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32Gi versus Hammer Perpetreum


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i see there is alot being said about 32gi on this tread, how does it compare to perpetreum

I'm a serious runner and have uses perpetreum on my longer runs, last year i ran the Otter trail run with PP and it's great

I havent used 32Gi but will give it a go if i can get my hand on it

the nice thing about PP is that it is an powder and if you spend like 3 hours or mor on the road or the bike you can mix as you go along plus it's not sweet but and very neutral taste

Has any of you used 32 GI for running and how does it?

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They're both good products - best is to give 32GI a try. It's cheaper than Perpetuem if that makes any difference to you. Perpetuem is more 'foody' if you mix it at a batter type of consistency. All depends on what you're used to and what your guts are inclined to tolerate. I've had good experiences with both, but then I can generally stomach anything and other people have to be more picky.

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I use both and find both usefull. 32Gi is cheaper and tasty and more like a carbo drink. I used it everyday on the Cape Pioneer Trek.


Perpetuem is much thicker and more food-like, and contains protein with the carbos, which also helps on the longer days.


Both has worked well for me. I suggest try both and see which you prefer.

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Dont think its completely comparing apples with apples. Its 2 different aproaches to racefuel. I have used perpetuem before and its a great product. So if your raceday aproach is not totally low GI the perpetuem would be best for you. If you like the low GI aproach then go to 32GI.


I try and stick to a low GI pre race meal and if its a short race i use a normal carb drink. If its a long race (3hrs +) i use 32GI for 1st 1.5hrs and then gels and water for last 1.5hrs


My opinion

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