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Found 7 results

  1. Greetings fellow Hubbers Quick request from the owner of the gym/fitness center by the Seattle Coffee at Grosvenor Crossing. They open up at 0500, which is when most of the rides start, or the meets happen. Their clients cant find parking, as there are many of us also raring to go at that time. Was hoping-any chance the congregating could happen on the other side, directly across from the Seattle so the early morning clients can get parking and also get their workout in? We all know how tough times are and loosing an already waning customer base is really tough. If all the guys and gals could get together in the marked area? just to give the tenants a hand. With peace and cycling love. VIDEO-2021-11-18-09-45-57.mp4
  2. My doc put me on a 5 day course of Amoxycillin 500 mgs 3x a day, started on Thurs evening. Had a sore throat, swollen glands in neck and a cough. Today I am feeling well I'd say a 100% well. But I still have 4 more AB's left to take. After doing some googling I see these AB's aren't the type of AB's that would put me at greater risk for tendon damage. But I'm worried of possible heart strain. Basically I am trying to decide whether to go do a +-20km MTB ride this evening and whether I can resume gymming tomorrow or whether I should wait until Wednesday when I will have finished the course of AB's. Input would be appreciated. If there's a thread I missed on the subject mod's can merge it.
  3. Hi all hubbers! I've recently bought myself a pair of road shoes (triangle cleats underneath shoes) to use in the gym with their spinning and wattbikes. Which cleats should I fit on them to work on these bikes? I don;t want to change cleats everytime with my MTB shoes as they are LOOK cleats. As far as I know Shimano SPD pedals are used on gym bikes, but what cleats will I need for my road shoes? Hope this makes sense to you! Cheers
  4. Rant on. So I go onto the website for virgin Active in order to see what their gym memberships cost, and low and behold, they do not advertise these fees. It seems they (arrogantly, I might add ) assume that since I am on their website that automatically means I have decided to join!!!!! Anyway, I am not an impulsive buyer, and I do NOT just send my details over the interweb just for some poor telemarketer to call me and be exposed to my phone-wrath!!!! WHY CAN THESE STUPID HEALTH CLUBS NOT JUST TELL US HOW MUCH THEY CHARGE AND LET US, THE CONSUMER, DECIDE IF WE WANT TO PAY FOR THEIR SERVICES, WITHOUT THEIR INCESSANTLY ANNOYING "REPRESENTATIVES" CALL ME EVERY TWO AND A HALF MINUTES. Rant off. Does anyone who is not directly vested in these institutions of higher fitness actually know how much they bill for a normal month's exercise? And before the inevitable "join discovery / vitality" etc. etc. comments start flying, I want REAL benefits from my medical aid, which are directly related to doctors and hospitals, not some gimmick which ends up costing more than is necessary. Thus I belong to a REAL health insurance scheme, which has my actual medical wellbeing at heart.
  5. Hallo Hubbers! I'm just curious to find out what your thoughts and opinions are regarding spinning classes? I'm doing MTBing and would like to start and motivate myself to do a spinning class every morning for 5 days a week and afternoons a bit of MTBing as well as weekends. What benefits will I get from spinning?
  6. So, I've been riding quite seriously for about a year. I've been training really hard on the bike and my IDT fro the last 6 months. I've now dropped 2 kilograms and my legs are getting stronger. But, my upper body is starting to look like Chris Froome's - white, pasty and without any muscles or definition. Yuk I'm currently doing cycle training 4 or 5 days a week. Does anyone have any brilliant suggestions with regard to training my upper body so I don't look like a wimp, when I take my shirt off? I'm 50, done some weight training previously and spent some time in the gym.
  7. I've tried searching and found a few suggestions but nothing overly specific. I have a severe case of a lazy left leg and am starting to develop an abnormally massive right calf and knee pain. Time to hit the weights and get the left leg up to strength. Any suggestions on which exercises to target at the gym? And also how to moderate the difference in training between legs. For example, do I go to gym and only do work on my left leg? Or do I do half the reps on the right? I'm getting quite excited about the idea of finally cycling with both legs. I might even be a little quicker.
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