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  1. Registration has opened for IM Durbs On 7 June 2020 https://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/events/emea/ironman-70.3/durban.aspx#axzz5z1UuKn8r
  2. As Official Supplier, the Italian performance helmet brand will have a strong presence at the 2021 IRONMAN Global Series events, as well as offering the chance for triathletes to become a KASK ambassador. View full article
  3. 2 weeks! I'm excited. We need some predictions going....
  4. In the same year, has any person been able to complete all 3 of these events?
  5. So with the swim leg of this years event being cancelled, do you think that i will hinder peoples desire for next year or has it made you change your mind perhaps? Being a mere fortnight after the comrades i doubt we will see Superwoman Wostmann there this time around.
  6. Entries are open http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/events/emea/ironman-70.3/south-africa/register.aspx?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTUdRMVpqRTFORFl4TnpjdyIsInQiOiJvdXU3WVQyR3JUZTZKNkVFc3F2TlRVTVllZEVDdHFqVngzXC9vZUIrNjVKK1dcLzVKYVplTGh1TVdPZFVkWktlb0NJcFYrMG56WkxOekxcL3RDSWtwKzVDNHpuSTJmTEhYMWNBTjVyeHRycEpnYjBnbHVFSUx2aStGUk5EdmJ5NlwvSncifQ%3d%3d#axzz5FqPG9oDp
  7. Hi All I'm looking for a coach/trainer and/or training program for Ironman 70.3 in Durban this year, preferably with indoor trainer (Kickr) options for the rides. I've done PE Ironman twice and many 70.3's, but been out for a few years. I'm short on training time so looking to maximise training effectiveness with a good program. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. Hi. If there are any IronMan athletes competing at PE in April this year, perhaps you will be interested in this exciting research study. Darryn Berry is a physiotherapist in Nelspruit and will be doing research for his Masters degree in Sports and Exercise. His topic is how training load impacts on injury and illness in training for an IRONMAN event. Please contact him should you be interested, know anyone interested, or curious for more information. Happy training, and may you all reach your goals for the triathlon calendar! darrynberry1@gmail.com. Please see study advert attached!
  9. With 70.3 DBN being done and dusted, who's heading down for the tenth edition of 70.3 East London on Jan 2017?
  10. James Cunnama is a professional triathlete based in Stellenbosch. James's impressive résumé includes 4th place at Kona 2013 and solid top three results in Ironman and Ironman 70.3 events worldwide. He is married to Jodie Swallow, current women's World Long Distance ITU Champion, and seven times winner of the East London Ironman 70.3, among many other achievements. We caught up with him at his home in Stellenbosch to check out his new Cervélo P5X, which you can read about here, and to find out a bit about life as an elite-level athlete, and what it takes to get to the top and stay there. Click here to view the article
  11. I had always dreamed of Kona, and had read so much about the race, the course, the athletes, Huggo’s, the undie run, and so on. What I didn’t envisage was how tough writing about the race would be. Unlike my only attempt at racing on the Big Island, this is my sixth attempt at this race report. Click here to view the article
  12. I’m on a plane somewhere above the Rockies at the moment, and I’m slowly trying to pull the pieces of my race together. For now, I’d like to let you know what the experience is like before and after the race. I’ll get to the experience of the race in the next post. Click here to view the article
  13. I’ve been on the big island for a week, and its quite clear that there is something brewing. We’re pretty fortunate to be staying on Ali’I Drive about 2 miles from the start. In our complex, we have three world champs and about 15 other professionals just hanging around, going for rides and runs like we all do. Click here to view the article
  14. How did I get onto this plane that is heading to the other side of the world for a bike race? Click here to view the article
  15. Hi Guys Anybody know a place where I can hire a carbon road bike for Ironman 70.3 East London 2017? Or someone who has a good road bike and willing to rent it out for the event? I am 1.80m, currently riding a medium 29er mountain bike so I will presume a medium road bike will work best. Preferably in Cape Town area as I need to ride at least 2 times with it before the event. I have done multiple xterra triathlons with my mountain bike, so never really needed a road bike. I have already emailed irideafrica, any other suggestions or someone who will be keen to make a deal please let me know. Thanks, Johan
  16. Date has been set as 19 June 2016 http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/events/emea/ironman-70.3/durban.aspx#axzz3t9ufE3gW Entries open 3 December 2015 from 2pm Was fun this year, so will be in for it again!!
