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  1. Had plenty of fun on the 40km! Sure we walked a bit due to bottlenecks on single track, and getting home afterwards is a missing, but I'd go back for another one of these
  2. BM with yellow t-shirt attempted to take my bike in front of new development called Amberfield City, I reckon it was just a crime of opportunity but rather be on the lookout in the area. I was just able to accelerate away as he pretended to greet and then grabbed and slipped off the rear wheel, he didn't chase much so probably wasn't armed.
  3. Don't know if you guys heard the good news, they have fixed it! Those who, like me, fell from green healthy heart score to amber due to cholesterol levels being too low, will go back to green and earn max healthreturns again. I believe we will even get back healthreturns we missed out on since Jan. So Multiply will no longer penalise low readings, just educate people on how to improve it. Lekker man...
  4. Look at Kalenji from Decathlon store in Alberton (you can buy online). European trail shoe of the year, at slightly more than MRP's shoes (of which I own several pairs) and up there with Vivobarefoot (from nativesport like pieter said, when they are on sale, its a great bargain). I don't think you can get better quality in SA at such a good price than Kalenjis
  5. I am not as impressed by the distance through Africa he has covered (1500km) or the time he's been at it (more than 1.5 years) as I am by the choice of cycling shoe... This pappie (Viktor Surin) is now entering the desert region of Western Cape from the relative greenery of the Namib, give him a shout out if you spot him
  6. First time I took my son to HPC for a massage, he didn't cry, but he did let rip with one of the longest loudest machine gun farts in history... therapist didnt flinch, so I take it thats maar standard
  7. Yup, I am also happy to report that I just checked and saw I will earn R150 more in HealthReturns per month than last year (please note that I did go up to Private Club status from Platinum, but still, my household will be getting R950 a month now, not bad)
  8. I see your R3500 and raise you the Oppenheimers' Tswalu Kalahari: R25 000 per unit per night plus R5 500 per person per night for "sleeping under the stars"
  9. I want to thank you and curse you at the same time... well described there
  10. You are not going to like my reply, but this has killed my running. Even went for an arthroscopic hip operation in August, which has improved nothing. In my experience, this is a condition resulting from sitting too much, and even if you stop running, it will get inflamed out of the blue sometimes. Stretching, core strengthening, dry needling and massage usually makes it worse, only thing that makes it go away, is to rest. Which none of us are capable of, so in my case, am learning to live with pain, enjoying the luxury of a run when I can afford to and riding more now. Sterkte!
  11. So volgens bogenoemde het my handvatselhoringtjie vasgehaak aan die saalpaal toe ek my misgis het met die ratversteller, nou sit die tandrat se afdruk op my wielnaaf
  12. Lochner Road in Mooiplaats won't be rideable for a while...
  13. I am klapping R800 of the R1000 per month available without doing anything I dont normally do, i.e. mostly mtb, so its gonna be a lekker year
  14. Purnjap

    DualX 2017

    Momentum Health retained one dualx event for 2017, which will take place in Knysna during the Oyster festival. Their cycling sponsorships are the Tankwa Trek, Pioneer Trek, Tour of Legends, Cape Town Cycle Tour and Knysna Oyster Festival.
  15. 20km hill with 1000m elevation on day two, that photo makes me think Klapperkop training will be required
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