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Going south and UP to Joburg!


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You always hear commentators at the rugby talking about the Kiwi or Aussies having to come to the hiveld and the effect of altitude. Been reading Raynard Tissink’s blog and he reckons its quite bad in the first 2 weeks of landing up high. How bad is it when going to Joburg? Not that we’re pro’s or anywhere near that but has anyone ever bothered using an altitude simulator and where can one buy it cheaply? I’m at sea level wanting to use the 94.7 to improve my Argus seeding and I’ll only land the day before the race!

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Your longs and legs will just burn a little - but don't worry too much about it as it's the route you should be worried about, it's a little harder than the funride in CT...

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you should have less of a problem than if you say flew up 5 days before-hand...


Tim Noakes and a good few rugby coaches all know that if flying UP from sea-level to altitude, then arriving say moning of an event is best, or say the day before.


It seems like in this PARTICULAT scenario, little acclimitisation is better than rather more acclimitisation.


google is your friend!


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