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  1. I know it's rude to keep a forum topic on subject... but here's my 80's Hansom rebuild
  2. I was a huge Zwift fan during lockdown. Over the last 5 or 6 years, I've done nearly 25,000 km on my IDT. I've moved from Zwift to Sufferfest and back a few times as I get bored on a single format. Zwift is brilliant if you've got a group of mates doing workouts and races together. Sufferfest is more engaging if you're riding solo. They also have some great cycling movies to back up endurance and recovery rides. Abi Carver, the Yoga Instructor, is worth the monthly subscription on her own...😜 I found Rouvy completely boring when it first launched and never been back.
  3. Yes, I know... I should do the tubeless conversion on my gravel bike. But, until I do, what tubes do I use for my 40 mm tyres?
  4. I would highly recommend Marco @ Cycle Fit in Northcliff. A good fitting is the best investment you can make in your cycling!!
  5. So, with the impending shutdown of our training universe, I'm keen to add another element to my indoor training. I want to buy an indoor rowing machine. I have the space, particularly if it folds up or stands against the wall. I train 4 or 5 days a week on my indoor trainer, so the motivation to use a rower isn't really an issue. Any advice on product, training programs etc will be appreciated
  6. I was lucky enough last year to ride London Paris with Hot Chillee https://www.hotchillee.com/event/the-london-paris-bike-ride/ If you look closely, at around 1:06, you get a splash of my Qhubeka shirt... Three days of incredible riding. Fantastic organisation, superb marshaling. Just an incredible event. Plus, you ride up the Champs-Elysées on the day before the Tour arrives in Paris. Sunday and the finale of the Tour is a bucket list experience for every road cyclist.
  7. So, after 35+ years off the motorbike, I finally bought one to commute. My 8 km drive through Sandton now takes a minimumm of 40 minute in the car. Twice a day... I pulled the trigger on a 2012 Honda NC700X with less than 30k on the clock. Writing my learner's on Monday, then hoping to add some useful time to my day.
  8. I'm currently running the Speciliased Roubaix Pro 28mm. At R560 they are as good as the GP4000, while 1/3 of the price. Fast rolling and only one puncture in +/- 1,500 km. Still have good life left
  9. Cycle Lab do not ride down William Nicol. We do Witkoppen and onto Cedar.
  10. In the end, we don't really have an option. The airlines all have similar rules, so if you want to fly with your bike (or suitcase, laptop, child, etc) you have no choice but to accept that they make the (crappy) rules. Perhaps, there's an opportunity for a disruption to change the industry?
  11. So, when the plane falls out of the sky because they chose the cheapest maintenance company, they are not liable? I must chat to the maintenance company. Perhaps, I need to find the individual who didn't check the bolt? Or should I talk to the bolt manufacturer? Maybe the torque wrench supplier is to blame? Emirates have control over every one of their business decisions. I made a decision to fly their airline. In good faith, I assume that the bolt is tight and my luggage will be treated with some degree of care, There were big stickers that said "HANDLE WITH CARE". I packed it in an approved airline transport bag. I acted as the reasonable man is required. Do you believe that their handling of the complaint is reasonable? It's bs to claim that they are in no way responsible for their business decisions.
  12. No offence taken... I have pics and Strava file showing that the bike was ridden the day before I loaded it into the bag. But, that opens a whole new can of worms. My point remains: I don't want them to pay for my bike. I've been paid by the insurance company. I want them to acknowledge some liability in the damage. Otherwise, there is no pressure on them to ensure that they provide this service responsibly. If they don't want to take bikes, that's their right. Then tell me and let me spend my money elsewhere. But, don't ****me around for a month and then fob me off. Put a large disclaimer, front and centre, on your booking page that says :If we break your bike, we don't accept any liability. Then, I will know not to expect any responsibility on their part. And FFS, don't sponsor a cycling team!!!
  13. They took my bike from me in Paris. It was in prefect condition. They returned it broken in Johannesburg. Did they, as an airline break it? Probably not. Do they have suppliers/contractors who do work on their behalf. Yes. I contracted with Emirates to move me and my luggage from Paris to Johannesburg. I didn't contract with a pilot, an engine supplier and a baggage handler. Emirates choose and manage the entire supply chain. Therefore, they are responsible.
  14. I'm not looking for Emirates to pay me out. That's why I have insurance... I'm looking for them to acknowledge that they do have a duty of care when they take my bike and load it in their plane. They do have a responsibility to ensure that they have taken every possible precaution to ensure that it gets to its destination in one piece. And they certainly are required to treat me with respect for having chosen their airline over the multitude that are vying for every ticket purchased. That's all I want. And, boy have they failed miserably... Do they care that we'll never fly Emirates again? Apparently not. Will it affect their business? Certainly not. But, I'll continue to tell every cyclist that I know not to fly with Emirates - whether with a bike or not.
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