  17. Can't find a thread for 2016 Who's going to be there? will be my second (hooked after DBN). I have a better idea what to expect now, so hopefully I'll be better prepared. (I need to RUN RUN RUN and RUN some more)
  18. Hi, I'm interested to see who is doing/has done the Ironman 70.3 EL, full Ironman PE and Comrades in one year (6months)? If so, what was/is your training vs recovery plan? Is this possible?
  19. Are you new to triathlon? Are you wanting to get involved into the most incredible sport? Why be master of one sport when you can be a master of three! For all your triathlon gear and advice, from road bikes, to time trial bikes, from wetsuits to race suits, contact us and we will be happy to show you the right gear for you! We are centrally located in Green Point, Cape Town, so feel free to visit us at our Concept Store: Shop 5, Portside Main Road Green Point Tel : 021 439 5116 You can also visit us online at http://www.fluidlines.co.za/
  20. You’re out on your bike, mile 17, about to hit the 5th consecutive incline and your calves are on fire; you’re on your morning run, watching the sun climb up into the sky, passing that 2/3rds of the way marker with your heart sinking at the thought of that final stretch with leaden feet; you’re lagging – HARD. You know you can make it. You know you NEED to make it in order to keep building that strength and endurance but you’re pretty much running on empty. Somehow, from somewhere, you need an energy hit. Sound familiar? It happens to everyone at some point, particularly when undergoing endurance training. Carbo-loading is essential, and can be maximised through the incredible powers of 2:1 fructose in ourEnergySource drink, but even then at some point you will find yourself with an empty fuel tank. It can be tricky to take sufficient liquids with you to stay hydrated AND energised, no-one wants to be running or riding with 5 liters on their back; and while energy bars are all well and good, the inconvenience of chewing or that foe-full feeling that exercise can induce often makes the thought of consuming something solid unbearable. So where does the earnest athlete turn for a quick, efficient, energy hit? Turn to High5. High5 works with athletes, for athletes, and listens to what you have to say. Taking on board the aforementioned challenges, High5 sports-scientists have created two gel options for on-the-go energy when you need it most, EnergyGel and IsoGel. Both Isogel and Energygel can be used in any sport for an instant energy boost during exercise. Feedback from athletes regarding taste encouraged High5 to make both gels refreshing but not as sweet as others on the market, avoiding that sicklyness so often present in gel supplements. There are also a range of flavours, and a splash of real fruit juice, keeping the taste clean, fresh, and catered to specific tastes. Want to buy the best? Go to www.high5online.co.za.
  21. Hi All Right, so after completing a few 70.3's on my road bike (with aero bars, decent set of wheels blah blah), I have taking the plunge and bought a TT bike. I have entered IMSA 2016 and so need some training advice. Do I only ride the TT bike during training or do I alternate between my road bike and TT bike for different types of training? In my mind (and I may be wrong), it seems logical to get as comfortable on my TT bike as possible? Any advice from the guru's would be welcome. Thanks Luke
  22. Giant, the world leader in cycling technology, introduced its all-new Trinity triathlon bikes this week during a global media launch at the Ironman World Championships. The new range of composite triathlon bikes includes two series: Trinity Advanced Pro and Trinity Advanced. Click here to view the article
  23. Good day. I am trying to gauge the feasibility of building a Bike trailer for a couple of bikes to transport to events such as Triathlons, Ironman, Double Century, etc. 1) The question I have is what means of transporting of your bike is preferable? 2) What reason will make decide to rather send a Bike with someone else rather than hauling it yourself? 3) What type of service would you like from a transport company? Obviously Insurance will be on bikes when it gets transported... Needless info and reason for my question... Both my wife and I do Triathlons, as such we always have a heap of gear, thus the real issue is whether it is better to build a big enough trailer for several bikes or just for two bikes? Regards, Andre du Plessis
  24. Hi All I am sure this topic has been debated to death, but cant for the life of me track down a thread. With that said, I am looking for some advice regarding a bike I can use for 70.3 / Ironman and standard Olympic triathlons. I am not looking for a TT bike, but more a 'aero' bike with agents available in Cape Town. Thus far, I am considering the following 2: Scott Foil 20 Giant TCR Advanced 2 CompactBoth seem to be in the similar price range (20 - 24k) and offer similar aero frame designs. Perhaps any other bike I am not considering? Thanks in advance
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