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Onionhill @ Groenkloof

Pappa Bear

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Sine it is Jeeptrack and no entrance or exit is marked (forms part of the network of paths in Groenkloof), surely one can ride it up and down?


I agree that guys going up has the right of way UNLESS they are riding 2 or 3 next to each other and blocking both sides of the jeeptrack - I almost cuased a guy to have two half carbon bikes!

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sorry to say you can only ride it up. It is sort of an unwritten rule in groenkloof that you should ride in an clockwise direction only. There are too many people going the wrong way on many of the jeep track climbs because they don't want to do the rocky decents. as far as I know there are no mtb sign pointing down onion hill, just as there are no hiking signs pointing runners onto the mtb trails and visa versa.


However if you want to go down climbs instead of up then the onus is on you to keep out of the climbers way, and in cases where there are two abreast (for what ever reason) you as the decender should always find the bush to land on. THe same goes for using other peoples trails, if you have to cycle on the hiking routes then you have to give way to the hiker, and if you run on the cycling routes then the runner must give way.


Finaly, never ever ever ever go the wrong way on the single track. ever.

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I agree with Witkop to a certain extend.


I feel that on a Saturday after four for example, it's not a bad option to try and do the route in reverse.


As this will definitely challenge your skills in a very different way, with the point being for our more serious trail users to do just that, especially if you have done that route at least 20 or 30 times in one direction.


I also think that you must make as much room possible for trail users from the front.unsure.gif

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...... but the hikingtrails has a "no MTB" sign at the enterance to all hiking trails?


I still feel that as their is not a "specific route" in groenkloof that all Jeeptrack is bi-directional.


A solution might be to ask Groenkloof Managment to indicate direction on their maps or no entrance marking on jeeptrack?


A fully agree with the single track rule - one way all the way!

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