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MTB Brakes and pads


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Hi all


I have recently switched over to MTB riding. Having stacks of fun. I was wondering if experienced MTB'ers could garnish some advice in regards to brake pads. Coming down a steep descent the other day it seems I cooked the back brake. I was not riding the brake either. As I said still new to MTB so when it got a bit to hectic I used the back brake. It did pretty much nothing. When I eventually stopped I tested the brake and it the wheel turned on. Took a couple of minutes to cool down then they worked again. Any suggestions? Not using brakes on downhills is not a suggestion :)



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What your experiencing is called brake fade. If you do a google search or a search on this site you'll find a few discussions on it.


What it basically boils down to is.


You either have a bit of air somewhere in your brake system, and need to have your brakes bleed to sort it.


Or it could be a result of excessive heat generation from braking leading to the fade.

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