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Training after Kidney Transplant

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Brief history: After a major blood pressure incident last September I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure. One kidney removal ( October), and one kidney transplant ( end May) later, I am really concerned about....yes, my cycling of course!.


Doc says I can go back on the bike soon. I have a strong feeling that fun rides are going to be a lot more about the FUN from here on, but would like to hear from any other kidney patients who have managed to resume something like a normal exercise plan after treatment.


Just dont ask me to take a drug test, Im popping 17 tablets each morning at present! :rolleyes:

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I think the fact that you wanna get back on the bike is AWESOME. Respect dude, I was off bike for two months only (something else), and nearly didnt make it.


Happy riding!! :thumbup:

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hi , my wife donated her kidney to her mom , it has all gone well, and has been a great sucess , however , you must by now be on anti rejection medication , and an unfortunate side effect of this is bone density problems , my mother in law has serious issues with this , and has very brittle bones now....obviously this is a way down the line for you ,please speak to your specialist , as a mtb biker falls are a fact of life , if this is going to be a long term side effect , you need to be made aware of this, as crashes will have cosequences....just trying to help...congrats by the way...mt mother in law is now 15 years down the line , and all good...

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