario, whereby it is ignored by the receiver or perceived to be a false alarm. Would you like to be able to track your bike? What would you be prepared to pay monthly? How much extra weight would you be prepared to carry? Would you like a panic button feature? Is a fall alert practical in terms of notifying someone by sms should it happen? Currently I have a model which is 60g, has a SOS/alarm button, IPX5 compliant and Geo fencing among other things. Let's hear some of your thoughts and see if there is potential to support such a device. Cheers Lee Disclaimer: I do not work for or own a Tracking company, I do however deal in hardware and am looking for a way to help our cycling community.
  18. Hi Guys My Swift R838 road bike was stolen from my room yesterday. It is quite a rare and distinct bike. It has a brilliant red, white and black paint job, integrated seatpost, SRAM red and easton wheels. I realise the chances of getting her back are pretty slim but please keep an eye out. Below is a picture of the bike taken sometime. The wheels are now easton EA90's and the bar tape is black not white. Everything else remains unchanged. Thanks
  19. Stolen Bikes Bikes that were stolen from our garage last night. Please keep a lookout for these: -Wheeler 2800zx classic rare mtb -Chrome downhill bike Pacific krit/muddyfox rock n roller -White Cat Leopard dual suspension trail bike -Raleigh burner BMX -Avalanche girls 16" wheel turquoise bmx -Avalanche boys 12" wheel blue mini bmx - even a green Toy Story kid's scooter The perpetrators stole nothing else but bikes! All the mountain bikes are unique looking and rare so they can be easily spotted.
  20. Bike shops and customers can now check a bicycle's history through Bike Checker and BikeRegister unveils code of practice for second-hand bike shops BikeRegister has launched a free Bike Checker service to help cycle retailers verify they are buying bikes from a genuine source. The new Bike Checker facility can be used by both retailers and members of the public to check the origin of second-hand bikes being offered to them for sale. According to BikeRegister, more than half of all bike thefts take place from an owner’s property and bike thieves are becoming increasingly more organised, with the ease with which a stolen bike can be sold continuing to encourage the theft of bikes. Alongside the BikeChecker facility, BikeRegister has unveiled a new Code of Practice for the Purchase and Sale of Second-hand bikes. The code of practice has been developed in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Service’s Cycle Task Force and other police partners who are looking at ways to expand the successful Project Cycle Ops launched a year ago by Chief Superintendent Sultan Taylor, which delivered a reduction of cycle crime in London of over 10 per cent in its first year. Full article here: http://www.bikebiz.c...campaign=buffer Site here: https://www.bikeregister.com/
  21. This morning (28th March 2014) in Rondeboch (Belmont Office Business park) I locked up my Blue dual suspension Miranda - at about 7am. Well, it is a borrowed MTB. And it was stolen. The irony is that I cycle in to save money and I borrowed the MTB because I can't afford one. And there goes my plans for the first Ascent Mast challenge. Hopping that it was not too expensive and that insurance can come into play. I was a heavy and old Miranda bought second hand. Blue with white writing and trimming. Headlight, usb rear red light Saddle bag and front bag both black. hmmmph
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