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Momentum Health i-flex National Duathlon 2011 (Event #4)

Lucky Fish

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Yesterday I rode the above event to escort my wife that was racing. I was quite surprised to see the number of cyclists that had chain related issues. I stopped and helped 4 cyclists that all claimed: “My chain is broken.” When I had a look I found that in 3 of the cases the chain had jumped off the small chain ring and got lodged between the frame and the chain ring. (I could not help the one lady because her rear derailleur was completely broken off its mounting.) On reflection, I could have offered to remove the derailleur, shorten the chain and give her one gear to limp home with.


Coming from a road and mountain bike background I cannot recall seeing so many failures in a race. Could it be that pure cyclists live closer to their bikes? In races that I have done I have seen guys are able to fix dropped chains while still on the bike, never mind giving up and walking back to the start.


What was interesting was:

1) All the failures that I noticed were in the first 25% of the cycle race;

2) 2 of those that I helped were men and 2 were ladies;

3) I was quite surprised to see how helpless they all seemed.

4) Am I just more mechanically orientated than most because in 3 instances I could get them going in a matter of seconds?

5) I also thought that most of their problems were exacerbated by pushing harder on the pedals when they noticed there was a problem.

6) The most humorous instance (for me) was when I saw a chain with 2 small loops and was told: “I have never seen anything like this.” (By pushing the loops together the one cancelled out the other, and off he went.)

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Shimano?? ;)


I am not sure from which country they were. All I know is that is was foreign to me. Were you one of them?

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  • 1 year later...

Its cos they were looking for granny gear up that hill :) Nah, it was just clear once again that casual duathletes dont understand cycling - like the parents who sent out a 10/11 year old kid on the 5km ride - on a baby bicycle!! After 1km, the organisers finally convinced her to turn around, she had guts!

Personally, my mtb provided nice shelter from the wind for Miss Bermuda, I just needed a rear mirror :)

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Sounds like people who just dont cycle too often and are not that interested in understanding their machines.

Its different when you are 40km from home and no-one is answering their phone and your calls for help, then you make a plan and learn some basic bike mechanics!

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